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Matt & Shawn Fucked Me Again

04/17/10: I love when my husband's friend Matt comes down to visit us because every time he does, Him and Shawn end up double teaming me and this time was no exception:) Matt and Shawn went out to a local bar without me and they didn't get home until very late. I tried to wait up for them but by the time they got home, I was already asleep on the sofa. When I woke up at about 8AM, I went up stairs and found them both passed out in the bed. I knew they would be asleep for awhile so I jumped in the shower and got all cleaned up for them. When I got out of the shower, I climbed into the bed and unzipped Matt's jeans and started sucking on his cock while he was sleeping.....(continued in my members area)
Behind Closed Doors

04/09/10: Shawn and I went to a huge swingers' party at a classy hotel a couple of weeks ago. This party was so fucking huge that the entire hotel was filled with swingers! The hallways were completely filled with horny swinger couples partying like rock stars! There were soooo many hot girls and most of them weren't wearing much! They were all whistling at us and flashing us as we walked past them with our bags, haha! I saw a lot of cute guys checking me out too: I was so excited by the time we got to our room that I couldn't wait to get my hands on some cock: I wanted to suck Shawn's cock as soon as we stepped foot into our room! I figured I would let him warm me up for all the other hot guys that I was going to fuck that night. I told him to grab the video camera and tape me as I sucked on his big cock! As you watch this video, you can actually hear all of the crazy swingers partying in the hallway out side of our room! If they only knew what was going on right on the other side of our door…..haha. That's ok because most of them got their turn with me later on that night;)
St. Patrick's Day Party Slut

03/29/10: St. Patrick's Day was highly celebrated by Shawn and me this year. We partied the weekend before St. Pats, the day of St. Pats, and the weekend after St. Pats! The funny thing is that we aren't even Irish! We just love to party:) This video was shot on the weekend before St. Pats. We had gone to a St. Pats costume party and I wore a sexy little green dress with an awesome green hat and clover shades. I had a great time that night! I had no plans on shooting a video but I was very horny when we got home and since I had received so many emails asking me what I was doing for St. Patrick's Day, I decided to set up the video camera and make a naughty St. Patrick's Day video. I was a little tipsy from the drinks I had at the party but the video still came out good because I was also very horny. I really wasn't too concerned with the video camera because all I cared about was getting fucked! Wait until you see the nice load of cum that Shawn dropped all over my face! I think you will enjoy it very much! Happy Saint Patrick's Day! xoxo-Kelly
I Fucked my Husband's Friend Part 2

03/18/10: Ok, where did we leave off? Oh yeah, my husband's friend, Vinny was fucking the shit out of me in a hotel room while my husband watched. This video picks up where the last one left off. Vinny continued to fuck me really hard until he pulled his cock out of my pussy and put it in my mouth again so I could suck on it. Then, he got behind me and fucked me doggy-style while I sucked my husband's cock. Shawn always says I suck better cock when I am getting fucked at the same time but this time I wasn't even thinking about his cock. All I could focus on was Vinny's huge cock fucking my pussy from behind. It felt soooo good and just as I was having my second orgasm of the night, I felt his cock begin to throb inside of me and I knew that he was cumming too. I wish he would have gave me a nice facial but I guess he was enjoying my pussy so much that he didn't want to pull out. Luckily, Shawn came all over my face so I didn't have to go without, haha! I'd have to say that this was one of the best MMF threesomes I have ever had. I have always wanted to fuck Vinny so this was a great experience for me. I expected him to have a big cock but I didn't think it would be that big! I can't wait to fuck him again. Enjoy the second half! xoxo-Kelly
I Fucked my Husband's Friend

