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Name:  Kelly Anderson

Age:  30
Home town:  Ft Lauderdale, FL
Height:  5' 7''
Weight:  125
Hair:  Blonde
Eyes:  Green
Sign:  Libra
Measurements:  36-28-34
Shoe Size:  7
Favorite Movie:  Pretty Woman
Turn ons:  Shy guys, Tattoos, Big Bulges, Men who like to go down
Favorite Gifts:  Diamonds, Shoes, & Gift Cards
Favorite Position:  Doggie Style
Sexual Preference:  Bisexual

HmmmÖ where should I begin? When I was in high school I was actually pretty rebellious. I went to a Catholic school and most of my friends were very religious. I was the first to start flirting with boys with fast cars. I actually lost my virginity in high school to this hot older guy who looked like Axl Rose. He was my boyfriendís older brother. We were out at a party all night and I was really curious about sex at the time. I remember him driving me home and on the way I was playing with his cock while he was feeling my pussy. I unzipped his pants and started sucking his cock while he was driving. He ended up fucking me right in his back seat about a block from my house. I remember that he fucked me really hard and he came inside of my pussy. I got in so much trouble with my parents that night! Most girls say they didnít like their first time, but I loved it! After I had finished school I was still partying and I just wanted to be free. I just wanted to have fun with my friends. I had known Shawn for years because we grew up in the same neighborhood, but I hadnít seen him in over a year until I ran into him one night at a mutual friendís house. We were so happy to see each other! Even though I had a boyfriend at the time, we hung out, he ended up fucking the shit out of me in a lawn chair on his patio. He knew I had a boyfriend, and he was cool with it so we just became fuck buddies. I use to go over his house and fuck him all the time. I loved my boyfriend but Shawn fucked me so much better. He was the first guy to cum on my face. I always wanted guys to do that, but I didnít want to ask them. Shawn didnít need to be asked. Every time we would fuck, he would pull his big cock out of me and cum all over my face. He knew I loved it. After he did it a few times, I began to ask for it. I knew I could be myself with him.

Eventually, I left my boyfriend and started seeing Shawn full time. Within a year, we got married. It wasnít long before we had our first threesome. We were at a strip club and I ended up meeting this hot stripper who I just fell in love with. I had always wanted to be with a girl and Shawn had never had a threesome. At the end of the night, the three of us went back to our apartment and had a very hot threesome. That was the night that I found out that I was bi. I knew I was curious, but I didnít know that I would love the taste of another woman, and that a woman could make me cum just as hard as a man could.

After that night, we knew that we wanted more! lol. We started checking out strip clubs and swingerís clubs in search of hot women who we could fuck together. At first, Shawn didnít want me to be with other guys but once we tried it, he found that it really turned him on to watch me fuck another man. Lucky me! Over the next few years, we had several sexual encounters with hot couples and single women. I never realized how much I loved sex until then. I became a total nympho! I suddenly needed sex constantly and I loved swinging with other hot couples. A lot of the time, Shawn would take pictures or even video tape the sex so we could watch it later. Sometimes, I would chat online and send horny guys short clips from our videos to get them off. I loved knowing that men were stroking their cocks to my videos. I would finger my pussy in front of our computer every day while chatting with men. After hundreds of emails begging me for more clips, and footage, I began to think about starting my own website. In 2006, I did! Welcome to the next chapter of my sex life HousewifeKelly.com!

Now, my sex life is at its peak! Knowing that I have hundreds of members, and they are all getting off on my videos has turned me into even more of a nympho. I love making videos for you guys. I bring my video camera everywhere I go, just so I can show you everything. The more members I get, the naughtier I feel. I now can even do live cam shows! The cam shows allow me to interact with my members and get to know them more than I ever could before. My plan for the future is to continue working on my website and having fun with it. So far, that has been really easy! All I have to do is continue living my life as a housewife / swinger and make sure that I keep a camera close by. lol! Shawn and I go to swing clubs and parties all the time, so I will always have 100% real amatuer videos and photos to share with you. Some of them might not be polished and well lit, but they are all real. In fact, several videos in my members area were never meant to be on the internet because they were shot before I started my website. If you have any questions about me that werenít answered in this bio, feel free to email me. I love receiving emails and I always answer them. I also like to see pictures of my members, so feel free to send your pic. Especially if itís a naughty one! Thank you for reading my bio. xoxo-Kelly