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5/31/2011: Well, I hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend! If I could, I would let an entire platoon of American Soldiers gangbang me as a personal thank you for risking their lives for me every day:) Sorry this update is a day late! I had a long fun filled weekend with my family and close friends:) Now that the weekend is over it's time to watch my Boston Bruins begin their run at The Stanly Cup! In fact, I made this video, just for my Bruins!!!! As you all should know by now, I am an All-Star cock-sucker. Some even say I'm legandary, lol. So today, I put on my sexy little Bruins outfit and attempted to break the speed record for making a guy cum in my mouth. With the short notice, I had to use Shawn's cock for my naughty little task even though he usually takes awhile to get off. You can judge me for yourself after you watch the video but I think I did pretty damn good! I don't know what the actual record is but I think may have beat it. And just to make it a little more impressive, I swallowed every fucking drop of his thick creamy cum! And I mean Every drop!! I'll be posting my next video a little early since this one was a day late. Again, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Please dont forget to cheer for the Bruins for me tomorrow! GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo-Kelly
Bathroom Bikini Bang!

5/20/2011: We actually had some nice weather up here last week and I decided to put my bikini on and soak up some sun in the back yard. It's been a long winter and Shawn hasn't seen me in my bikini in awhile so he got pretty aroused when he found me out on the deck all oiled up in my bikini:) I knew he wanted to slide his hard cock right between my big titties and jizz all over them but he controlled himself and let me relax and enjoy the sun which I have waiting impatiently for all winter! Later on in the day, I started to get a little horny myself. I kept thinking about sliding my bikini bottoms off and feeling a nice hard prick fill pussy. We weren't alone in the house so when I heard Shawn getting into the shower so I decided to sneak into the bathroom with the video camera and drain his balls. When I opened the shower curtain and he saw me standing there with the video camera, he knew it was on:) At first, I was just gonna suck his cock and let him cum all over my oiled up tits but I really wanted to feel that big dick of his inside of me so I bent over in front of him and let him fuck my hungry little pussy until he was ready to cum. (which was pretty damn quick!) Then I quickly turned around and milked his cock and drained his balls all over my tits just like I knew he wanted me to:) He made a nice little mess too. When he was finished cumming I rubbed his cock all over my tits and smeared his cum all over me. I didn't get to cum when he was fucking me but later on when I got back outside and nobody was around, I just kept thinking about his load all over my tits and I couldn't help but reach down and get myself off. Now you can watch the video and get yourself off too:) Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Part 2-Wife Swapping with Rachael and Alex

5/10/11: Wow! Judging by the emails I have been getting, I would have to say you guys really liked the first half of this video! I told you it was HAWT!!!!! So, here is the 2nd half of this amazing wife swapping experience that Shawn and I shared with Rachael and Alex:) This video is almost 20 minutes long and I think its even better than part one! Don't skip past the beginning because Shawn gives Rachael a nice creamy cum facial about 4 minutes into this video! He was so into her and I know he loved draining his hot cock juice all over her face! She absolutely loved it too. She got right known on her knees and offered up her face right in front of his cock with her mouth wide open so he could....(continued in my members area)
Wife Swapping with Rachael and Alex

4/30/11: I know I've said this before but, "This is the best video we have ever made!" lol! Rachael and Alex have been friends of ours for a few years now. Although they are sex addicts just like us, we have never fucked around with each other because we didn't want it to interfere with the great friendship we have. Well, that all changed last month after we all went out for a night on the town! I have always wanted to fuck Alex and Shawn has always wanted to fuck Rachael too. We just weren't sure how they felt about us so we never really pushed the issue. Then, after we all met at a casino for a fun night out and shared a hotel room together, one thing led to another and we all ended up fucking each others brains out! I finally got to fuck Alex and Shawn fucked the hell out of Rachael! OMG! This girl Rachael has got to be the hottest little cock hungry slut we have ever met! She's usually very quiet and reserved but once we got her going, there was no stopping her. She had Shawn's cock in her mouth within one minute when we all got back to our hotel room. Watching her suck on my husbands cock was one of the hottest things I have ever seen! I've never seen a woman please my man quite like she did and her husband Alex fucked me soooo good that night too! He fucked me all night long and I loved every second of it! Whoever was in the room next door to us must have been up all night because Rachael and I were both moaning so load while our husbands swapped us and fucked us until like 3 in the morning! The best part is that our crazy fuckfest didn't ruin our friendship at all! We are actually planning to hook up and do it again real soon:) I think after you watch this video, you're gonna be looking forward to seeing them again just as much as I am;) Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly