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Name: Kelly Anderson

Home town:  Ft Lauderdale, FL Shoe Size:  7 1/2
Height:  5' 7'' Favorite Music:  Rock
Hair:  Blonde Turn Ons:  Shy guys, Tattoos, Big Bulges, Men who like to go down
Eyes:  Green Favorite Gifts:  Lingerie, Heels, & Gift Cards
Sign:  Libra Favorite Position:  Doggie Style
Bra Size:  34DD Sexual Preference:  Bisexual, Blowjobs, Group Sex

Hi I'm Kelly and my husband is Shawn. We actually grew up together in the same neighborhood. He's always had a thing for me, in fact he used to ride his bike by my house and scream "I'm gonna marry you one day!" Well he was right! We are happily married and have been together for 18yrs and counting.I was really open sexually when I was younger, lost my virginity at a very YOUNG age! When Shawn & I got together I was really Bi-Sexual and explained to him that I never wanted to give that up. He didn't have any objections to that and before you know it we were bringing girls into our bedroom to share. We eventually discovered the lifestyle of SWINGING. There are lots of different levels of swinging, we are considered the more hardcore type, meaning we fully couple swap. I know it's not for everyone but we truly love each other and have found this incredible way to seperate it from sex with other people. To lay there next to your partner while your getting pounded by a complete stranger is just pure ecstasy. Who hasn't had the thought of being with someone other then their partner? We just acted on it!

As the years went by of us engaging with different sexual partners, we found ourselves videoing the hot pure sex. We would watch them and think how this stuff was really great amateur sex and to bad there's not to much stuff like this online. So that's how we came up with the idea of sharing our sex lives on this website! We now have been online since 2006! I love sharing our sexual adventures with you, whether it's my husband and I hooking up with another couple, threesomes with another guy or girl, role playing, or just a good ole bj for hubby. Did I mention that I absolutely love facials?!

My site differs from others on the web because I am a REAL HOUSEWIFE! I have a wonderful family and great group of friends. I love watching movies, cooking, working out at the gym, running, horses, the beach and ROCK n Roll! I am from Florida originally but now up here in the North East freezing my ass off. I consider myself pretty normal. I just happen to bring the camera into our sex lives to share with you all. My sex drive is extremely high especially now that I am considered to be in my sexual peak.

My site is my baby, We have put a lot of work into it. I literally didn't even know what downloading meant when we started building the site.We are self taught, my husband and I do EVERYTHING ourselves. WE DON'T USE FANCY STUDIOS, CAMERAS OR PAID ACTORS. We really like the amateur feel to it with modern technology, We have kept it like that since the beginning. We are very thrilled to still be online after all these years, my fans are wonderful, I take so much pride in having a rapport with them. Some fans have even become friends and some have even been in videos with me. Wow still feels strange to say I have fans. I don't consider myself a porn star at all!

Things that you can expect on my website are, weekly live one hour interactive cam shows from me. I enjoy doing them so I put effort into them by dressing up, dirty talk, and masturbate. I share lots of naughty stories on there, maybe something that happened at a swingers party or we discuss my newest update. Sometimes my husband even joins in for a live sex show! I archive all my shows so if you missed it live you can watch the recording at your convenience. I am a part of 2 cam show networks which means you have FREE access to any girls cam shows! Of course mine are the best though. We also update our site with an HD video and screen caps every 10 days no matter what! In between I'll update with pictures and write in my blog. I even have a friends section where I will feature one of my hot online girlfriends with a video. You'll also have access to 9 Bonus sites.You even get my personal email so feel free to write me anytime with a video request, suggestion or just to say "Hi" I take pride in the interaction that I keep with my fans. With all the free porn out there on the web, I think one of the main things I offer is that real connection! One more thing, you can ONLY find my work on my site, I have never worked or never will work for any companies! I do what I love sexually on my own terms! I take a lot of pride in that as well. I hope that you will join and check out all the goodies I have accumulated over the years. Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly