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Sucking off Stephie's Husband

9/17/09: Remember last month when my friend Stephie and I got together and gave my husband a double blowjob? That was very hot and if you remember, during that video I told Stephie that I would be happy to join her in a little double blow job action with her husband, John too. I've seen her husband in action and I know that he has a nice cock and he has no problem keeping it hard. Plus, he shoots really nice cum shots and I wanted to suck on his cock and see if I could make him drop one of those big loads all over my face. Well, in this video I did just that. I told my husband that fair is fair and since Stephie sucked his cock with me, it was only fair that I help her take care of John as well, hehe. Of course he had no objection to it. He encourages me to suck off whoever I want. He actually got behind the camera and filmed it. John was no disappointment either. This video began with John layed me down on the bed and started eating my pussy while his wife got started on his cock. He was eating my pussy really good but I was eager to suck his cock so I got right down on my knees and joined Stephie. We teamed up on his cock really good! I actually think we might have done a better job on him than Shawn. His cock was really hard and I enjoyed sucking it every bit as much as I thought I would. I could feel his big dick throbbing in my mouth and I couldn't stop thinking about how good it would feel to have it in my pussy. I especially enjoyed the hot cum that he dropped all over my face and in my mouth. I hope Stephi wasn't jealous because her husband definitely gave me most of his load. Having his cum all over my face made my pussy so wet! I stared up at him as I sucked the last drops of cum out of his cock. Then, Stephie licked every drop of his cum off of my face and gave me a cum flavored kiss. Hot, hot, hot! I loved making this video : xoxo-Kelly
Jacuzzi Masturbation

9/09/09: Hubby and I recently stayed in a really nice hotel during one of our weekend getaways and when we walked into our room, I was really happy to see that it had a Jacuzzi in it. I love Jacuzzis! I actually do most of my masturbating in my bath tub at home. Something about lying in that nice hot bubbly water really gets me horny and I can't keep my hands off of myself. This video took place the morning after a long night of partying. The first thing I saw when I woke up in the morning was the Jacuzzi because it was right next to our bed and I knew right away that it was time for a nice hot bubble bath. I couldn't wait to put on some soft music and slip into that hot soapy water. This Jacuzzi was extra special too because it was positioned directly across from a full length mirror. I was actually able to sit in the tub and see my self masturbating the the mirror. I couldn't start without you guys though. That's why I had hubby video tape me. I was thinking about how all of you guys were going to watch this video and it was really turning me on. Thinking of horny guys watching me on their computer screens and stroking their stiff cocks to me is always such a huge turn on for me! I think that's why I came so hard at the end of this video, hehe! I hope you enjoy watching me get myself off and I hope you get yourself off at the same time. Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Sucking off my Hubby and his Friend

8/29/09: Hi Guys! Guess what I did last weekend! I indulged in my favorite activity. I sucked off two big hard cocks at the same time! We went out for dinner and drinks with Shawn's friend, Jim and when we got home, my hubby and Jim were hanging out in our living room watching T.V. and I decided to surprise them by dressing up in one of my sexy outfits and sucking them both off. I love sucking off my husband's friends and I happen to know that this particular friend has a big cock because I always see a big bulge in his pants. I had noticed him staring at my tits at the restaurant and I also always notice him checking me out when he is at our house hanging out with my husband. Shawn even told me that Jim has told him that he would love to have his cock in my mouth. He knows that Shawn and I are swingers and he has seen our videos but I never gave him any reason to think that I was attracted to him so it probably came as quite a shock to him when I walked into the living room wearing my slutty fishnet stockings and my purple corset and started giving him head right in front of my husband. I had them both side by side on the couch and I was on my knees in front of them. I had a cock in each hand and I took turns sucking each of their cocks, giving a little more attention to Jim since his cock was new too me, hehe. I really enjoyed myself too. Jim's cock was nice and fat. I liked sucking it so much that I ended up letting him cum right in my mouth. Then, Shawn came all over my face. His load was really big! I was covered in their cum and I loved it. (especially Jim's) It took awhile because they had been drinking all night and that never helps but I knew I had my work cut out for me and I was definitely up for the challenge! xoxo-Kelly
Real Estate Slut

