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XXXMas with Alexis!

12/20/10: Merry Christmas Everyone! My first gift to you this year is this hot girl/girl video of Alexis and Me. We spent a lovely December weekend together a couple of weeks ago when she came to visit Shawn and Me and rocked our world! We took lots of sexy photos together while we were together and we also made two hot videos including this sexy holiday pussy eating video. I was wearing a sexy pair of red and white candy cain stockings with a cute santa hat and Alexis was wearing a skimpy little green jingle bell nighty. She looked like one of Santa's little helpers with a huge rack, hehe. Alexis and I are both very bisexual so this video came out really good. I honestly couldn't wait to feel her tongue on my clit. Alexis is a very sexual woman and I have always thought that she would eat great pussy! I met her a few years ago down in Florida and I have been looking forward to seeing her again ever since so I could find out just how good she really is. Now that I have had her, let me tell you, "She is amazing". She knew how I wanted to be touched and she made me cum with ease. My pussy is getting all wet just thinking about it! You will see what I mean when you watch the video :) Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Cam Show Facial

12/10/10: My favorite thing about having my own website is doing live cam shows for my members. I do at least one every week but I think I am going to start doing more because my members really seem to like them and I really enjoy getting myself off with them. Every guy has something that really turns him on and I love finding that one thing and using it to make him cum like no woman ever has before. Some guys like to see my feet, some like to hear me talk dirty, some like my big natural tits, and some like to role play. One thing that lots of guys seem to like is when I suck cock or get fucked during a live cam show. Every once in awhile, I will just lay back and get fucked by my husband or one of his friends and let my cam show audience watch me. Or, sometimes I will give a good blowjob if I'm in the mood to have my face filled with cock and covered in cum:) I let my viewers tell me how they want me to suck it and I always do everything they tell me to do like a good little girl. Sometimes they want me to deepthroat it. Sometimes they want me to put it between my tits, suck the balls, stroke the head....whatever they say, I do. I shot this video last week just so you could see a cock sucking cam show from a different view. My cam shows are an hour long but this was just one part of it where I gave a nice blowjob and had a huge load of cum dumped all over my face. Afterwards, I continued to do the show with cum dripping from my face. I also had a great orgasm as one of my viewers instructed me how to masturbate. That was a great cam show! This week's should be even better:) Seeya then;) xoxo-Kelly
Thanksgiving Day Sex Video 2010

11/30/10: I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Weekend:) I know I sure did! There must have been something in the turkey because Shawn and I couldn't keep our hands off of each other! We did nothing but fuck all weekend! It actually started on Thanksgiving morning when I was setting the table for all of our guests. I had so much to do that morning that I left Shawn's morning wood standing alone, lol. I was actually really horny too but I had so much to do and there was just no time. That was ok though because after I got all caught up, just before our families were about to arrive, we gave each other a nice little fucking right in the kitchen! I was so stressed out from trying to organize everything and a good hard fucking was exactly what I needed to relax me. I think more housewives should take time out of their busy schedules and get fucked once in awhile! There's nothing like a good orgasm to relieve stress. This ended up being a great fuck and luckily, we got it all on camera for you. This is my official Housewife Kelly Thanksgiving Sex Video for 2010! I think I'm going to make this a tradition and do one every year from now on:) After all, sex is what I am most thankful for! As always, enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Tied Up and Dominated in Front of my Husband

11/20/10: Hi Guys!!!!! Ok..... As those of you who read my blog or follow me on Twitter know, I recently attended the Exxxotica Expo and I had lots of fun! I met all of my favorite porn stars and I made lots of new friends! I was hoping to run into some of my fans but since I'm not really a mainstream "Porn Star" nobody really knew who I was, lol. There were a few people that recognized me and I was very excited to meet them! I actually hung out with them all weekend:) There was one guy I became friends with named, Master Damien. He was actually there performing because he is a suspension artist. He does this show where he ties girls up in a very artistic way and he hangs them so that they are actually suspended in the air. It sounds kinda strange but it's actually very hot! He really brings out the submissive side of the girls when he ties them up and I was pretty turned on by it. Anyway, Shawn and I ended up hanging out with Damien at the after party which was held at our hotel. While Shawn was chillin with all of the famous porn stars, I was busy flirting with Damien. I was really horny from looking at porn all day and all I kept thinking about was having Damien tie me up and fuck me. He still had his bag of rope with him so I asked him if he wanted to come up to our room and shoot a video with me. Needless to say, he said yes and this is the video we ended up making. It wasn't really like a video shoot. We just went back to the room and did our thing. Shawn had the video camera rolling but we all just went about our night as if it wasn't even there. I'm really not into being tied up but Shawn and I both like to try new things so we figured I should give it a try; What the hell! I actually ended up really liking it. First, Damien tied my hands behind my back which was kind of scary for me because I felt completely....(Continued in my members area)
An Amazing Orgasm!

