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September 2016
These are my candid fun photos that I've taken through out the month which include me at the Bret Michaels and CandleBox/BuckCherry concerts, (If you ever have the chance to see CandleBox do it) Boston Italian Feast, Seafood Fest, beaching it, hanging with my girl Miami, Masturbating, Nude and Flashing!...

Tags: barefoot, bikini, candid, cleavage
Welcum Home
Oh boy! What a stressful week! Shawn was away and ended up coming home a few days late which is the reason this update is a little late. Not only was I stressed out over the update but I also needed some cock really bad and there was nobody here to give it to me:( Needless to say, Shawn and I had some...

Tags: barefoot, body cumshot, wife sex
Hose Me Down
This is a set of me hanging outside in my bikini getting some sun. I got really hot and grabbed the hose. pulled out my tits and pussy and cooled my naughty bits off with the water. I took these by myself and thought I'd share them with ya. Summers not almost over is it wahhhhhh!

Tags: ass, barefoot, bikini, candid
Handy Dandy
Heellooo everyone! So the other day I was getting ready to go out with hubby. I had on a cute jean dress that showed off my cleavage really well and I was just oiling up my legs and feet when hubby came walking into the bedroom with the video camera. How convenient that he also had a huge boner right?!...

Tags: barefoot, body cumshot, dirty talk, Edging
Playtime With Miami
This is a sexy photo set of me and my girlfriend Miami playing around together in our lingerie. Mine is crotchless by the way. It made thing really easy for Miami to get down between my super long legs and have quite a lick. I returned the favor too but first we had some passionate kisses and nipple...

Tags: ass, crotchless, g string, Girl Girl
We Missed Miami (Part 2)
It's part two time! And like I've said before, part 2 is almost always better than part one! This time is no exception in my opinion. The last video was hot and there was some great double cock sucking going on. I love a good cock sucking video, but this video has some good hard amateur fucking. And...

Tags: body cumshot, dress, fishnet , group sex
Missed Miami
This set was me and Miami in our sexy dresses, teasing with our tits, and slowly pulling off our panties. We each took turns licking each others wet pussies over the desk. Next time you are at work behind your desk, think of us!

Tags: ass, classy, dress, Eating Pussy
We Missed Miami (Part 1)
Miami is back! And I'm not talking about The Miami Dolphins. I'm talking about my hot friend who Shawn and I love to fuck! I'm sure you all remember her from the last time we had her on our website. If I remember correctly, we got a lot of great feedback on those videos; especially the threesome we had...

Tags: blowjob, double blowjob, dress, high heels
Full Service
This is the photo set that matches the video I put up the other day! Dressed in my office attire, collard blouse, tight mini skirt, heels and glasses. I know you all love this look as much as I do! Bent over my glass desk and sliding my panties down, exposing my big breast and plump pussy!

Tags: ass, bra, classy, cleavage
Full Service Secretary
Some of you business men out there could be doing alot better if you had a full service secretary like me working for you. A secretary's job is to make sure her boss is on top of his game at all times and sexual frustration can really boggle a man's mind. I make sure my boss's balls are always fully...

Tags: blowjob, cim, glasses, high heels
August 2016
Here's my candid fun photo set for August! This set includes, some flashing boob ones while Shawn and I canoed down Saco River, our Killington VT trip that includes us out for dinner, kayaking, some covered bridges, the Quichee Gorge and riding the Beast Coaster Mountain. Also some hiking, at the beach...

Tags: adventurous, barefoot, bikini, cleavage
Girl Sex With Becca
Ahhh.....girl sex with Becca. That's something I've been looking forward to for a very long time. I love having sex with girls almost as much as I enjoy being fucked by a man but when it comes to being on camera, it seems like I can never capture a really good girl on girl encounter. I've been with some...

Tags: girl on girl, high heels, legs, Lesbian
This is a quick set that Shawn shot of me before our friends came back! I had on my mini jean skirt so it was easy enough for me to lift it and show you my panties. I whipped out my big titties and played out all over their dinning room table heel and all. I was just getting starting when they came walking...

Tags: bra, high heels, jean skirt, legs
Speed Sucker
There's nothing worse than when good friends ask you to help them move. If they're a good friend, you don't wanna leave them hangin, but on the other hand, there's probably no worse way to spend a Saturday Afternoon:( Shawn and I shot this little video in our friends new apartment. We had been helping...

Tags: adventurous, blowjob, facial, high heels
July 2016
This weeks photo update is my candid ones for the month! Lots of titty flashing, nudes, cock sucking,friends and just a little peek inside my life, fun stuff!

Tags: adventurous, ass, bikini, blowjob
Two Young Studs for Kelly (Part 3)
Now for the final chapter of my glorious cum filled night with my hubby and my two young studs! I was getting hotter and hotter as the night went on. When Mike covered my face with his big hot load it really put me over the top. I was planning to give my husband a blowjob after because I knew he'd be...

Tags: barefoot, facial, great cumshots, group sex
Lusty Lace
This set is me in a long lusty lacey see through lingerie with black sheer g string panties and heels. I loved how sexy these photos came out. I dropped myself all over the bed and slid my little panties off. I spread my long legs and opened up my hot hole for you all to lust over!!

Tags: ass, classy, g string, high heels
Two Young Studs for Kelly (Part 2)
It's time for the highly anticipated part 2! Man oh man! I've never gotten so much feedback on a video as I did last week! You guys really liked watching me with those young studs, didn't you!?! I have to say, this was my first time hooking up with anyone that young and I definitely liked it. If you...

Tags: barefoot, facial, great cumshots, group sex
Feeling Hot
This is a photo set of me in my sexy sheer and lace crotchless teddy (Thanks Jimmy) As you can see it fits me oh so good! I even had on a matching pair of heels (Thanks Jonny) I did some sexy poses,my favorites were when I was bending over the couch with my ass up. I then reached up and slid the lace...

Tags: ass, classy, crotchless, high heels
Two Young Studs for Kelly (Part 1)
OMG, do I have a treat for you boys! You may or may not know that I've been craving some young cock for quite some time now. Since I entered my thirties, I have often fantasized about fucking a 19-20 year old guy. I don't know what it is about that fantasy but it runs through my mind almost every time...

Tags: doggy-style, group sex, high heels, skirt
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