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Early Morning Suck and Fuck

6/16/09- I almost didn't post this video because I was so fucked up in it, hehe. Shawn and I were partying until 7:00 in the morning and I suddenly got really horny and wanted his dick in my mouth. That's when the video camera came into the mix. I was really in the mood to suck cock and get fucked but I didn't feel like getting dressed and fixing my hair and makeup for the video camera. Then, I figured you guys always like my spontaneous videos the best and since Shawn already had the camera ready I just did whatever I felt like doing. (don't I always? hehe) After partying hard until 7:00 in the morning, there is nothing I like more than sucking and fucking a nice hard cock. That always helps get me to sleep:) Considering we had been drinking so much, Shawn's cock stayed really fucking hard for me. Then, after he made me cum, he shot a nice load all over my face. You'll have to excuse the mess in the background, we were setting up our new computer the night before and there were wires all over the place. Hopefully, you will me more focused on something else. Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
I Sucked and Fucked Micheal While my Husband Watched

6/05/09- This is another video featuring my friend, Brandi. She is such a cool chick! The videos that I post featuring Brandi and Micheal are not in the order that they occurred. It is kind of like the movie, Pulp Fiction, lol! Before this video, her and I went out and did a little lingerie shopping while the guys stayed at her house and hung out. When we got back, we wanted to model our new negligees for them so they both broke out their cameras so we could get the show on video: Well….as usual things escalated and I ended up sucking and fucking Brandi's husband along with her. We made Shawn watch and hold the video camera because Brandi and I had both fucked him the night before while Micheal was sleeping, hehe . (That video will be posted in the near future) That's ok though because I really enjoyed Micheal's cock and I made sure that Shawn knew it. I know it was hard for him to hold the camera and watch his wife fuck another man without including him but hey, I need to have my fun too and someone has to video tape it: I was very horny and I wanted to suck some cock really bad so I jumped right on Micheal's cock and started sucking him off really good. Brandi was helping me but I think I was being a little selfish, hehe. I could feel my husband watching me and I really wanted to give him a show. Micheal's cock was so hard while I was sucking him off and I wanted to feel it inside of my pussy so I sat on it and rode him for a while but I really wanted him to cum in my mouth so I didn't fuck him for long even though it felt really good. I quickly started sucking his cock again until I made him cum. He shot a nice load too. I couldn't get it all in my mouth but I did the best I could. His spunk was very yummy: Some got on my face but Brandi licked it all off. (Dirty Slut!) ha ha!!! Xoxo-Kelly
More Girl/Girl Sex with Rebekah

5/28/09- I have to say, I love the way Rebekah eats my pussy! I have been with my share of beautiful women and I am not sure that any of them have ever satisfied my pussy the way she does. The girl/girl video that I posted of Rebekah and Me last month was not the only video that we made that day. We actually had more fun later on in the night after we went out to dinner. I wasn't sure if or when I was going to see her again so I wanted to get as much enjoyment out of her as I possibly could, hehe. After dinner, we went back to our hotel room and I decided to have Rebekah's pussy for dessert. She was relaxing in a comfy chair and I just knelt in front of her and helped myself to her delicious pussy. Since we had already got it on earlier, I didn't bother with much foreplay. I pretty much went straight for what I wanted, her pussy:) I got her off really good too. I know I made her cum because her pussy was fucking dripping wet and I could feel her sexy thighs quivering while she was climaxing. After she came, it was my turn to sit in the chair and let her work her magic on me. She ate my pussy so good and I came really hard for her. I don't know how she does it, but she gives me the most amazing orgasms! I only met her one time, but we had sex three times and I had great orgasms every time. If she doesn't come back to The States soon, I just might have to make a trip to The U.K! She is definitely well worth the trip. Just watch this video and you will see what I mean;) xoxo-Kelly
Bridesmaid Blowjob

