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The Edge
Happy Friday!!! Today I added a new video The Edge!! This video was a little different for me to do for this site. As some of you know I used to have a foot fetish site, most of my foot fetish videos are on my clips4sale store now. I have quite a few feet lovers who have followed me over onto this site now. I've always liked to incorporate my feet in videos, just little did bits. I never overdue it because not everyone is a fan of that stuff! This time I decided to go all out and preform one of my famous foot job into the video. Like I said I know not everyone is a fan of this type BUT I hope that you will still enjoy the way I played it all out. I am very interested in your feedback on this one. Good or bad! Well hoping all good though LOL!!

Sizzlin Summer
Hey everyone! Happy Thursday. Sizzlin Summer is my new photo set update!! I hope you like it!! I didn't receive too many comments on my last video hope you can comment on this set!! I love getting feedback! Today I am working on the next video update, I think you're gonna love it! Just a storyline Ive never done, surprisingly! Have a great day guys!

Happy weekend!! I just added a new video, Sandy Sex After The Beach! Woohoo summer Kelly is here!

New photo set alert!! Your stimulus is here!!!! Go check out the new photo set!

Page 12 of 97
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