8/18/09- Hi everyone! I hope you are ready for a hot new video because this one is going to make your cocks burst! The real estate market is really bad right now but if you know how to deal with people, you can still sell houses like hot cakes. It's all about taking the time to find the buyer exactly what he or she is looking for. Of course, it helps to be a sexy cock sucking slut too, he he. If I was a real estate agent, I would use sex appeal to win my clients over. If you want to see what I mean, just watch this video and see for yourself;) I am expecting lots of feedback on this one. Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Two Hot Wives Share a Hard Cock

8/7/09- I hope you enjoyed my last video with my new friend Stephie and I having some hot girl/girl sex because I have a little more Stephie for you in this video :D In this video, Stephie and I share my husband's big cock. She told me that she absolutely loooooves to suck cock so I asked her if she would like to suck on Shawn's big cock with me. After all, I don't mind sharing, hehe. Just as I expected, Stephie took me up on my offer and before I knew it, we had Shawn's pants down and we were both going to town on his big hard prick. Shawn was very grateful for having two hot wives sucking on his hard cock at the same time! He really enjoyed the way Stephie sucked cock and her sexy glasses really turned him on too. She really did do a good job on him. It only took us about 10 minutes for us to make him cum and boy did he cum! Stephie was sucking on the head of his cock and stroking him at the same time and all of a sudden he pulled his cock out of her mouth and dropped a thick creamy load all over the side of her face. Then, he aimed his cock my way and gave me a facial too. I knew he had a little more cum left so I quickly took his cock into my mouth again and sucked the last of his load right out of him. Then, Stephie and I licked eachother's faces clean and engaged in a messy cum sharing kiss with my hubby's load all over our faces. Yummy! xoxo-Kelly
My Girl/Girl Fuck with Stephanie

7/28/09-You guys are going to love this video:D As you all know, I am very attracted to women and its been awhile since I've had some hot girl sex. Well...last weekend, Shawn and I went to Foxwoods for a few nights and we met up with our friends, John and Stephanie. We met them online and hit it off really well but this was the first time we had met them in person and we had a great weekend together just like we all knew we would! Stephie is sooo fucking hot and I have been looking forward to hanging out with her for a long time now. The first day we were there we had lotsa fun hanging out at the casinos and then we had dinner and cocktails at The Hard Rock. I found myself becoming more and more attracted to Stephanie as the day went on and I had been waiting all day to get her back to our room so I could finally taste her sweet pussy. When we all finally went back to the room to change and get ready for a big night out, I made my move, hehe. I won't go into detail about the amazing sex that Stephanie and I had because the guys got it all on video for you to see for yourself. As much as they probably wanted to join in....they allowed us girls to have the nice girl on girl fuck that we had both been craving and the video came out awesome. I have already masturbated to it a few times, hehe. I will be posting the rest of the hot videos that we made with John and Stephanie in the weeks to come. Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Outdoor Cock Sucking #2

7/20/09- BONUS UPDATE! Hi guys:D 2 video updates in one day? I think I'm spoiling you guys. This is the second blow job that I gave my husband on our family camping trip. I took him back to the same spot in the woods that I sucked his cock in the day before and gave him another intense suck job. This time, I was wearing my hair down and I had a cute little pink tank top on and my tits were popping out of it. I wore it because Shawn loves the way my tits look in it. His cock was so hard for me and I sucked him off really good. He blew a nice load all over my face and some of his cum dripped down all over my sweaty tits. I didn't lose all of it though, I swallowed about half of it. Yummy!
Outdoor Cock Sucking #1

