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Waiting For You
Red sexy lace lingerie, thigh highs and booties. I'm lonely, horny and waiting for you. Let me reveal what's underneath...my luscious pussy lips and voluptuous breast. I want you, I need you...I'm waiting for you.

Tags: boobs, booties, lace, Lingerie
Going On A Date Without Hubby
Over the weekend, I did something I have never done before. I went out on a date with a guy-friend of mine but this time, I went by myself. Shawn actually stayed home and just waited for me to come home and give him the dirty details. Only problem was, he couldn't wait till I got home. In fact, he couldn't...

Tags: dirty talk, high heels, quickie, stockings
Hot On The Heels Photos
Well you've seen the video, now here are the photos! Watch me ride my big heeldo dildo in these still shots. The expressions on my face says it all while this toy is strapped onto my feet and inserted into my very wet pussy!! I think the lingerie with thigh highs and garter is just a cherry on top!

Tags: boobs, corset, dildo, garter
Hot on the Heels
Allow me to introduce you to a Nifty little gadget known as "The Heeldo". A member of the website sent me this toy a while back and although I was very excited about it, I've only used it a couple of times. It's kind of a silly looking toy but believe it or not it gets me off really good! I think it...

Tags: blowjob, cim, dildo, high heels
Smokin Hot
This photo set goes with my last video. I am in my office dress with lace thigh high and heels. I am kicked back relaxing with my big fat cigar! Watch me puff on it and get undressed for you!

Tags: ass, boobs, bra, cigar
Smokin Hott!
SSSSMOKINNN!!!!! Some people might find this surprising but I do enjoy the occasional stogie. I find it both relaxing and empowering. Plus I just like having things in my mouth, he-he-he. Shawn seemed to find it strange when he entered the room and found me lighting a cigar but he got on board real quick...

Tags: cim, dirty talk, dress, glasses
Dirty Martini
I like it dirty extra dirty...my martini that is, well I could name a couple of others things too. I am wear a white lace teddy with matching thigh highs and purple stiletto heels. I was waiting for my husband to come home on a Friday and couldn't wait to let loose and have some fun with him. I created...

Tags: ass, boobs, high heels, lace
Just Fuckin
Sorry there's no trailer this week but we recorded this video with my new cell phone and I had a very hard time figuring out how to upload it for you guys. This was a very spur-of-the-moment video. Shawn was actually taking some photos of me and as usual he had a raging hard-on and wanted to bury it...

Tags: barefoot, boots, cumshot, wife sex
Cock Sucking Whore
Yes, yes! I admit it! I am a cock sucking whore! This photo set is of me in my corset and thigh high jean boots! I drop to my knees and I am my husbands whore! I lick and suck his massive hard cock.

Tags: ball suck, blowjob, boots, cleavage
Yoga Mat Blowjob
Now that my vacation is over, I have been hitting the gym extra hard to keep this body nice and toned for you:) I have even been doing some Yoga! So the other day, I came home from yoga class to find my husband sitting at the dining room table waiting for me. Turns out, he's taking an interest in my...

Tags: barefoot, blowjob, cim, great cumshots
Wife Sharing Is Caring Part 2
Are you guys ready for part two? Last week's video was good but it probably left you wanting more. That's not gonna happen this week:) Part two will be everything you've been waiting for and more! I promise you won't have any jizz left in your balls when you're done with this video! There are a few parts...

Tags: barefoot, dirty talk, facial, naked
Bikini Uncover
Summer time! One of my long time fans bought me this sexy bikini cover up! I was sunning all day and had it on over my bikini. It was super hot out and I'd remover my bikini. Look at my hard nipples poking though and look at my pretty pussy!!

Tags: ass, bikini, fishnet , mules
Wife Sharing Is Caring Part 1
Wait until you boys see what I have in store for you! Shawn and I had I night out on the town last night. It was only supposed to be dinner, drinks, and home by a reasonable hour but as usual the night didn't go as we planned. We ended up running into Shawn's friend Mark at the bar and having a great...

Tags: 69, barefoot, blowjob, dirty talk
A Blowjob In The Sun
The best kinda fun in the sun is a Housewife Kelly blowjob in the sun!!! It recently hit 97° here in New England and Shawn and I took full advantage. Shawn was laying out on the back deck catching some rays so I decided to join him. I was just going to lay out with him but then I noticed that he had...

Tags: blowjob, dress, outdoors, sunglasses
The Affair
Some of you might recognize this video from a couple years back. It was only posted on our website for a short time and a lot of people thought it was the best video we ever posted! Then, when we upgraded our server and did the switchover, somehow this video got deleted and we could not find the original...

Tags: cim, facial, great cumshots, high heels
Sun Dress
This is the outfit I wore in One For The Money! I happen to be outside in the beautiful sun in it when hubby snapped some photos of me. You know me, I wasn't wearing any panties so I had to lift up my dress and show off my bare pussy! I'm not gonna lie, that sun was so strong I was a lil scared I was...

Tags: ass, boobs, candid, dress
When it comes to teenage boys and masturbation, sometimes they need an experienced woman to step in and teach them a thing or two. If the boy doesn't have an older girlfriend, I feel it's his mother (or step-mother) who should step in and lend a helping hand :). Take my stepson for example. He jerks...

Tags: barefoot, blowjob, dirty talk, dress
Lace Gown
In this long see through lace gown, I pose in front of my French doors. Do you find it a tease at that that you can somewhat see my pussy and tits? Here let me lift up my gown and give you a better view. Do you like what you see? Come now, I want you to jerk off to the rest of me!

Tags: ass, curly hair, lace, nighty
One For The Money
We have an insurance guy who comes to our house once a year to renew our policy. I have always noticed that he was a little creepy but never really gave it much thought. Well this year things advanced to a whole new level! Shawn wasn’t home so it was just the two of us and everything was going fine...

Tags: dress, facial, high heels, Role play
After giving hubby his beer and blowjob, I undressed for him. I slowly unbuttoned my dress to first reveal my lace blue bra. At first I popped out my tits then I slid off the bra. I already wasn't wearing panties so I sat on the couch caressing my tits innocently and then I laid back, put my fingers...

Tags: boobs, bra, dress, nude
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