11/10/10: This video is really fucking awesome! It isn't too often that girls have real orgasms on video and that's what my members seem to love about my website; All of the sex is genuine and I really do cum every time I get fucked. However, in this video, I had one of the best orgasms I have ever had in my entire life! When my pussy is teased just right for a long period of time, my orgasm kinda grows inside of me. It starts off as just a tingly feeling deep in my pussy, but if you continue to tease me, it becomes a full body craving and I just completely lose control. I don't get these intense orgasms very often, and when I do, their usually not on camera. This video was shot on a Sunday Morning at about 8:00AM. I woke up and my pussy was all wet and I was really fucking horny! Shawn was sleeping beside me and I didn't want to wake him up so I just grabbed my vibrator out of my night stand and started using it on my pussy right there beside my sleeping husband. After a few minutes, he woke up and started watching me. Then he got up and went and got the video camera. I told him not to video tape me because I had no make-up on and I just wanted to cum but he just kept video taping me and he said it was just for him and it wouldn't even go on the website so I just said whatever and kept on working on myself:) Sometimes, when I am using a vibrator, it feels really good on my clit, but I really want something inside of me too. So as I was toying my pussy, Shawn began teasing me by rubbing the head of his hard cock, all around my pussy. Then, he started to fuck me with just the head of his cock. I really wanted him to push it all the way in but he just kept...(Continued in my members area)
The Fortune Teller

10/30/10: Happy Halloween! I hope you all had a great Halloween weekend. As some of you already know, Halloween is my favorite celebration of the year. I love decorating my house and getting dressed up in my sexy costumes and going to Halloween Parties. I usually wear a different costume to each party I go to. In this video, I was wearing my fortune teller costume: I must say, I was looking pretty sexy in my black fishnet stockings and black leather boots. I was wearing a purple skirt and a white top too. Did you know that I can actually read palms? I was reading Shawn's palm and I suddenly had a vision that he was going to have a very satisfying sexual encounter with a horny nympho and I was right! Just a few moments after I predicted it, my vision came true and the horny nympho was me! I was down on my knees with a mouthful of Shawn's big hard cock and my pussy was dripping wet because I couldn't wait for him to hike up my dress and fill me with cock. Of course, as usual, I got everything I wanted. Shawn fucked me really good in missionary, and doggy-style and he gave me a tasty Halloween treat at the end; Yummy! ;) I think you guys are all going to like this video! Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Me and my Step-Mom Fuck my Boyfriend

10/20/10: This video is a little different from all of the other videos on my website because of the role playing that's involved. Have you ever fantasized about having a threesome with a hot chick and her sexy mom? If you have, then you're gonna love this video because my milfy friend Karen Kougar and I made this video just for you! The video starts with me giving a boy a blowjob in my bedroom. Then, my step-mom walks in on me and catches me! Turns out, my boyfriend has been fucking my step-mom too! But, instead of fighting about it, the three of us decided to partake in a hot mother-daughter MFF threesome right then and there:) It was really hot too have my own step-mom teach my boyfriend how to fuck me. She didn't just tell him either; she gave him a hands on lesson! I never realized my step-mom was such a cougar! She really fucked the shit out of my man! And….I helped my man get my step-mother off too. First we both ate her sweet pussy and then my boyfriend fucked the shit out of her! He really liked fucking my step-mom too! I was starting to get a little jealous so I had to take over and finished him off, hehe. When he was all done fucking us, he came all over our faces. I made sure I got more cum on my face than my step-mom did though, HA HA! Wait until you see this video. You're all gonna love it! Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Shhh! Be Quiet While I Suck You Off

10/10/10: Happy 10-10-10 Everyone! This video is actually from the beginning of the summer when we took our vacation to Hampton Beach. I was surprised we were able to make this video because Shawn's whole family was staying in our cottage and there was very little privacy. Plus, our cottage was very small and the walls were paper-thin so it was very hard for Shawn and I to fuck without the whole family hearing us. One morning about 3 days into our vacation, Shawn reached his limit! His balls were full of hot creamy cum and he needed me to drain them before they exploded! Since we were desperate for privacy, I told Shawn to go into the bedroom and wait for me to get out of the shower so I could suck him off while I was supposedly getting dressed:) We had to be very quiet and that wasn't easy for Shawn because I was really in the mood to swallow his seed and I gave him some amazing head! His cock was sooo hard because it hadn't been touched in awhile and that was really turning me on and making me suck it good. I made him cum in about ten minutes. I could have done it quicker but I was teasing him a little at the end. I just looked him in his eyes as I slowly stroked his hard pulsating cock off into my mouth. I could feel him slightly panicking because he wanted me to go faster so he could cum but I just stared right into his eyes and continued to slide my soft little hand up and down his rock hard prick and a steady pace until he finally exploded! His jaw dropped and just felt glob after glob of hot thick cum begin to land on my tongue and drip down my throat. He was breathing so hard that I thought someone would hear him but I didn't even care anymore. I just wanted to milk as much cum as I could out of him. Ahhh, I could go on forever but I think you should just watch the video and see for yourself:) Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Groupie Love