5/21/09- This is a really great video because I really was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding last weekend and we shot this video just before the wedding when I gave Shawn a blowjob in our hotel room. I was getting dressed in my beautiful green bridesmaid's dress and Shawn was telling me how beautiful I looked as he watched me make my final adjustments. We had a little time before the limo was arriving so I decided to give him a quick blowjob before we had to go. Our room was kind of dark so the lighting in this video is a little dim but other than that, it's really awesome. Like most of our videos, this video was completely unplanned and spontaneous. I wasn't sure where he would cum and I was really happy when he pulled his cock from my mouth and started stroking himself off in my mouth. His cum was nice and warm just the way I like it and it tasted so yummy, I just had to swallow every drop. (Accept the drops that landed on my dress :0 Luckily, no one noticed, hehe. During the end of this video you can hear our phone in our room ringing because the rest of the wedding party was waiting for me outside and they were calling my room but I wasn't leaving until I had that hot load in my mouth. Fortunately, I made it to the limo on time but it was very close! Enjoy! Xoxo-Kelly
Housewife Hand Job

5/14/09- I was trying to get some laundry done this morning but I was interrupted by my horny husband. I was just getting ready to bring my first basket of clothes into the laundry room when I heard him call me into the den where he was sleeping. Well at least I thought he was sleeping but when I walked into the room he had his big cock in one hand and the video camera in the other. He said that he didn't feel like jerking himself off and he wanted me to do it for him. His cock looked so nice and it has been awhile since I did a hand job video so I was glad to lend him a helping hand, hehe! I lubed his hard cock up with some baby oil so my hands would slide up and down his pole really easy. Then, I grabbed his cock firmly with both hands and gave him a really good stroking. I have learned lots of hand job techniques over the years and I used all of them on him. His hard pulsating cock felt so good in my hands and I just couldn't wait to see it erupt with hot cum. I knew when he was about to cum because I could feel his cock throbbing really hard in my hands. Then, big globs cum started to ooze out of him one after the other. I milked his cock until his balls were completely drained as I licked and sucked his cock clean. Yum! I call this video, Housewife Hand Job. Enjoy! Xoxo-Kelly
Window Display

5/07/09-As you all know, I am a total exhibitionist. Nothing turns me on more than knowing you guys are stroking your cocks off to my photos, videos, and live cam shows. I even get a little extra turned on when I get naughty in public. Shawn and I stayed a suite on the beach last weekend and we had a spectacular ocean view! Some people might say that the view was better looking into our room from the outside though because we put on quite a show in our window. There was a huge widow that went from floor to ceiling right in front of our bed so anyone walking or driving by could easily look right in and see us. Shawn and I couldn't wait to fuck and we were getting ready to make a video on our bed but instead I decided that I wanted him to fuck me right in front of the window where everyone could watch us. Shawn was a little hesitant because we have recently been kicked out of a hotel for the same reason but I was able to seduce him into it pretty easily. He never turns down pussy, hehe. Being fucked in clear view of all those people was an amazing rush for me. I don't even know for sure if anyone happened to look up and see us but the possibility of it was really turning me on. My favorite part was when I was pressed up against the glass and Shawn was on his knees eating my pussy while I was watching all the cars drive by. He made me cum soooo hard! I hope you do the same when you stroke your cock to this video:) Enjoy. xoxo-Kelly
Double Blowjob with Brandi

4/30/09- This week I want you all to meet my new friend Brandi. Some of you pervs might already know who she is because she is not new to the adult industry. I met her online about two months ago and after chatting for awhile, we decided that we should get together with our husbands and have a little fun together. Well, last weekend we did meet up and we had a blast! We spent the entire weekend at her house and we really let loose and partied all weekend. It was really an awesome time. The four of us really clicked. This video was shot on Brandi's back deck after we had a little BBQ to cure our hangovers from the night before. Our hubbys (Shawn & Micheal) cooked for us so Brandi and I thought we would pay them a special thanks the old fashion way, hehe. Nothing like a good cock sucking to show your appreciation! Especially a double cock sucking from your wife and your friend's wife. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all for the guys. I had been wanting to suck Micheal's cock anyway and I know Brandi wanted to suck Shawn off too. I guess it was a win win situation for the four of us. Plus we made this awsome video. Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Kelly Meets Rebekah

