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Body Stocking Babe
This photo set is of me in a pink fishnet body stocking and strappy heels! I was horny but I already gave Shawn a blowjob so I grabbed my glass dildo. I slid it into my mouth and gave it a few sucks but I really wanted it into my pussy. My body stocking was crotchless so I stuck it right in. Shawn was...

Tags: ass, body stocking, crotchless, dildo
St Patricks Swingers Party Hotel Takover Part 3
Did you see the facial I took last week?! OMG, that was one of the biggest loads I've ever had on my face! I have been sitting at my desk, fingering my pussy to that video all week and I've also been fingering my pussy to this video. This little Puerto Rican girl named Sasha came outta nowhere and gave...

Tags: blowjob, double blowjob, facial, knee high socks
Puerto Rico
Hubby and I went on vacation to Puerto Rico! These are some fun candid photos from our trip! The beaches were beautiful and the drinks were flowing. We visited the Rio Camuy Caves, we hiked the Yunque National Forest, hung out in the town of San Juan, met some cool people, ate a lot of delicious foods...

Tags: bikini, candid, flip-flops, naked
St Patricks Swingers Party Hotel Takover Part 2
You didn't think I was done after one facial did you? When there are 3 hard cocks in the room, I'm always going to get at least 2 loads of cum on me (or in me). I usually like to swallow but on this particular night, I just wanted every guy in the room to cum all over my face. Not only do I get a face...

Tags: facial, great cumshots, group sex, Miami
Batgirl Blowjob
Do I have any super hero fans? This is a photo set of me wearing my Batgirl shirt, knee high socks and glasses giving hubby a blowjob. I did a video of the blowjob, fucking and hubby eating me out, be sure to check that out! Hey not all super hero wear capes!

Tags: blowjob, glasses, knee high socks
St. Pats Swingers Party!
Wanna go to a swingers party? Or even better.....a swingers after party? Of course you do! Well I might not be able to bring all of you guys to a swingers party, but I can definitely bring the swingers party to all of you! I must say, this is a great video. Shawn and I went to this party with no expectations...

Tags: blowjob, facial, great cumshots, group sex
Hot Wax Hand Job
Well here's something a little different for ya! As you all know, I do dare polls every now and again where I challenge you to dare me to do something sexually adventurous. I've actually been having a lot of fun with these dares! I honestly get a rush from them. I find it exciting to be pushed into doing...

Tags: cleavage, dare, great cumshots, Handjob
Shared As Promised (Part 2)
Hi everyone! So how did you like part one of my cuckold fuckathon with my hubby's friend? I hope everyone masturbated to it all week long (I know I did). Like I said, I think it's one of the hottest videos I've ever posted and it was definitely one of the best fucks I ever had in my entire life! I'm...

Tags: cim, cuckold, dirty talk, doggy-style
March Candids 2017
Here is another fun candid set. This includes me nude in the bath tub, a day in Boston, date night, blowjob to hubby and even a panty stuffing! Hope you all enjoy these!

Tags: bath, blowjob, candid, cleavage
Shared as Promised
If you paid attention to the end of last week's video update, you may have observed Shawn saying he was going to share me with one of his friends. Well last weekend, it was time to see if he'd make good on his word......and he did:) OH HE DEFINITELY DID! I know I've said this before, but this was seriously...

Tags: dress, high heels, hotwife, naked
Naked Grilling
Well it looks like Naked Grilling won the Dare Poll I had up! I have to admit I wasn't sure which option was going to win, but I think I was a little relieved to do this one even those I froze my tits off!! Hubby got a real kick out of watching me grilling his steaks in the nude. The craziest part was...

Tags: boots, candid, naked, nude
Okay, everyone knows I just luuuuv getting presents! Maybe I'm just a little girl at heart but there's nothing better than being surprised with a special gift. But I also luuuuv to give presents! Especially to my hubby. So I was in the naughty toy store last week and I saw this hand job stroker sleeve....

Tags: cumshot, dress, Handjob, high heels
Tantalizing Teal Teddy
I'm having this undeniable desire to tease you with my sheer teddy and heels. Laying on the bed I start off with some sexy poses and then move right into exhibiting all my lady parts. I lay here with the hope that it provokes you to be aroused and you stroke your cock for me.

Tags: ass, classy, closed toed, fingering
Snowstorm Satisfaction
I don't know if you have heard about the treacherous weather we're having up here in Boston but my hubby has been out working outside in blizzard conditions for the last few days :-O I felt so bad when he came home last night that I just had to do something for him! I bet you can all guess what that...

Tags: blowjob, cim, costume, great cumshots
Pink Dress, Pantyhose A POV Blowjob
This hot set goes with the video I did. I am wearing a pink dress with a zipper that runs through the entire front, which I do zip down and expose my tits. Underneath I am wearing a pair of pantyhose along with a pair of peep toes heels. With some hot poses in my chair and over my desk, you can get a...

Tags: blowjob, bra, dress, glasses
Pink Dress, Pantyhose, and a POV Blowjob!
I'm so glad I finally get to wear this pink dress for you! I'm also wearing some sexy sheer pantyhose:) I like to dress like this on days when I'm home, sitting at my desk all day, and working on the website. It makes me feel more professional......and sexy! he-he-he! I'm not going to mention any names...

Tags: blowjob, dress, facial, great cumshots
January 2017
This photo set is all candid shots. There's a trip to NY, date nights, wine drinking, flashing my tits, sexy lingerie, thigh highs, bath time and even some cum facials! Just a little bit of everything. Most of them were taken right off my phone. I know you guys just love when you can get bits of my "real"...

Tags: ass, bath, candid, cleavage
Batgirl Forever
Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na..BATGIRL!! Seriously though! How cute do I look in my little Batman socks and t-shirt? Good enough to fuck? Apparently so because Shawn tore my pussy up when he saw me wearing this outfit! Good thing I sat on his face and let him eat my pussy until I had a knee buckling orgasm...

Tags: booty shorts, doggy-style, facesitting, facial
Two Cocks are Better than One
I know since you all enjoyed the video you will like these photos! It's true, I love cock, especially when it's in my mouth but even better is when I have two cocks!! I mean I can suck anyones cock basically but to have a strong confident man who is willing to have some fun with me while my husbands...

Tags: blowjob, double blowjob, lace
Hubby, Can I blow your Friend?
As I have been saying lately, I am in dire need of some new cock. I have been fantasizing about blowing guys every day lately! Guys I see at the gym, guys I see at the grocery storeā€¦I pretty much fantasize about getting down on my knees and sucking off every guy I see. Well finally last week, Shawn...

Tags: blowjob, cim, dress, facial
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