9/30/10: I must admit that when it comes to rock n roll bands, I am truly a groupie. My husband and I go to a lot of shows and I have always had this fantasy of meeting the band and getting on their tour bus and letting them pass me around like a little fuck doll. I always wait for them after the show and there have been many times that I have met them and gotten autographs and photos taken with them but I still have never been given the groupie love that I really want and need:) Last weekend we went to a Bret Michaels concert on the beach and he is one of my all time favorite rockers. I would love to suck on his cock and just do anything and everything he wants me to do to him! Anyway, as usual, I didn't get to fulfill my fantasy but I did fuck the shit out of my husband in our beach cottage and I pretended that he was Bret the whole time and it was an amazing fuck. That is the video that I present to you today:) Hmmmmm, this seems kind of familiar. I think I made a post just like this a couple of years ago when Brett came to town:) Oh well, maybe next time I will get my wish. Hey! If there are any hot rockers out there who are reading this right now, be sure to email me if you ever come to the Boston area and let me climb aboard your tour bus so I can give you the ride of your life! Think I'm kidding? Try me! Enjoy the video:) xoxo-Kelly
My First Cougar

9/20/10: I recently had my first experience with a cougar! Her name is Karen and she's a 47 year old married nympho with lots of sexual experience. Lucky for me, she is very bisexual! Usually, Karen only hunts for young cock but she is a big fan of my website and she has always wanted to taste my sweet pussy. Since she too has her own website, we thought it would be a good idea to meet and have some naughty fun on camera and share it with our members. (See how I'm always thinking of you;-) Finally a couple weeks ago, Shawn and I finally met up with Karen and her husband. I was pretty horny that day and I was really looking forward to having my pussy eaten by an experienced older woman so I decided to keep her all to myself and let Shawn video tape us. It was amazing! Karen ate my pussy and used a toy on me until my toes curled and I had one of the fastest most satisfying orgasms of my life! I serviced her as well and I must say, she had one of the sweetest tightest pussies I have ever tasted! I never knew that being with a cougar would be so satisfying but I think I might have do the cougar thing more often :) After all, I am a future cougar myself ya know! Enjoy xoxo-Kelly
Classic Wife Sharing Video

9/10/10: Wow! I can't believe my hubby found this scene on one of our old video tapes from about 5 years ago. I can't say I remember all of the details but I know that I had met this guy online and we were chatting online and exchanging naughty pics for a few weeks:) I really wanted to fuck him but I wasn't sure if my husband would allow it because he was a single guy and back then, we would only hook up with couples. One night when we were having a few drinks at home, I was chatting with my hot stud and I ended up talking my husband into letting him come over to our house to fuck me. This was before I had my website so we didn't think to video tape it but he did come over and he fucked the shit out of me for like 2 hours while my husband watched; it was fantastic! Afterwards, it was really late but we started getting into it again and I started sucking his nice big cock some more. I guess that's when my husband started video taping because that's when this video starts. I was able to make him cum on my face again and then my husband did too:) What a slut I was that night! The video is only 5-6 minutes long which is much shorter than my usual videos. The quality isn't too sharp and most of it is in night vision but I know you guys will love it because it really is such a private video.....or at least it was, lol! This is a true look into the sex life of a young swinging couple. Make sure you email me and let me know what you think of it. Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Smokin Hot Blowjob

8/30/10: Ever since I started my website, people have asked me to do a smoking video. I was always reluctant to do so because I haven't really smoked since I was a teenager and I really don't want to pick up the habit again. However, I was asked to do a smoking video again last week and the guy said that it would really get him off to watch me smoke a cigarette while I suck on a big hard cock. Well, when a guy tells me that he really wants to jerk off to me, I'll do almost anything to turn him on because I just love to be jerked off to. After all, that is the reason I started my website: As it turned out, I really liked doing the video! It was actually much more erotic than I thought it might be. Judging by the huge load that Shawn shot in my mouth, I think he liked it too, lol. I hope you guy enjoy it too! xoxo-Kelly