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Blue Fishnet Bodystocking
I'm wearing my blue fishnet crotchless body stocking and high end high heels. My nipples poke out through the holes and my pussy is exposed! I'm ready to fuck!

Tags: ass, body stocking, crotchless, fishnet
Couch Quickie
This is my kind of video! My favorite videos on HousewifeKelly.com are the ones that are completely spontaneous. They're all 100% genuine but sometimes they need to be planned. This one was completely spur of the moment. Every once in awhile, I just need some dick. It's as simple as that, LOL. And this...

Tags: dirty talk, doggy-style, dress, high heels
Teddy Under The Tree
This is a set I did under the Christmas tree, it's always so hard to let go of Christmas but now it is a new year and I can't wait to share it with you! I am wearing a black lace teddy and heels. I show off my tits and my sweet little pussy!

Tags: classy, high heels, lace, pussy
New Year's Eve Cumshot Count-down!
3...2...1...cum in my mouth!! Hahaha. Happy New Year everybody!!!! We actually shot this video today. Just like most of you, we were extremely busy all week with the same holiday shenanigans. We also had family in from out of town so we couldn't get much privacy but nothing will ever stand in the way...

Tags: blowjob, boots, cim, dress
Xmas Tease Job
Merry Christmas everyone! I’m finding all kinds of new ways to make my husband cum lately! I wanted to give him a blowjob in front of the Christmas Tree and I decided to tease him to build a big load up for him. But I didn’t think I’d actually be able to make him cum just by teasing alone! This...

Tags: blowjob, great cumshots, Lingerie, Teasing
Christmas Kelly
Ho Ho Ho! Christmas Kelly is here. I have arrived in pale pink lace lingerie, sheer panties and clear heels right under the tree for you. When you unwrap me you will find big bouncing boobs and a wet pussy to play with all the year through!

Tags: christmas, high heels, holiday, Lingerie
Slow Strokes
I’ve done plenty of handjob videos in the past but this is unlike any one we’ve ever made. I like to tease Shawn when I’m stroking his cock because not only do I like to watch him squirm but I also believe it builds up his orgasm and makes for a far more powerful cumshot. I like to tease him by...

Tags: cleavage, Edging, great cumshots, Handjob
Baby Blue
Wearing my baby blue sheer and lace teddy and bright blue heels. I showed off my tits, bent over to show my ass and then spread my legs wide showing you my pussy. I was so turned on my pussy was so wet I even slid a few fingers in.

Tags: ass, crotchless, fingering, high heels
Fucking around the Christmas Tree
Ok I know it's early for a Christmas video but at least I wait until after Thanksgiving to put my tree up. Some of you mother fuckers are decorating before LOL! As a lot of you know, I love the holidays. It always gets me in the best mood! Shawn & I went out tree shopping and we ended up with a 10 footer!!...

Tags: boots, holiday theme, knee high socks, swallow
A Thanksgiving Stuffing
Happy Thanksgiving boys and girls! Housewife Kelly is really in the holiday spirit this year! I have some family flying in to visit so I've been decorating the house and buying new dishes and all that kinda stuff. I actually shot this video a few days ago just before picking up my family from the airport....

Tags: boots, dirty talk, holiday theme, knee high boots
November 2017
I haven't done my CANDID photos for a couple of months, so here they are. Just some fun 'real life" shots. At the beach, in the mountains, camming, date night, concert, limo pussy flashing, bathing some tit flashing and more.

Tags: ass, bikini, blowjob, boots
Snap, Crackle, & Pop in my Mouth
Snap, crackle, pop in my mouth baby! Have you ever had a girl put pop rock candies all over your cock and then suck you off? Well that’s what I did to my hubby a couple days after Halloween. I’ve always wanted to try it because I heard it can feel really good for him. When I saw some left over pop...

Tags: blowjob, cim, dress, high heels
I know you all have been enjoying my Halloween video, this is a photo set to go with it. Meeooowww I'm a bad kitty but I think you will like me. I am a very horny kitty and loves to get into trouble. I like to undress and show you all my toys you can play with. After I am done you can feed kitty some...

Tags: corset, Halloween, high heels, pussy
Halloween 2017
Happy Halloweenie!!!!! This year, I decided to dress up as a little kitty cat (meow). I didn't get too crazy with the costume this year though. I kept it subtle and sexy with stockings and high heels. I have to say, I received quite a pounding in this video:) Shawn put the camera on a tripod and we just...

Tags: costume, cum, facial, great cumshots
Pantyhose Pussy Pounding!
My hubby took me out for my birthday a few nights ago and I decided to wear some pantyhose with my skirt. I don’t wear pantyhose very often because Shawn has never really been into them but this time I got a big reaction from him! I was standing in the mirror getting ready and as usual he came into...

Tags: body cumshot, great cumshots, Lingerie, panty hose
Sunday Best
Today I put on my Sunday best lingerie for hubby. I twirled myself all around the bed to entice him. My long legs, super high heels and silky lace black lingerie and g-string always does the trick. I bust out my big tits, take off my panties and spread em extra wide. Look at that sweet little asshole...

Tags: asshole, classy, g string, high heels
Pit Stop Blowjob
Out running errands with hubby, and I was kinda bored just driving around all day. I figured since we left the house so early and I didn't even get to have any sexy time with him, maybe I should do something naughty. I lifted up my dress and started to rub my pussy over my panties to get his attention....

Tags: adventurous, blowjob, cleavage, dress
Silky Slip
Since you all loved the Silky Slip Blowjob video, I figured I would do a photo set too. I have on my long silky and lace slip. What I especially love about it, is that it was designed by one of my favorite artist, Courtney Love!!! The heels that I am wearing are also by her. I feel very sexy in this...

Tags: ass, classy, closed toed, Lingerie
Hummer In A Hummer
So last Wednesday, Shawn and I went to a Pink Floyd concert with some good friends of ours and we all rented a limo! This was not just any limo...this was a Hummer Limo!! Anyway, as luck would have it, the limo picked Shawn and I up first which gave us about 30 minutes alone in it before we picked...

Tags: adventurous, blowjob, cim, dress
Knee High Knob Job
Spectacles, knee high socks, cocksucking....this video has it all! I was doing my daily exercise routine and I should have known I was gonna end up with a big cock in my mouth because I was wearing two things that ALWAYS make my husband's cock hard; glasses and knee high socks! I don't know what it is,...

Tags: blowjob, cim, cleavage, facial
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