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A Creamy Treat for the Easter Bunny

4/20/11: Happy Easter Everybody! I am really in the Easter spirit this year and I have a special gift for you! Last week, I put my little bunny ears on went on the hunt for a creamy Easter treat. As always, I found exactly what I was looking for too:) I just climbed onto the kitchen table in my sexy little bunny costume and told Shawn to go get the video camera. He knew when I told him to get the video camera that he was probably about to get lucky so he dropped what he was doing and got it right away, lol. When he came into the dining room and saw me crawling towards him on the table with my little bunny ears on, his cock instantly started to grow in his pants. He knew he was about to get a special Easter Bunny cock sucking. I crawled off the table and knelt down in front of him and gave his big hard prick......(Continued in my members area)
Where can we Fuck?!

4/10/11: This video was shot today! The weather was supposed to be great so Shawn and I went to the beach but unfortunately, it ended up being a pretty cold day. We started fucking around on the beach a little bit but there were a few people around so we couldn't fuck. Eventually, we both wanted to fuck so bad that I decided to get back in the car and find a secluded place where Shawn could fuck me. That's when we started video taping so the first part of this video we are just driving around looking for a good place to fuck, lol. That's what makes this video a little different from all of my other videos. Usually, we are fucking through 90% of the video but this one takes a little longer to heat up and shows a little more personality. However, we did finally find a place to fuck ;-) After a few failed attempts, we ended up fucking behind and old....(continued in my members area)
A Hand Job the Morning After

3/30/11: I was very reluctant to post this video because I don't like to be on camera when I wake up in the morning before I put my make up on. The reason I did want to post it is because there's nothing better to start your day with than a nice slippery hand job! Am I right guys? As most of you already know, I love giving hand jobs. When I give my husband hand jobs, All he has to do is lay back and relax and let me lube up his cock and stroke him until he cums. In this situation, Shawn and I were in a hotel and the night before, we had a foursome with a hot couple we met online. So this was the next morning and we were both a little hung over but since I knew Shawn would still be all hot and bothered from all the naughty fun we had the night before, I decided to wake him up with a nice relaxing hand job. The night before, he had watched me get fucked all night by a hot young stud while he fucked the young stud's wife. It was an amazing foursome so I knew his cock would be stiff as a board when he woke up and I wanted to satisfy him right away. I love giving my husband hand jobs because I love having control of his orgasm. I usually tease his cock until he is just about to....(continued in my members area)
Bring Me Home Some Cock 2

3/20/11: Ready to see me finish these two guys off? Mmmm….I was having so much fun sucking them off that I didn't want to stop! I told them both to take their time because I wanted to suck their cocks for as long as possible. I must have been doing a good job because they weren't able to hold on for very long before they were ready to cum for me. That was actually fine with me because I wanted them both to cum in my mouth anyway. All of a sudden, Mike grabbed me by the back of my head and told me he was going to cum so I opened my mouth and gave him a nice big target, hehe. His first two shots of jizz shot right down my throat and made me gag. He dropped the rest of his cum all over my face. It was a huge load! After he was finished covering my face with his cum, I was cleaning his cock off and stroking Shawn off at the same time. Then, I noticed Shawn was ready to cum too so I turned to him with my face covered in Mike's load and said, "Did you like watching.....(Continued in my members area)
Bring Me Home Some Cock

3/10/11: It's been way too long since my husband brought some cock home for me. He use to always have cute friends over and I would always suck their cocks. Sometimes I would get really horny from sucking on their cocks and I would even let them fuck me. But lately he's been so busy working that he never has any of his friends over! Until last week when our friend Mike popped in on us on short notice :) Mike is the member of our website who we met with about a year ago. Remember? I sucked him and my husband off in a hotel room and they both came all over my face? Yeah…..I think you remember :-) Anyway, Mike and Shawn ended becoming friends after that day. They text once in awhile, they've gotten together and had a few beers, watched a few football games…ect. But this was the first time I saw Mike since the first time I sucked his cock. When he walked in I was wearing red corset with black laced panties because I knew he was coming over and I wanted to get his attention. I was going to put some high heels on but I didn't want to make it too obvious. I gave him a big hug and said hi to him and I definitely saw checking me out when I was walking away. Then, a little while later, I joined him and Shawn in the living room and I sat next to Mike and.....(Continued in my members area)
Sloppy Seconds for Hubby

3/1/11: Have you ever imagined what it would be like to watch your wife or girlfriend suck another man's cock? Not just suck it, but enjoy sucking it? I know the thought of it makes most guys furiously jealous but if you just make yourself imagine it and picture it vividly, I think you will feel your cock start to get hard. Nothing turns my husband on more than watching me fuck another guy or suck another guys cock. Then, usually when the other guy is finished with me, I will give my husband sloppy seconds because he is so turned on from watching me:) Last week I posted a video of me giving a member of our website named Roger a nice blowjob while my husband watched and took pictures. I was really into that guy and my husband got really turned on because he knew I was really enjoying that new cock in my mouth. By the time I was finished sucking Roger's cock and I had his cum all over my face, my husbands cock was ready to explode! This video is of the blowjob I gave my husband right after Roger was finished with me. That's right, after I drained Roger of all his cum, I got back down on my knees again and sucked off my husband. His cock was so hard and he came faster than usual because he was so turned on from watching his wife be a dirty little cock whore all night with Roger:) That's why I named this video, "Sloppy Seconds". Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Fun with a Fan!