4/22/09- Hi Boyz! I was a naughty girl last weekend. I met up with a sexy bitch named Rebekah that was visiting from The U.K. and we had lots of fun together. We planned this meeting over a month ago and I have been counting down the days because I find her so attractive and I couldn't wait to have her sweet pussy in my mouth. I have been masturbating to her on her website for weeks but when we met, I found that she was even more attractive in person. Her dark hair, soft fair skin, and soft spoken voice were so sexy together. She had an amazing body with nice real tits and a very sexy ass. Shawn and I hit it off with her from the moment we met and we had a really fun day together. Finally, we ended up back at her hotel room and I didn't waste anytime getting down to business. Shawn broke out the camera and started filming and that led to an amazing video because this was one of the best girl/girl encounters that I have ever had. Rebekah was so beautiful and she tasted so good! I could have eaten her pussy all night. Not only was she super yummy but she pleasured me really good too. It didn't take long for me to have a really intense orgasm with her. She really knew how to eat pussy and she loved it. Shawn was getting ready to cum in his pants just from watching as he filmed us but this was girl time so he was not allowed to join in. I don't find hot girls like this who truly love pussy very often and I wanted her all to myself, hehe! Enjoy the video! Xoxo-Kelly
24 Minutes of Masturbation with Anal

4/10/09- Hi Everyone! This week I have a masturbation video for you. A lot of guys in my cam shows love to watch me pleasure myself in many different ways. I really like touching my pussy while they stroke their cocks off to me. I love when they tell me what I can do to turn them on. Knowing that someone is getting off watching me really gets my juices flowing. In this video, I just tried to forget about the video camera and I pleasured myself just the way I do every day when I am all by myself. First, I teased myself a little until I was nice and wet. Then I began to finger my pussy and it felt really good. Of course, I eventually had to bring out some toys because that is how I achieve my most intense orgasms. I had one little toy in my ass while I was fucking myself with my big purple dildo. I just kept imagining that some hot guy was fucking me and fingering my ass at the same time. I really got myself off good and I hope you do too while you are watching me in this video. Tell me how you liked it at my next live cam show. Seeya then. xoxo-Kelly
Puttin on a Live Sex Show

4/02/09- Hi Guys! This video was just shot last weekend when Shawn and I met this really cool guy while we were at a local club. We hung out with him all night and then at the end of the night, we found out that he was staying at the same hotel as us so we invited him to our room for more drinks. We had our little mini video camera with us and I was kind of hoping that I could have some MMF action but this guy didn't want to be on camera because of his job. We did end up telling him about our website and he offered to jump behind the camera and film Shawn and me fucking. We were all pretty fucked up so the details are a little hazy but judging by this video, we took him up on his offer. It's a good thing too because Shawn and I couldn't wait to fuck that night and if this guy hadn't been there, I don't think we would have even bothered filming it. This is another one of our genuine amateur videos that was completely unplanned and spontaneous. This video is really hott! Having someone there to hold the camera really gave us a chance to fuck like animals! Plus, I love to be watched so I was really getting off on having this guy watch me get fucked by my husband. I think he was enjoying the show too. That's why I named this video, "Puttin on a Live Sex Show" Enjoy:) xoxo-Kelly
Cum Swallowing Housewife

3/26/09- As most of you know, I love to suck cock and I especially enjoy the taste of a hot load of cum bursting from a big cock right into my mouth. I recently received an email from a long time member of mine asking me why I don't always swallow. Well, it is funny he should ask because I usually want to swallow every drop but I like to have it all over my face because I know a lot of you guys get really turned on by a good facial and so do I. When I replied to this email, I explained this dilemma to my member and I promised him that next time I have a nice cock aimed at my face that's ready to burst with hot man juice that I would take every drop right in my mouth and swallow it all down like a good wife. Well wouldn't you know… I found myself in that situation shortly after and I eagerly kept my promise. I wore my green dress for St. Patrick's Day and when my husband came home I gave him a nice Irish blowjob and he fucked my pussy right on our bedroom floor. Then, when he was ready to cum, I opened wide for him as he shot a huge load in my mouth. When he was finally finished cumming, I showed him his pearly white juice as I let it drip to the back of my throat and gargled it for him. Then, I swallowed every drop and open my mouth again so he could see that there was none left behind. I actually love swallowing and I do it off camera all the time. There is no mess to wipe off of my face after. Plus, cum is a great source of protein, he he. Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly