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Wife Swap

12/27/09: Ahhh, nothing like a little wife swapping :-) Shawn and I were lucky enough to meet a very hot couple last weekend and and we really hit it off with them. Their names were Chris and Kari and we met them on the dance floor at a local dance club. Shawn and Kari were dancing together all night and they clearly wanted to fuck. That was fine with Chris and I because we were really hitting it off too and I couldn't wait to get him back to our house so I could suck on his big cock which I had been grinding on all night. Finally, after last call when we were all feeling nice, we headed back to our house for another drink. We weren't in the house for one minute and Kari already had my husband's cock in her mouth. Then, Chris and I joined them in the living room and the next thing I knew, Kari was double fisted and sucking both of the guys off! That's when I joined in and I finally got Chris's cock in my mouth. He was nice and hard and I really liked sucking on his cock. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter every second because he had such a nice dick and also because I was listening to Shawn and Kari getting hot and heavy right next to us. I fucking love watching Shawn fuck a hot girl while I fuck her husband. That's why I love wife swaps! Shawn and Chris fucked Kari and I really good and we got it all on camera. The video camera was just sitting on the mantle or at times being passed around while Shawn fucked Kari and Chris fucked me. We weren't putting much effort into the shooting quality because were more interested in fucking each others brains out. The video came out really good though. It is a real amateur wife swap homemade video like you have never seen! We are planning another get together with Chris and Kari for some more wife swapping soon and we are definitely looking forward to it! For now, enjoy this hot amateur wife swapping video! xoxo-Kelly
Girl Time with Rebekah

12/18/09: As most of you should know, cock is my favorite thing in the whole world but I do enjoy having my pussy eaten by a sexy woman very much. My friend, Rebekah is one of the most amazing chicks that I have ever been with. She is really into girls and she knows how to please a woman! You probably already know that if you remember the videos I posted with her and I last summer. Her tongue feels so good on my clit and she knows exactly how to lick my pussy. There has never been a time that Rebekah has failed to make me cum and this time was no exeption. She was in town for a visit and we were at her hotel room after a long day of girl time. I was just going into the bathroom to take a shower and she followed me in. I thought maybe she was going to join me in the shower but she wanted much more than that:) You will have to watch the video for the dirty details but I will say that before I could make it into the shower, Rebekah had me sitting up on the counter while she was eating my pussy and fucking me with a vibrating dildo! As I was looking down at her beautiful face and nice big tits, watching her work on my pussy, I just kept getting wetter and wetter until I finally came. She is so fucking amazing! I can't wait until the next time she comes to visit me from The U.K! Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Waking the Monster

12/08/09: I named this video, "Waking the Monster" because that's pretty much what I did in this video. Shawn and I went out and partied all night and he promised me that he was gonna fuck me when we got home. Then when we finally got home he fell asleep as soon as he hit the bed! I knew he was horny and he had been waiting to get home all night so he could fuck me so I decided to turn the video camera on and record myself waking him up. I knew once he was up, he was going to fuck me like a savage beast but I was definitely up for the challenge. I get really horny when I drink and there was no way I was going to sleep without getting laid! When I turned on the video camera, I did a little intro to let you know what was going on and then I just put the camera on the tripod and recorded as I crawled into the bed and began sucking Shawn's cock while he was sleeping. At first he started mumbling some nonsense because he was half asleep but before long, his cock began to grow in my mouth and he started to wake up. I kept on sucking his cock until he was fully awake. Then, I climbed on top of him and mounted his big cock and rode him nice and slow. He really seemed to like that! Before I knew it he was wide awake and fucking me really good in every position. His cock was rock-hard and it felt so good sliding in and out of my tight little pussy. I had a couple of great orgasms and I made him cum twice too. First, he came right in my pussy, (which was scary because I wasn't on the pill) and then he came again all over my belly. I'm glad the video came out good because we paid not attention to the camera whatsoever. Shawn didn't even know I was recording everything until after we were done! Ha-ha! Enjoy this hot amateur video:) xoxo-Kelly
Lip Stick Suck Off

