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Let's have a Picnic!
What do you call a picnic with a big ole dick? A picdick! haha. (Not my best joke but you guys are gonna love this video none the less). This video was shot earlier in the week. I packed up my little picnic basket with some sandwiches and yummy snacks and invited hubby out into the wilderness for a...

Tags: adventurous, dirty talk, dress, great cumshots
Ready For You
I am here for you, I am waiting for you, I am ready for you! In my lace teddy and heels, I'm all yours. Tits so soft and pussy so wet, what will you do with me?

Tags: ass, booties, lace, Lingerie
Eye Contact Is Everything
When it comes to sucking cock, many men will agree that eye contact is everything. Don't get me wrong, fellatio is an art form and it takes a lot to master it but I contact is definitely key. I have an idea for you. I want you to stare into my eyes while you watch this video and let me suck you off until...

Tags: barefoot, blowjob, cleavage, great cumshots
Sundress Sunday
My husband thinks that I wear my sundresses just to get him to fuck me. There may just be some truth to that as you will see in this video. I just finished getting ready and I was fixing myself in the mirror when he was checking me out. He caressed my breast and ran his hands up my leg, right up underneath...

Tags: cim, dress, Eating Pussy, facial
Sometimes I just want to fuck like an animal and what better place to do it then the woods! This actually started out as a regular hike and turned into an all natural primitive fuck-fest! If I had known, I would have worn something sexier with easier access. That's okay though, we managed just fine....

Tags: adventurous, doggy-style, facial, outdoors
Wicked Hot Chicks
This is a photo set of me and my wicked hot friend! We are both wearing sexy teddy lingerie and heels. Finally someone that's taller than me, that's a lot of leg! We love kissing and caressing each other and I am so in love with her ass I had to kiss and lick that too. We each showed each other our tits...

Tags: 2 girls, ass, ass licking, boobs
Anniversary Blowjob
It was our anniversary the other day and we spent the entire day lovin on each other. Hubby took me away on a mini trip and showered me with lots of gifts, and flowers and we had some crazy sex throughout the day. He made sure I was good and sore! I promised him when we got back home I would give him...

Tags: blowjob, cleavage, dress, high heels
Hotwives Club
I am thrilled you all love hot wife friend from last week's video! This is a photo set we did together. Her being a brunette and me a blonde you get the best of both worlds. We are wearing our sheer teddies...totally unplanned, I think it's great when that happens. We have on our thigh highs and heels...

Tags: 2 girls, ass, boobs, classy
I needed some Pussy!
Girl on girl sex is a little something I just have to indulge every once in awhile. I don't know what it is but sometimes i get horny and nothing can satisfy me like some sweet yummy pussy! As most of you know, I'm usually in the mood for cock but every now and then I need a woman's touch. On this...

Tags: 2 girls, Brunettes, cunilingus, girl on girl
Salute You
I wanted to say thank you for all the men and woman who have served and are still serving and family members. It's because of all of you that we have our freedom and we are forever thankful to you. As serious as I am about this topic, this is just a fun set that I did in my army gear after all this is...

Tags: army, ass, asshole, barefoot
Mixin it Up!
I love cum what can I say! I put together these four cum shot clips from videos that never got added to my website. I think you will really like this video because it's all unseen and unplanned footage and as always, it's very real. The first clip, we had some company over and I was feeling a bit frisky...

Tags: barefoot, blowjob, cumshot, doggy-style
Appropriate Behavior
I was feeling extra wild so I put on my snake print dress and gladiator sandals, grabbed my toy and continued on with my very appropriate behavior! First I licked and sucked on my glass dildo. I pulled down the top of my dress and let my boobs out next! You like where this is going don'tcha?! I then...

Tags: ass, dildo, dress, gladiator
Scrub & Tug
I apologize for this video being a day late. In 10 years of running this website, I think this is the first time we've ever been late with the video update. I won't bore you with excuses but I promise that it'll never happen again, and I'll make it up to you in the near future :). So anyway, I enjoy...

Tags: barefoot, blowjob, cim, cleavage
I Got The Blues
I got the blues for ya baby and it's not an emotion I'm talking about, it's my sexy blue sheer lingerie! When I was online shopping last week I came across this little number. I've never had a long sleeved teddy and I loved how it looked so had to by it for myself. What do you think? Does it look good?...

Tags: ass, boobs, classy, cleavage
Tappin it on the Table
This little fuck session almost went unrecorded. It started out with Shawn taking some still pictures of me in the dining room for my upcoming photo set (which came out amazing by the way, hehe). When we were finished, he started groping me, and I was just about to start sucking on his big hard cock...

Tags: dirty talk, doggy-style, high heels, stockings
Feeling Myself
I've had my site for a couple of years...I won't say how many but sometimes I look back on my older photos to now and it's a trip to see the changes in myself. I love being a little older a little curvier (especially my boobs) and being so comfortable and confident with myself. I love my body and I...

Tags: dress, high heels, pussy, silk
P . O . V !
Happy Easter everyone! No Easter video for me this year. I guess I just wasn't feeling very festive or bunny-like. I do have a great video for you though! Shawn held the camera pov style for this one and I just climbed up on his big cock and rode him until my pussy exploded all over his big dick! The...

Tags: barefoot, body cumshot, dirty talk, dress
I spend pretty much every waking hour thinking about sex while hubby is away at work. A lot of times he fucks me before racing out the door but sometimes he's running late and leaves me hanging. On this day, he left me hanging!! He even rubbed my pussy a little before he headed out the door so I was...

Tags: doggy-style, dress, great cumshots, swallow
Not That Innocent
Oops, I did it againI Played with your heart, got lost in the game Oh baby, baby Oops, you think I'm in love, That I'm sent from above I'm not that innocent!! Who doesn't love one Britney Spears? It's the song that came to my mind when I was trying to think of a tittle to these photos! I guess I'm not...

Tags: ass, boobs, booties, lace
Ready and Waiting
Over the last couple of years, my sex drive has gone wild! I want cock in my pussy every single day. Just because I'm not asking for it doesn't mean I'm not craving it. In this video, Shawn was looking for a place to bury his boner and I was more than happy to oblige because my pussy was soaking wet...

Tags: cleavage, doggy-style, jeans, squirting
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