03/07/10: Well, I hope you are all ready for another amateur hot wife sex video. This one took place in a hotel room not far from our house. I was out having drinks with my husband and one of his friends and the night just kinda spun out of control.(as usual) My hubby's friend, Vinny is a really nice guy and I have always wanted to fuck him but never thought I could because he was married. Well, after having a few drinks at the bar with him, I started to get really turned on by him. He knows that Shawn and I are swingers and I could sense a little flirting going on between us. Then, he asked my husband if he would mind if I danced with him. Of course, Shawn had no problem with it so Vinny and I went out onto the dance floor and that's when I started to get really turned on! He had his hands all over me and I could feel his hard cock grinding against me whenever we would dance closely. Shawn was watching us from the bar and I knew he could sense what was happening by the look he was giving me. When we were finished dirty dancing, I suggested that we get a room at the hotel next door to the club since we had all been drinking too much to drive. Ha-ha! Who was I fooling? The guys both knew that I only wanted to go to that hotel so me and Vinny could fuck. I was pretty tipsy and I wasn't sure if Shawn would mind since Vinny was a close friend of his but he agreed and we all walked over to the hotel and checked in. When we got into the room, I climbed right into the bed and started seducing Vinny while my husband got our video camera ready. The rest of the night was nothing but Vinny fucking the shit out of me while my husband watched and lucky for you, it's all on video! It may not have the greatest lighting quality but this video is as real as it gets! Vinny was fucking me so good that I forgot all about the camera and my husband! haha! Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly

02/25/10: Every now and then, I like to surprise my hubby with something out of the ordinary to help keep our sex life exciting. Well, the other day I did something that really blew him away! I went to a sex toy party with a friend of mine last week and one of the things I bought was a powerful little vibrating device that looks like an electric toothbrush. This thing really vibrates! The girl who sold it to me told me that I could have great orgasms with it and I could also use it on my husbands cock. She told me too place it on the underside of his dick up near the head and just let it vibrate until he blows his load. Of course I had to go the extra mile and lube his cock up first and stroke his cock and use the toy at the same time but other than that, I pretty much did what she recommended. I did it that same night as soon as I got home. He was sleeping and I woke him up with it. Well, he liked it so much and I got so much jizz out of him that I had to do it on camera so you guys could check it out! You are all gonna want one of these after you see this, haha! His cock just erupts with spurt after spurt of hot creamy white cum! I think he might like it more than sex, lol. I also used it on myself in my last camshow right after we made this video and it worked wonders for me too! I had an amazing orgasm with it. That's why I named this video, "GOOD VIBRATIONS!!" Xoxo-Kelly
Be my Valentine

02/16/10: Valentines Day was excellent this year! Shawn bought me a new Coach bag and I got him a gift certificate for a Swedish massage. The most passionate moment came on Saturday evening when we were supposed to go out for a romantic dinner at a very nice restaurant where we had reservations. I was all dressed up in my long red dinner dress waiting for Shawn to get home from work and it was getting very late. Our reservations were for 6:00 and it when 5:00 rolled around and Shawn still wasn't home, I decided to call and cancel the reservations. I was really mad at Shawn for being late but instead of bitching at him when he got home, I decided to release all of my anger on his cock. I had been craving Valentines Day Sex all day so I just figured, "Fuck the dinner!" I'm just going to ambush him when he walks through the door and fuck his brains out, right here in the dining room…..and when he finally cam strolling in, that's exactly what I did! I have to say, he fucked me really good and made me cum too:) I'll take having my pussy slammed from behind over a fancy dinner any day! Happy Belated Valentines Day!!! xoxo-Kelly
Cock Break

02/09/10: I have been very busy at the office lately and I haven't had much time to fuck my husband so I have been really horny. Even when I come home for lunch, I end up working on my laptop from home. I guess my husband noticed to because the other day while working on my laptop during my lunch break, he came into the kitchen and sat with me and he asked when I would be finished working so I could give him a little attention. Then, he reached over and closed my laptop. I knew then that it was time to take a little "cock break". I told him to come and sit in the chair beside me so I could give his cock my undivided attention. I knew he wanted me to suck his cock because I was wearing one of my office outfits with sheer stockings and I had my reading glasses on. He loves when I suck his cock in my work uniforms! When I unzipped his pants, his cock was already rock hard. First, I teased him for awhile by putting his cock deep in my mouth without touching it with my lips or my tongue. That always drives him crazy but I can never tease him for long because I can't wait to feel his big dick pulsating in my mouth as I suck it. I only planned on giving him a blowjob but as I was sucking on his cock, my pussy was getting really wet and I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted to feel his big cock deep in my wet pussy from behind so I bent over a chair so he could fuck me doggy style. My pussy hadn't been fucked in almost a week and it felt so could when he shoved his cock in me and started fucking me! I knew right away that I was going to have and good orgasm! I don't want to tell you everything! You'll see the rest for yourself in the video and I just know you'll love it! I know I did :) xoxo-Kelly
Dirty Details

