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High Class Ass or Trailer Trash?
We have been on the road in our travel trailer for the last few weeks and we are having a blast! I spend most days running around nonstop but the day we made this video was kind of a chill day. I was just snuggled up in the bedroom enjoying some relaxation and I guess Shawn decided that he wanted some...

Tags: barefoot, boobs, creampie, great cumshots
She Swallowed It
Even on vacation I still try to stay in shape and get some workouts in. I was using the resort's gym when I spotted two hot guys. They quickly became my eye candy to get my mind off of working out. I texted hubby who was back at the RV waiting for me. I told him he better have his cock ready for me when...

Tags: blowjob, cleavage, couple, cum swallowing
Unseen Gems from 2021
Happy New Year! What better way to celebrate the new year than to take a look at the greatest unseen video clips from 2021? As most of you know, Shawn and I fuck all the time and we love filming ourselves. Some of our hottest videos never even make it on to the website. 2021 produced a lot of those little...

Xmas 2021
Merry Christmas boys! Shawn and I exchanged our annual Christmas presents the other day and as usual, it was a nice succulent blowjob! I know some wives probably wouldn't consider that to be a gift for themselves but I really do love sucking cock that much, especially during the season of giving. I put...

Tags: blowjob, christmas, cumshot, dirty talk
Woman In White
With my white sexy sweater dress on, hubby said I looked like an angel. As you know I may look sweet and innocent and I mean I am but there is a bad girl in there! I sat down on the couch and revealed to hubby hat I wasn't wearing any panties. With the open chest on my dress it was easy to pull my tits...

Tags: dress, pussy, tits
Playing with my New Toy
I don't usually play with toys in my videos but I play with them off-camera all the time and this toy is my absolute favorite. I've had it for awhile and one of my favorite things about it is that I can use it on Shawn too. I haven't used any toys on him in a long time so the other day, I just walked...

Tags: barefoot, cum, cumshot, great cumshots
A Few Minor Requests
I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve been with a new guy so I took my frustrations out on Shawn’s cock! I told him I wanted it to be someone else’s cock VERY SOON! As I continued to suck on him, I told him all kinds of dirty things that I wanted other men to do to me. He was so fucking turned...

Tags: barefoot, blowjob, cim, creampie
Simon Says with Ken
This video is a little definitely something different. One of our longtime members, Ken, had a special request. He wanted to know if he could play director in one of our videos. Since he doesn’t live in the same state as us we decided we could jump online together. I set up my laptop and positioned...

Tags: couple, exhbitionist, facial, Hair pulling
Housewife Hustle
To get my hubby in the mood, I put on this sheer babydoll lingerie, thigh highs and Pleaser stilettos heels. I told him to snap some photos of me while I posed for him in a seductive manner. I could see his boner swelling in his shorts. I told him it would look great if I had some photos of his cock...

Tags: babydoll, bj, blowjob, Cum on tits
A Slightly Aggressive Cocksucking
Sometimes I just can’t help myself! When Hubby walks into the room, I get struck with an insatiable urge to devour his cock! On this particular day, I had just got home from the gym and there were several hot guys there, so I had been thinking about sucking dick all morning. I was in the kitchen about...

Tags: barefoot, blowjob, cum swallowing, facial
Down and Nerdy
Happy Halloween! This is my attempt to make my own costume, I really couldn’t find anything I wanted to be this year and then it got to be too late, so here I am…a Nerd LOL! Hubby seemed to think it was hot and I hope you do too! I was sitting on the bed wearing a turtleneck sweater, flats and my...

Tags: bed, cum swallowing, facial, Facials
Pop in and Pop all over my Face
Shawn seemed to be turned on by my outfit with the looks of the big boner in his pants! I was wearing jeans, a sexy revealing top and heels. He came up behind me and put his hands down my pants to feel my wet pussy. He wanted me to dropped to my knees so I could take his big hard dick deep in my mouth....

Tags: barefoot, big booty, facial, great cumshots
Sportin a Hoodie and Suckin a Woody!
Yup! What can I say? I was sportin a hoodie and suckin on a woody! It was my birthday! Shawn bought me the hoodie for my birthday even though he knows I don't wear hoodies. He insisted that I try it on and when I finally agreed to that, he began filming me and we all know what happens when hubby aims...

Tags: barefoot, blowjob, cum swallowing, fingering
Outstanding Handjob
I was in the bathroom getting ready for a night out when hubby came in with the video camera in one and his boner in the other hand as usual. I didn't have time to fuck him so I just jerked him off while he reached up my dress and fingered my pussy. This handjob was unique because we were in a standing...

Tags: barefoot, bathroom, body cumshot, cum
Getting ready for a date night, hubby thought my white dress was a lil skimpy and was so turned on he wanted to snap some photos, so here they are!! My Pleaser stiletto heels were super high so I had a seat on the couch, laid back and spread my pussy. My tits basically busted out of the top of my dress!!...

Tags: Cum on tits, dress, Eating Pussy, Pleaser Heels
Dessert Before Dinner
As usual hubby has the perfect timing LOL. I was getting ready to have family over for a dinner when he decides to come into the dining room where I was setting the table and starts messing around with me. I guess he got a shot of me bending over the table in my dress and that did it or it could just...

Tags: dirty talk, dirty talking, doggy-style, dress
This is a set that went with my last video, Party In My Mouth

Tags: candid, Cum on tits, dress, high heels
Party In My Mouth!....You Cumming?
It's party time! Shawn likes when we go out and I'm a naughty little party girl so I set up our spare bedroom with balloons and confetti and put a glittery pink dress on just for him. Then when he got home and walked into the room, I surprised him with very succulent blowjob! I also included a little...

Tags: barefoot, blowjob, cum swallowing, dress
Vacation Sex In Alaska
While on vacation in Alaska, I tried not to clean but I can’t help it! I feel the need to straighten up the hotel room. My hubby just thought it was the cutest thing that I was walking around in my comfy bear slippers and was wearing his flannel shirt. Somehow, that made him really hard, he called...

Tags: cim, dirty talking, facial, socks
Classy Ass Wife
In this set I’m wearing a sexy lace bra and garter belt with thigh highs and pumps. I’m really feelin myself in this lingerie and it’s making crave a big cock which I hope I get soon!

Tags: classy, garter, Lingerie, pumps
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