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Foot Job?

1/17/07: Hi guys! I think you all will like this weeks update. Shawn and me were just hanging out with our friends, Sharon and Scott and we showed them my website on their computer. They were so suprised to see that I had my own xxx website. Anyway, we were watching some of my videos and Scott was getting really turned on so I asked Shawn if I could give him a footjob. Of course he said he didn't mind, so I took my shoes off and started rubbing my feet up and down Scott's big cock. It was so huge. I only intended on giving him a footjob, but he had such a nice cock, that I just couldn't resist sucking it. Before he knew it. I had his cock all the way down my throat. He was holding the back of my head and pushing my face down on his cock. It was so hot! I sucked his cock for about five minutes before he exploded in my mouth. I loved it! I swallowed most of his load and the rest dripped out of my mouth and all over my face. I was so turned on at that point, that I took Shawn over to the couch and sucked him off too. He came all over my face. It was a great night. Check out the video.

1/09/07: In this video, I was at home cleaning the house while the kids were at school, like a good little housewife, when Shawn came home from work early. I knew what he came home for so, I instantly changed from an innocent little housewife, to the cock hungry nympho that he wanted. I sucked his big cock for him, and then I rode it hard and fast, until he flipped me over on my back and pounded my pussy with his big dick. I was so wet, and my tight pussy was squeezing his cock so hard while I was cumming that he couldn't take it. He pulled his big cock out of me and shot his load all over my pussy. Watch the video and see for yourself.
Merry XXX-mas

1/2/06: Merry XXX-Mas everyone. Here is a nice holiday blowjob for you. Let me kneel down in front of your Christmas Tree and suck your cock until you cum all over my face. This was a really good cock sucking. I know that because I got an extra big load all over my face, and plus some in my mouth. I felt so sexy in my little Santa hat with hot white cum all over me. Do you think you could shoot a big load for me? I would love to have your cum all over my face too. xoxo-Kel
Sex After a Great Party

12/26/06: Hi everyone! This video is from a week ago, when we had our family Christmas party. I ended up having so much fun and I really wanted to be fucked nice and hard to top off the great night! After the party I invited Shawn into our spare room so I could get the fucking that I needed. The only problem was that my mom and dad were in the next room so I had to be quiet. Shawn ended up fucking me so good! I just melted when he slid his hard cock into my pussy. He fucked me hard and fast like a horny slut likes to be fucked. I tried to be quiet, but I think my parents still heard me. Plus, our bodies were slapping together really loud when he was drilling my pussy. Oh well. Its not the first time my parents heard me getting fucked, my bedroom was right next to theirs when I was a teen:-O lol.
More New Cock

12/20/06: Here is another clip of me fucking Matt. The lighting is bad because, like I said, We never planned on sharing these videos. I invited him to come over and hang out with us again so I could seduce him like I did before. The three of us were just talking in the living room when I just started slowly undressing. lol. I laid my feet across his lap and I started fingering myself and I could feel his cock getting hard with my feet. I wanted him to fuck me right in front of Shawn again and it wasn't long before I got what I wanted and this time he fucked me much better. I rode his cock until he made me cum, and then, he laid me down and fucked me until he came in my mouth. Yummy xoxo-Kel
Cum Diva

12/13/06: Barefootwife.com in definately an amateur site, but I am a gifted cock sucker. lol. Ever since I was a teenager, I have loved to give head. Guys always told me that I was good at it and that made me want to do it more and more. My favorate thing about it is when I feel the cock explode inside of my mouth. I love the taste of cum and I love knowing that I am giving a man so much pleasure. There are many times when I don't even want sex, but I want to suck cock. When I get those cravings, I could suck cock for hours. This is a video of me sucking cock when I was really craving it.
Take It

12/6/06: Rolleplay- Shawn' s cousin was at our house one day when Shawn was at work, and as usual, he was trying to fuck me. I always turn him down because I know Shawn would be pissed at me if I let him fuck me. I was up stairs cleaning up when he grabbed me, carried me into our bedroom and threw me on the bed. I didn't want to go along with it, but once he lifted up my dress and forced his cock into me from behind, I just gave in. It felt so good to have a man take me like that. Check out the still shots in my gallery. xoxo-Kel
New Dick

12/02/06: Well....I finally decided to post the big one. (no pun intended) lol. This video was never meant to be posted on our site. It was for our eyes only. The footage was taken a year ago. A close friend of Shawn's was hanging out at our house and I told Shawn that I wanted to fuck him. Shawn told me to do whatever I felt like doing, so I did, and here it is. The lighting wasn't great because this video wasn't meant for our site but I think you will enjoy it anyway. I know I did. I have actually fucked this guy on camera a few times. Please email me and let me know if you want to see more. xoxo- Kel
Home Alone

11/26/06: I made this video all by myself. I was just about to fuck myself with my hot pink dildo like I always do when I am home alone. Then, I thought hmmmm....... Maybe I should let my members see what this naughty housewife does when her husband isnt around. Well here is the video. I really did cum all over this cock too. It really turned me on knowing that you guys were watching me. xoxo-Kel
The Nanny

NEW ROLEPLAY- 11/20/06: I was a very bad girl yesterday, hehe. I caught my boss looking at my tits so I gave him a better look. He thought I was so innocent until I got down on my knees and sucked on his big dick. He loved it when I took him all the way down my throat. Next time I babysit for him, I'm gonna let him fuck me too. Check out the video.
Bad Kitty

NEW CLIP-11/13/06: Hi everyone! In this video I was really horny and I called Shawn at work and told him to come home and fuck me. He loves my little kitty suit so I slipped into it and when he got home he fucked me through my crotchless body stocking like a little slut and thats exactly how I wanted it. He shoved his cock right in my wet pussy, fucked me selfishly, quickly blew his load all over my ass, and went right back to work. I hope you like the footage.