01/30/10: I named this video, "Dirty Details" because that's what I was giving my husband when I returned home from a night out with this hot guy that I know. It's hard to tell from the video because it was not planned and it's a little chopped up but what happened was while we were in Florida on vacation, I met up with this guy I used to fuck a long time ago when I lived down there. This was a very rare encounter for me because Shawn didn't come with me. Usually, we do everything sexual together but this guy would have been freaked out by that so Shawn said I should just go alone and have some fun on my own. I was very surprised he suggested that and I wasn't sure if it was a good idea but I really wanted to see this guy because he's hot, he has a huge cock, and he use to fuck me sooooo good! So that night, I got all dressed up in my little black dress and high heels and drove to a nearby restaurant where I met my hot stud. I could go on forever telling you about how good he fucked me until 4:00 in the morning but that's not what this video is about. This video took place when I got home and told my husband all of the dirty details as I sucked his cock. Judging by the amount of cum he spurted all over my face, I think he was pretty turned on by my little solo adventure. I would have let him fuck me but I was too sore from getting pounded all night, hehe. Wow!...I'm such a lucky wife! xoxo-Kelly
Hard Working Wifey

01/22/10: My husband really pisses me off sometimes! Ever since he got laid off from his job, he just sits on the couch and watches Sports Center all day. Every day before I leave for the office, I always leave a list of things he needs to do around the house while I'm gone but every day when I get home, nothing is done! No hard working wife wants to come home to messy house and a lazy husband; unless of course, that lazy husband knows how to eat really good pussy. I came home from a hard day at the office the other day to the same old bullshit and I was way to tired to argue so I just sat back on my comfy couch and made him eat my pussy. Nothing feels better after working all day than good pussy licking. It got me so turned on that I had to jump on his big pole and ride him. His cock felt so amazing in my tight wet pussy! After I rode him, I let him take over and he fucked me really good. I came all over his cock and he came all over my face! Suddenly, I wasn't angry with him anymore, hehe. Let that be a lesson to ya; A good pussy licking and a nice hard cock is a free ticket out of the doghouse ;)
A Sexmas Present for Hubby

01/15/10: My Holiday video is a little late this year because this actually took place on Christmas Morning. Shawn and I went down to Florida to visit my parents for Christmas this year. On Christmas Morning, after we all got up and opened all of our gifts, Shawn jumped in the shower. I had been waiting for a good opportunity to give him a sexmas present and I knew this was my chance:) My plan was to surprise him in the shower with a cum swallowing blowjob while wearing my Santa hat but I was a little paranoid because my whole family was there in one small little house and I was worried that they would hear us or wonder why we were in the bathroom together for so long. Despite my worries, I snuck the video camera into the bathroom and gave my husband a cock sucking that he'll never forget and I got it all on video for you. He had a lot of cum in his balls because he hadn't came in a few days and he was in need of a release. When I got into that bathroom, I got right down on my knees like a good wife and sucked on his big hard cock until he came right in my mouth and I swallowed every drop of his yummy load. I really enjoyed making this video! I hope you enjoy it too;) MERRY SEXMAS! xoxo-Kelly
Wife Swap Part 2

01/08/10: Here is the second half of our little wife swapping fuck fest with Chris and Kari. I think last week's video left off with Shawn pounding Kari on the arm of the sofa while Chris was fucking me doggie style which is right where part 2 begins. Believe it or not, we fucked for awhile longer and that's why this video had to be broken up into two parts. We all continued to fuck each others spouses for awhile longer and we really had a good time! Kari and I both had great orgasms and the guys both gave us yummy facials:-) I couldn't believe the hot load that Chris shot in my mouth and all over my face. It was fantastic! Like I said before, Shawn and I will definitely be seeing more of Kari and Chris. Enjoy part 2! xoxo-Kelly