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Spank You Very Much
Spank my ass, shove your cock in my mouth, and cum down my throat. That's how I want to be treated; like I'm your little cumslut and I belong to you. In this video, Shawn spanked my little bottom because I wasn't being a good wife. He spanked me so hard that my little cheeks were all red! Then...

Tags: barefoot, big booty, blowjob, bondage
Winter Candids
This is a set with some candid shots that include, date nights, bathing, blowjob, facial, dressing up, lingerie, hiking, my doggies, buttplug, drinking, pussy spreads and even me sitting on Santa! Hope you enjoy them.

Tags: ass, buttplug, candid, cumshot
Fucking My Eye Candy From The Gym
It's not easy working out at the gym as often as I do to keep this figure BUT I usually have what I call "a piece of eye candy". Well... more like several pieces! Being surrounded by hot men and woman is my motivation to go to the gym every day. Lately I've had my eye on this one hottie hunk. Sometimes...

Tags: dirty talk, doggy-style, gym, swallow
Breakfast In Head
Good Morning! I wish I could give you all a proper good morning like I did to Shawn in this video. I love waking him up with a nice ball draining blowjob, or as I like to call it, breakfast in head. I've seen some videos like this in the past and I could obviously tell it was scripted and planned....

Tags: barefoot, blowjob, cim, dress
A Rose And A Pussy
A special thanks to your fellow website subscriber for dressing me is in order! I am so in love with this sexy red corset and a pair of crisp white thigh highs. I even broke out my heirloom pearls to wear. Hubby handed me a rose and told me to get on the bed and spread that love, meaning my pussy of...

Tags: ass, asshole, corset, pumps
Sibling Sex
(Role-play) Wanna watch me have sex with my brother? Well, actually it's my husband's brother which makes him my brother-in-law, but we're very close (especially after this incident, he-he-he) His name is Shane and I've been fantasizing about him almost all my life. We've been related by marriage for...

Tags: Another Man, great cumshots, high heels, incest
Measure Up
What's your cock size? Are you itsy-bitys teenie weenie or are you well hung with a 10in massive cock? Maybe you are average? What's considered average in your book? Well today we find out the size of Shawn's cock! It's been a wile since I've measured it and I have forgotten how long it was, so I was...

Tags: blowjob, facial, great cumshots, jeans
Lingerie And Thigh Highs
A lace teddy lingerie , shiny thigh highs and snake skin pumps! Ok now that I have your attention you can continue on and look at the photos of my plump tits and pussy lips too. Now the question is what are you going to do? I suspect you will be playing with your cock? That's what I was thinking about...

Tags: ass, boobs, lace, Lingerie
Pop the Top! It's New Years Eve!
Well that was one hell of a quick year! I love reflecting back on how naughty of a year it was. I always go through all the pictures and videos on the site and wonder what next year will have in store for me. I have no plans on slowing down! I want to be even naughtier! I was heading out alone for the...

Kellys Christmas Present
Five more days till Christmas! I didn't have to wait till Christmas to open all my presents! In fact, I got a couple today. First, I came downstairs and looked out the window and it was snowing outside! Who doesn't love a white Christmas? Then, I got a sudden craving for cum in my mouth so I asked my...

Tags: blowjob, christmas, dress, great cumshots
Naughty Gift
Ho, Ho, Ho Kelly is bearing gifts! I've got myself all wrapped up with a bow, wearing fishnet thigh highs and red booties. I have my pussy to offer you and best of all a blowjob. Just look at me sucking on that big yummy candy cane. Who is this gift really for? Me or hubby? Haha!

Tags: ass, blowjob, booties, christmas
Christmas Cums Early
It wouldn't be Christmas without having me under the Christmas tree sucking cock would it?! Having the tree all decorated I placed myself under it while wearing a sexy dress, thigh highs and heels oh and no panties and told hubby I wanted to give him an early gift and that gift would be my mouth on his...

Tags: blowjob, christmas, dress, high heels
View From Above
Having a lazy day around the house and I was taking a nap when I felt some caressing and nipple sucking. For a second I thought I was dreaming. I barely opened my eyes to see that it was hubby fooling around with me. He placed himself in-between my legs and pulled my panties down and licked my pussy....

Tags: barefoot, knee high socks, wife sex
Prepping for a Kellysgiving this year. How else would I do that but in an apron and heels? As you can see I know my way around the kitchen, tits & pussy are on the menu so I sure hope you have an appetite!

Tags: apron, full back panties, high heels, housewife
Throat Coat
Bohoo Kelly doesn't feel very well:( I have to say I rarely ever get sick but when I do it hits me hard! I made myself some soup and hot tea and was relaxing when hubby decided to mess with me, kinda making fun of the messy house and things that weren't getting done. I think he was just trying to make...

Tags: barefoot, facial, legs, socks
Gobble Me Up
Fall is here and I thought this was the perfect time to wear this lingerie and super high wedges. It's an early Thanksgiving spread if you know what I mean! Some big round titties and a plump juicy pussy. Time to gobble me up!

Tags: ass, Lingerie, pussy, tits
More Than A Mouthful
Hubby was working behind the computer which he does quite a bit. I thought that he could use a nice break so i thought I would distract him from his work. It wasn’t very hard to do. I just put on a sexy dress and let him know I wanted to suck his cock. I pulled his shorts off and wow what a boner he...

Tags: blowjob, dress, great cumshots, swallow
Going out on a date with another couple. I usually always bring a toy with me, or another outfit, some rubbers, you know the usual stuff you need on a double date! On our way out I got a message from the girl saying that they were feeling a little unsure on the entire swinging thing (they were newbies)...

Tags: ass, boots, dildo, dress
Pussy in Paradise
For my birthday Shawn took me away on a trip to Bermuda! Lucky me! The hotel we stayed at was surrounded by the most beautiful waters I’ve ever seen! One day while I was snorkeling Shawn was laying out, he was enjoying his view of me in my bikini and of course my tits came out a few times. I walked...

Tags: adventurous, bikini, doggy-style, facial
Libra Is My Sign
This month I celebrated my birthday! I am really into astrology and my sign is a Libra, I even have a Libra symbol tattoo on the back of my neck. Libras have elegance, charm and good taste, are naturally kind, very gentle, and lovers of beauty, harmony (both in music and social living) and the pleasures...

Tags: boobs, fishnet , high heels, Lingerie
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