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Throat Coat
Bohoo Kelly doesn't feel very well:( I have to say I rarely ever get sick but when I do it hits me hard! I made myself some soup and hot tea and was relaxing when hubby decided to mess with me, kinda making fun of the messy house and things that weren't getting done. I think he was just trying to make...

Tags: barefoot, facial, legs, socks
Gobble Me Up
Fall is here and I thought this was the perfect time to wear this lingerie and super high wedges. It's an early Thanksgiving spread if you know what I mean! Some big round titties and a plump juicy pussy. Time to gobble me up!

Tags: ass, Lingerie, pussy, tits
More Than A Mouthful
Hubby was working behind the computer which he does quite a bit. I thought that he could use a nice break so i thought I would distract him from his work. It wasn’t very hard to do. I just put on a sexy dress and let him know I wanted to suck his cock. I pulled his shorts off and wow what a boner he...

Tags: blowjob, dress, great cumshots, swallow
Going out on a date with another couple. I usually always bring a toy with me, or another outfit, some rubbers, you know the usual stuff you need on a double date! On our way out I got a message from the girl saying that they were feeling a little unsure on the entire swinging thing (they were newbies)...

Tags: ass, boots, dildo, dress
Pussy in Paradise
For my birthday Shawn took me away on a trip to Bermuda! Lucky me! The hotel we stayed at was surrounded by the most beautiful waters I’ve ever seen! One day while I was snorkeling Shawn was laying out, he was enjoying his view of me in my bikini and of course my tits came out a few times. I walked...

Tags: adventurous, bikini, doggy-style, facial
Libra Is My Sign
This month I celebrated my birthday! I am really into astrology and my sign is a Libra, I even have a Libra symbol tattoo on the back of my neck. Libras have elegance, charm and good taste, are naturally kind, very gentle, and lovers of beauty, harmony (both in music and social living) and the pleasures...

Tags: boobs, fishnet , high heels, Lingerie
Survival Suck
I'm an avid hiker and there's nothing scarier than being creeped out when I'm alone in the woods. On this particular hike I got a little lost, and then ran into a creepy guy. Unfortunately, he was the only person who could help me find my way out of the woods so I had to do what I had to do if you know...

Tags: adventurous, blowjob, boots, facial
This photo set is another candid one. All photos are from my phone that I have taken in the last 2 months. There is some of me at the beach in my bikini, flashing my tits while hiking, masturbating using my vibrator, dates with hubby and even one of me back stage after a show.

Tags: bikini, boobs, bra, candid
Oral Creampie
Halloween might not be here yet but I definitely got a treat at the end of this video! That's one thing I love about sucking cock, if you do it could you get a reward at the end, hehe! Sean actually wasn't feeling good. He was stressed out and I wanted to relax him so I decided to give him a nice calming...

Tags: blowjob, cim, dress, great cumshots
Hotel Surprise With 2 Guys (Part 2)
Everybody ready for part 2??? OMG 2 cocks has always been my favorite! I know I've said it before but I think this might be the best video I've ever made. I had amazing genuine orgasms while filming this. Shawn and John really fucked me good! I'm not going to give away any more details wait until you...

Tags: 2 guys, cim, doggy-style, dress
Desperate For Dick
Lately I have been extra horny if that is at all possible! From the moment I wake up from very sexual vivid dreams to the time I am having sex and going to bed, it's a non stop thought. I have really been desperate for dick. I just can never get enough. My husband tries to keep up but thank goodness...

Tags: dildo, fishnet , high heels, masturbation
Hotel Surprise With 2 Guys
Heeeeres Johnny!!! Well, well, well what a surprise! I knew that he was going to be cumming back from the moment we finished fucking the last time but I didn’t know Shawn and him were conspiring for another meet up so soon. I was blindfolded and lead down the hallway by my wonderful husband, he led...

Tags: 2 guys, doggy-style, dress, facial
Face Painting with Kelly!
It's time for, Face Painting with Housewife Kelly! Yaaaaaayy!!!!! I don't know how this turned into a face painting day. I thought we were supposed to be painting the WALLS!, but apparently I didn't get the memo because in this video, I get my face painted twice! LOL. Unfortunately, this is not a very...

Tags: booty shorts, facial, great cumshots, wife sex
My P.O.V.
Recently one of my members emailed me and asked me to do a POV video from my perspective instead of hubby's. I did that once before with a video called, Kellys POV. I am no camera woman but I must say my work came out pretty good if I may say so myself! My hubby and I laid on the bed next to each other....

Tags: barefoot, cunnilingus, legs, missionary
Cleaned Out My Phone
So I got a new phone, back to IPHONE ahhhhhh!!! I managed to accidentally erase a lot of my phones in my old phone but theses are what was left. Took me a minute to get over that!! So cute candid stuff. Some beach trips, CandleBox and a Weeezer concert, hiking Cadillac mountain in Maine, bikini, VT,...

Tags: 2 girls, ass, bath, bikini
3 And Me Part 3
Okay, is everybody ready for the final chapter?? This might be the best one of the three! Like I said, l've been getting myself off to these videos for almost a month now and I usually cum watching this one. So Hott!!! I ended up making all three guys cum. I made my hubby wait until after I took care...

Tags: 3 guys, facial, group sex, wife sharing
This was a request from one of my long time members! He just adores my feet, especially with French polish, so he sent me off to the salon where I got pampered with a much needed relaxing pedicure and manicure with French polish. I wore my clear strappy heels as requested and a lace teddy. I made sure...

Tags: feet, french polish, lace, Lingerie
3 & Me (Part 2)
I hope everyone is ready for part two:) Nothing like a video with non-stop hard fucking! These guys really pounded the shit out of me. I thought they might go easy on me since it was my first time being fucked by 3 men at once, but they really had no mercy on me, and I loved every second of it. I can...

Tags: 3 guys, cim, facial, foursome
3 Cocks And Kelly
You loved the video now here are some photos! Definitely my new favorite set!! What's not to love about me in sexy corset, heels and thigh highs taking turns on three cocks!!

Tags: 3 guys, blowjob, corset, double blowjob
3 & Me (Part 1)
Somebody pinch me because I must be dreaming! Three big cocks all for me??? Yes please! This video was shot at a hotel in downtown Boston. Kyle and Johnny met us there and we didn't do a whole lot of talking, lol. We pretty much got right down to business. I had been waiting so anxiously for this day....

Tags: 3 guys, doggy-style, foursome, group sex
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