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Kelly's First Creampie
Over the years I've received many requests for a creampie (cum in my pussy). Whelp... here it finally is!! As most of you know I am not and have never taken any form of birth control but this has been a fantasy of mine for a long time. I think about it a lot!! I have thought about it while masturbating...

Tags: creampie, cum, dirty talk, dress
A Present For Kelly
Well would ya look at that, it's not even Christmas and hubby got me a surprise. His gifts are usually selfish and this one was no different. I think he is so eager to see me with a strange cock that he had to give me this realistic dildo. Hey... I am right there with him, I'll just about stick anything...

Tags: barefoot, blowjob, dildo, doggy-style
Story To Tell
It's been a while since the pandemic that I've gone out alone on a date. I had been messaging back and forth with this guy all through the quarantine and now we finally got to meet up! Hubby was anxiously waiting at home for me anticipating any type of news. I've called hubby in the past and left the...

Tags: Cheating, dirty talk, dirty talking, dress
Sniff My Flower
Wearing my pink teddy lingerie and glitter Pleaser stiletto heels. I love surrounding myself with beautiful things like flowers, I like to even pick them from my garden. I thought they would make a pretty background for my photos and I have to give hubby credit for how amazing they came out, although...

Tags: Lingerie, Pleaser Heels, pussy, sexy
Cum All Over My Pussy
So you want to fuck my pussy? No! In fact don't even touch me. So you'll stop pestering me how about I stroke your cock off over my panties instead! I put oil on your cock and slide my hand up and down and tell you you can't fuck my pussy, you won't stop trying though. First you ask if you can touch...

Tags: body cumshot, dirty talk, great cumshots, Handjob
Hello... housekeeping! Making my rounds to each hotel room, and this room happened to still be occupied. The hot guest said it was okay to clean around him. I dusted a little while bending over in my maid outfit which consist of a short dress, apron, thigh highs and Pleaser stiletto heels.... oh, and...

Tags: facial, high heels, Lingerie, maid
Leather Pants Blow
In this photo set I am wearing a purple and black corset, Pleaser purple glitter stiletto heels and hot leather pants! I was on my way out with my girlfriends when hubby was feeling left out. He was saying how hot I looked and he was a little jealous that I may suck someones cock when I went out. So...

Tags: bj, blowjob, boobs, cock
Vacation Blowjobs Are The Best Blowjobs
Hubby and I have been stuck in the house for so long it was nice to finally get away with him! We had a cozy room up in the mountains. We had such a big comfy bed and I noticed there was a step stool next to it. I thought it would be a great idea to kneel down on the stool and have hubby siting on the...

Tags: blowjob, deepthroat, great cumshots, pov
The Maid
I am your hotel room offering my full maid service. I am dressed in my sexy french maid outfit, white thigh highs and Pleaser stiletto heels. Watch me dust the furniture all the while you can sneak a peek up my dress and see that I am wearing crotchless panties. If you love this photo set, you will really...

Tags: bj, blowjob, boobs, choker
Double Panty Play
These videos are truly homemade. We never intended for these two fucks to go on the site. Sometimes while we are messing around one of us will grab the camera. This week, that happened twice! So lucky for you guys, you get 2 cum shots in this video:) You'll find me in my sexy panties in each. Hubby always...

Tags: cum, great cumshots, panties, pov
American Woman
Nothing says American Woman more than a hot long legged blonde wearing a blue cut out mini dress, black pantyhose and red hot stilettos! I am so proud to be an American to have the freedom to express myself sexually for all of you!!

Tags: Blondes, choker, dress, high heels
The Edge
For the past couple of days I have been teasing Shawn's cock. Every time I walked by him I would grab his cock, when I laid next to him I would rub it, I even had him play with my pussy until I came. He had no relief at all! This day I decided I would give him some relief but it would be a long slow...

Tags: dress, Edging, feet, footjob
Mommy Sneaks The Neighbor In
Being a mom, I sure am always busy with the kids and hubby is always at work to provide for us so I get really lonely sometimes. I struck up a hot romance with my neighbor and every chance we get, he sneaks over! I had the kids in front of the T.V when my hot neighbor came over on this occasion. I quickly...

Tags: Cheating, dress, great cumshots, jean skirt
Sizzlin Summer
Summer is finally here and things are sizzlin! I am wearing a pink teddy lingerie outfit with lace thigh highs and clear Pleaser heels. Are you getting hot?! Do you like my juicy ass? How about I take my big natural tits out, does that heat thing up even more for you? What about if I unsnapped my lingerie...

Tags: ass, boobs, choker, lace
Sandy Sex after the Beach
It was such a gorgeous day, I got up early in the morning and took a ride to the beach. I went for a run and then jumped in the ocean! It's really the only time I can get my ass in there because it's so cold. I headed back home after that and when I walked into the house I think I startled hubby. He...

Tags: barefoot, cim, doggy-style, facial
Stimulus-a thing or event that evokes a specific functional reaction in an organ or tissue! Hmmm how about I be your stimulus for your cock?! Wearing some pretty blue lingerie with fishnet thigh highs and snake skin heels! I sure do think this will get a rouse out of ya! Go take a look and let me now...

Tags: fishnet , g string, high heels, Lingerie
Well would you look at me! Looks like I got myself stuck in the drain. Nobody was home so I had to call my plumber to come over and give me some help. Thank goodness the front door was unlocked so he could come right in and save me. When he arrived, he checked out the situation. As he was looking under...

Tags: doggy-style, dress, facial, great cumshots
Pantyhose Play
Alright all my pantyhose lovers. It's been a minute since I've worn them and I've received some requests for it, so here ya go. In my slutty cut out sight white dress, pantyhose and wedges. I pose for you lifting up my dress and showing off my hose while in different positions. I especially like the...

Tags: ass, boobs, dress, panty hose
Tappin it on the Table
My dining room table is the perfect height for a good pussy pounding and this video really puts that into perspective! No matter what position I get in, Shawn's cocks cock is that the perfect height to give my little pussy good smashing! We need to fuck in this room more often! Enjoy! xoxo -Kelly

Tags: dirty talk, dress, high heels, housewife
Wild Thang
Wild thing, you make my heart sing, You make everything groovy, wild thing Wild thing, I think you move me But I wanna know for sure, Come on and hold me tigh,t You move me! How may of you all will have that stuck in your head all day?! I am feelin wild! I have my animal print dress on and my Pleaser...

Tags: boobs, dress, high heels, Pleaser Heels
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