11/28/09: I like to wear bright red lipstick because I know a lot of you guys get really get turned on by it. Sometimes, I wear so much lipstick that when I suck cock, it smears all over the cock I'm sucking. Would you like to see my lipstick smeared all over your hard cock? Do you want me to take your cock deep in my mouth and leave a smeared trail of my bright red lipstick on your shaft as I slowly slide my tight lips up and down your cock? If you would, then this video is just for you. Watch me and stroke your cock as I expose my big natural tits and slip out of my panties so I can finger my wet pussy. Then let me get on my knees and reapply my lipstick before I take your stiff cock deep in my mouth, smearing my red lipstick all over you. Grab the back of my head and fuck my face with your hard cock until you're ready to cum. Then, write the word, "SLUT" across my forehead with my red lipstick and jerk your cock off all over my face, covering me with your hot load. Then, treat me like the slut that I am and just leave me on my knees with a face full of your hot cum. Does that sound good? Watch this video and let me show you exactly what I mean. xoxo-Kelly
Computer Desk Doggie Fuck

11/18/09: Sometimes when I'm in the office working on my website, I get really horny from looking at porn all day and I usually masturbate at least two or three times by the time I'm finished for the day. Other times, my hubby is there to give my pussy a good pounding and I find that much more satisfying. In this video, I was just beginning to masturbate at my desk when my husband popped in caught me in the act. I didn't care. I was just glad that he was there to fuck me and that's exactly what he did. I was wearing sheer thigh high stockings and a short black skirt so I just slipped out of my panties and bent over my computer desk and took his big cock from behind. I had one of my videos playing on the monitor and I was watching it while hubby was banging me doggy-style really good. He fucked my pussy really good and gave me an intense orgasm and then I sucked him off until he came in my mouth and all over my face. Yummy :-) Enjoy this new video of mine and make sure to listen to my interview on The Howard Stern Show tomorrow (Thursday Nov 19th) at 7:00 am eastern time. Seeya! xoxo-Kelly
Stroking and Sucking Cock with my Latex Gloves

11/07/09: My husband says that I am most sexy when I am just lounging around the house in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. He likes me like that even more than he does when I am all dressed up to go out. I guess that's why he can't keep his hands off of me when I am just cleaning the house or sitting on the couch watching tv. In this video, I am doing the dishes when he comes up behind me a starts feeling me up. I was wearing my latex dish washing gloves and I thought it would be hot if I gave him a nice hand job and milked a big load of cum out of his cock with my latex gloves on:) I had to keep his cock nice and slippery so I kept on sucking it and spitting on it so that my gloves could slide up and down his cock real nice. His cock was rock hard and was only stroking him off for about ten minutes before he was ready to cum for me. I got a nice firm grip on his pulsating cock and jerked him off right into my mouth so I could taste his creamy cum. He definitely loved the way those latex gloves felt sliding up and down his slippery cock! I highly recommend you guys to pick up some latex gloves and have you wife lube them up and give you a nice slippery hand job. I just know you'll love it. You'll se what I mean when you watch this hot homemade video;) Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
A Halloween Memory

10/29/09: Happy Halloween! Shawn and I have some great Halloween memories. For over ten years now, we have been going to swing parties every Halloween and over the years, we have had some really good times. Halloween is a great time for swingers parties because everybody gets dressed in sexy costumes that they would only wear on Halloween like, doctors and nurses, pilots and stewardesses, athletes and cheerleaders, ect. Over the years, I have worn lots of costumes but I think the year that Shawn and I went as a doctor and a nurse was my favorite. Not just because of the costumes but because we had such a great time that night and we met a great couple and had an amazing foursome with them. I don't remember their names but they were one of the hottest couples we ever met and we still hope to run into them again some day. The best part about the foursome we had with them is that we got some of it on video:) This was way before we ever thought about having a website and our video camera was really cheap so the video didn't come out very good but I still love to watch it and masturbate to it once in awhile. Maybe the video quality could be a lot better but the great thing about this video is that it is truly a private homemade video. You can't make videos like this in a studio. This is just a "fly on the wall" view of a young swinging couple going to a party and having a hot foursome. This video is over 25 minutes long. The footage starts with us getting ready for the party at home and contiues all the way until the next morning! For that reason, I expect that those of you who are true voyeurs will see this as one of the best video I have ever posted. Happy Halloween! Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Eat my Pussy and Fuck me Doggy Style