2/20/11: My husband and I went to an adult expo recently and we really had a great time! We met all of the hot porn stars that we watch in our porn collection and got pictures with them and everything! Hundreds of fans showed up to meet their favorite porn stars and everyone had a great time! Nobody really knew who I was, lol. They were there to meet the really famous porn stars. However, I did meet a few people who recognized me and I found that very flattering since I really don't consider myself a "porn star". One guy named, Roger was actually a member of my website and he was there just to see me! He knew I was going because he read it on my blog. I thought that was very sweet and since he was pretty cute, I figured I would give him something he would never forget:) After the expo, Shawn and I saw Roger at the hotel after party and we ended up hangin out with him for awhile. After we all had a few drinks, I asked Roger if he wanted to come up to my room so I could give him the cock sucking he deserved. Needless to say, he was completely shocked! He couldn't wait to get up to the room in get his cock sucked by Housewife Kelly and he was totally cool with being on video. When we got into the room, I was all about Roger! I was eager to get his cock into my mouth and I loved the fact that my husband was watching me. I know my husband wanted me to suck his cock too but I gave Roger my undivided attention and made my husband sit back and watch! You'll have to watch the video for the details but I will say that I gave Roger one hell of a blow job! I was really attracted to his nice cock and I really enjoyed sucking it. Especially when he blew his load:) The room was a little dark but this video is still awesome! Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Road Hand

2/10/11: "Road Hand" is a name I made up for giving a handjob while driving:-) I kind of stole it from the term, "Road Head" which I am also very good at ;-) This footage was taken about 2 weeks ago when Shawn and I were on a road trip to Foxwoods Casino. It was a long trip and Shawn was passed out in the passenger seat while I was driving. I got kinda bored so I reached over and started massaging his cock while he was sleeping. His cock grew hard in no time and he woke up to my soft little hand on his huge boner. He immediately unzipped his pants and pulled them down allowing his hard prick to poke through the fly of his boxer shorts. Now I was able to grip his bare cock and stroke him off really good. As I started to put lotion on my hands, Shawn reached into the back seat and grabbed the video camera so he could film the amazing handjob he was about to recieve from his cock hungry wife....(Continued in my members area)
Cum Swapping Milfs

1/30/11: Sharing is caring and I care a lot about my girl, Alexis so of course I had no problem sharing my man's big hard cock with her:-) This video is from last month when she came to visit us. She was in town without her husband and she was hoping to find some new cock while she was away. I know she has always wanted to suck my husband's cock and Shawn is always up for a good blowjob so why not get them together for a blowjob video for our websites?! And while we're at it, why not make it a cum swapping double blowjob so I can get in on the action?! Needless to say, it all worked out nicely for all of us. Shawn got one of the best blowjobs he has ever had and he gave Alexis and Me a huge load of hot cum to show his gratitude. He just about filled my mouth up with his hot crème and even though I wanted to swallow it, I was nice enough to spit it into Alexis's mouth and let her swallow it. After all, she was our guest;) Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Tied Up and Dominated in Front of my Husband (Pt 3)

1/10/11: Ok, here is the final segment of my amazing sexual encounter with Master Damien. I think most of you will like this one the best because I know you like seeing me get tossed around and fucked by two guys. This video begins when Master Damien finally brings me to my knees and lets me suck on his cock. I had been begging for his cock all night but he had me tied up and he just kept abusing my pussy in all the right ways and making me squirt. All I really wanted was to suck on his cock and feel it inside of my pussy. I was just aching to be fucked and I wanted him so fucking bad! Well in this part of the video, I finally got what I was waiting for. Damien and Shawn both took turns drilling me on the bed and I got off really fucking good with both of them! I really loved the way that they treated me. I was their little fuck toy and they just did whatever they wanted with me. They never asked my permission for anything. They just did whatever they wanted with me. Then when they were done with me, they both came all over my face. I felt so vulnerable as I was down on my knees with my face completely covered in their cum. I don't know why, but for some reason I just love being treated that way. I think being tied up really put me in a submissive mood and made me feel like I had no control over anything and that's what made me so horny. It's too bad the video has to end here because I would have let them do anything they wanted to me that night :-) Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Tied Up and Dominated in Front of my Husband (Pt 2)

12/30/10: A lot of my members have been anxious to see the rest of this video. I posted part one last month and I got a lot of great feedback from it. I didn't realize you guys would be so into seeing me get tied up! I also never thought I would enjoy it so much, he he. This video picks up right where the last one left off when Master Damien had me all tied up and he was teasing my pussy with his powerful vibrator while my husband watched in amazement. There is nothing like being teased to work up a good orgasm. He had me so worked up that he probably could have given me an orgasm just by looking at me! Lucky for me, he eventually did allow me to cum. He waited until I was so worked up that I couldn't take anymore. Then, he just pressed that fucking vibrator right up against my clit and held it there until my pussy just gushed for him. My husband was as shocked as I was because I have never had a better orgasm in my life!(I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately) I think it really is true that woman hit their sexual peak in their 30s because I never had orgasms like this before. When Damien was finished hammering my pussy with his power tool, he untied me and laid me down on the bed. Then he began to tie me up again in a different position. He managed to tied me so my legs were spread wide open for him. Then he made me squirt like a fountain! He worked my pussy with his fingers until you could hear my juices gushing out of my pussy and was screaming at the top of my lungs. By this time, I had forgotten that my husband was even there, lol. I was just enjoying everything that this guy was doing to me and I couldn't wait to have another orgasm. This went on all night so I have lots of footage. Here is another 17 minute video of Damien dominating my pussy and pleasing me intensely while my husband watches. Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly