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Stuck Inside
How are ya all holding up? Hoping this nightmare ends soon and we can al escape this healthy! Today while most of you are stuck inside like me, I added a sexy photo set for. Hope you enjoy and the new video will be up tomorrow. xoxo~Kelly

Hey guys, just wanted to check in with you all. Geez this entire pandemic is just crazy! I hope you find yourself well and are coping ok. Some of you still are working and some are quarantining yourselves. Stay safe out there and just be careful and mindful. Let's pray this thing is over soon and we can all get back to normalcy! There's dates I need to go on already!!! This is not good for Kelly hook ups!!!!

It's Friday! Not that we have or can go anywhere! Well I definitely didn't keep my social distance from hubby on this video!! So if you're like me and stuck home, now you have some new jerk off material. This one is a good one, I would say top 10. Let's see what you think!

Happy lucky Friday the 13th! Just wanted to let you guys know that I did do a photo shoot and full interview with Hustler Magazine! You can find it out now in the May issue. Even mentioned on the cover!! I was beyond flattered that they reached out to me to do this story on me. I have actually yet to se which photos they used, I just ordered myself a copy off Hustler, doesn't seem like you can even find anyone that sells them around my parts. You can also sign up for an lune subscription to view it. Anyways I guess I can mark this one off of my bucket list!! Years ago I was in Beaver Hunt twice and I thought that was big, this one takes the cake. Yay me!!

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