10/21/09: I love being fucked doggie-style. When it comes to getting fucked, there is just something I love about having my face down and my ass up in the air while a hot guy with a nice big cock fucks me from behind. This video was shot just after Shawn took some photos of me on my new chase lounge chair. I was wearing a black teddy with lace panties and a hot pair of platform high heels for the shoot and I was feeling very sexy. When we were finished taking all of the photos I was just sitting there feeling horny so I started to touch my pussy. I felt like I really needed to have a good orgasm before I could go on with my day. I just planned on rubbing my clit until I climaxed but then Shawn started video taping me and I figured if he was going to stand there and watch, he might as well make himself useful:-) I knew his cock was hard as a rock because I could see the bulge in his jeans when he was snapping the photos of me. He loves to go down on me and he is very skilled in that department so I told him that I wanted him to eat my pussy and he immediately put the video camera on a tripod and got right down to business. I don't know if it was because I was already so turned on but when he went down on me, it felt amazing! He made me cum really fast and even though my orgasm was very intense, I still wanted to feel his big, hard cock in me so I got into my favorite position and invited him to get behind me and fuck me. I wanted to get fucked so bad, and he really gave it to me good! The video came out awesome too:-) I hope you all enjoy it very much! xoxo-Kelly
Desperate Housewife in Need of a Hard Cock

10/13/09: My friend Karen is a desperate housewife and she was in need of some nice, hard cock. She recently came to Boston to visit Shawn and Me and while we were hanging out in her hotel room, she mentioned that her boyfriend hasn't been satisfying her sexually. The relationship is good but she hasn't had a nice hard cock to suck on in a very long time. Lucky for her, Shawn was with us and he was more than happy to lend a cock. As you know from some of our past videos, Karen is very familiar with Shawn's cock and she enjoys sucking it very much. When I offered my husband's cock to her, she quickly accepted and I decided to join her. We got down on our knees and gave Shawn a really nice double blow job. Karen seemed to enjoy herself very much! I think this is just what she needed. She even called her boyfriend to check in with him while she was sucking on Shawn's dick! She told him that she was eating and her mouth was full, haha! Shawn thanked her with a nice load of thick jizz all over her big tits and I licked it all up for her. Yum:) I think Karen and I were just as satisfied as Shawn because we both love to suck cock so much and doing it with a friend is even more fun. Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Wife Swap 2

10/04/09: This video picks up right where last week's video left off:) I believe that was the part when John was fucking my pussy really good while my husband was pounding the shit out of his wife right beside us. I have to give these guys credit. They fucked us so good, for so long that I had to post this video in two parts. In this half of the video, Shawn and John continued to fuck us just as hard and fast as they did in the first part but this video is even better because of the two huge facials that Stephie and I receive at the end:) As you can see in the screenshot above, John completely covered my face with his load and made me a very happy girl, hehe. My husband took one look at my messy cum covered face and blew his load all over Stephanie's face. I think the four of us definitely need to get together again real soon! Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Wife Swap

9/25/09: Judging by the feedback I got from the last few videos I posted with my friend Stephanie, I would say you guys are really going to like this one:) When it comes to swinging, for me, there's nothing better than a nice MMFF foursome and in this video Shawn and I hooked up with our friends John and Stephanie for just that. Stephie and I got dressed in our black and white stripped stockings and let our husbands have their way with us. I knew having a foursome with Stephi and John would be fun but it was even better than I had imagined. Shawn and John gave Stephi and I a really good fucking. It has been awhile since I have been fucked by another man and my pussy was really craving some new cock. As you will see in this video, John definitely satisfied my craving. His cock was so hard and it felt soooo good in my pussy. He made me cum so fucking hard and he did it with ease. My husband loves watching me get fucked by another man. Especially when I'm getting fucked really good and he knows that I am really enjoying myself. John is the same way so I'm sure he was really turned on too because Shawn and Stephi really seemed to be enjoying each other. Watching them while John was fucking me just made the whole experience even hotter. Stephie likes it rough and Shawn really took control and gave her sweet little pussy a hard pounding. This was truly one of the best foursomes that Shawn and I have ever had on or off camera and I can't wait for you guys to see it and give me some feedback on it. Enjoy!! xoxo-Kelly