7/20/09- This week I have 2 videos for you! They are kinda similar so I just figured I would post them both at the same time. My husband and I went on a family camping trip last weekend and there were a couple of times that I had to bring him for a little walk into the woods so I could suck his cock. We couldn't get any privacy anywhere else and I was really in the mood to suck cock so this was pretty much my only option. This video is from the first time I sucked his cock in the woods. We were in a bit of a hurry so I had to suck him off really good to make him cum in my mouth as quickly as possible. I think it took me about 7 minutes which is not bad considering I had just made him cum the night before when we fucked in our tent :D I was really craving the taste of cum and he shot his load right in my mouth which was awesome! I swallowed every drop, hehe. Then the next day I took him back to the same spot and sucked him off again. I will post that video later today and it will appear right above this one:) For now, enjoy blowjob #1. Seeya, xoxo-Kelly
Fuck me in my Blue Nighty

7/10/09- This is the sequel to the previous video, "Police Pussy". After Shawn fucked me in my police uniform, I took his friend on. I wish he would have let me video tape it because he fucked my pussy really good for a really long time and he gave me a great orgasm. Of course, Shawn got really turned on watching us and by the time we were done his cock was rock hard and ready to go again :) I had to take a short rest because I was a little tired from fucking my husband's friend for so long. I even smoked a cigarette and I don't even smoke! Then, I went into my closet and tried on a couple more outfits for the guys. They both seemed to like my blue nighty with the shiny polka dots, so I climbed back into the bed wearing it and began to suck my husbands cock again. I planned on sucking him of and letting him cum in my mouth but we ended up fucking too. I enjoyed getting fucked again because Shawn's friend was video taping us and I knew he was getting turned on watching me. Shawn must have been really turned on too because he only fucked me for about 5 minutes before he pulled his cock out of my pussy and came all over my face. That pretty much concluded our night. I did have a little more fun with my husband's friend afterwards but like I said, he refused to be on camera. Whatta night though! My pussy took a serious pounding. I needed a couple of days to recoup from this video, haha! Enjoy, xoxo-Kelly
Police Pussy

7/3/09- This week I have some more of that good old amateur footage that you guy love sooooo much! This is another unplanned video that took place at about 8:00am in the morning after partying all night. Excuse me if I seem a little tipsy, hehe. My hubby had a friend over and the three of us partied together all night. By the time the sun came up, my pussy was really wet and I had a strong craving for cock. Unfortunately, hubby's friend was afraid to be on my website due to his job so I can't show the footage of him fucking me with his big cock. I had to have my fun with him off camera. However, I was able to put together the footage of Shawn and I fucking while our guest held the camera. This video started when I told the guys that I wanted them to follow me into the bedroom so I could model a couple of outfits for them. Once I got them into the bedroom, I went into my closet and put on my police woman costume with my white stockings. I was so horny and I couldn't wait to get fucked so I went right over to Shawn and started sucking his cock on the bed. I could feel his cock growing in my mouth while I was sucking it. In seconds, he was fully hard and I jumped on his dick and started riding him really sexy and slowly. I was showing off for his friend and I could tell I was turning him on by the way he was looking at me. He continued to video tape us as Shawn and I fucked like animals. I can't give anymore details but I will say that this is a great video and I know you will all love it. Enjoy:) xoxo-Kelly
Another Front Deck Dick Sucking

6/25/09- Ahhhh...summer is finally here and it is so nice to finally be able to go outside without getting snowed on. Now, I can start wearing my short little skirts with no panties again! Lately, I have been sitting outside on my front deck every day with my laptop answering your emails and working on my websites while I enjoy the nice warm weather. That's how this video starts. I was sitting outside, answering some emails when Shawn came outside with the camera looking for some action. As usual, he got it because as you all know, I never turn down cock. I took a break from the laptop and gave him a nice juicy blowjob right there on the front deck:) We were in clear view of all of our neighbor too. Anyone could have looked out their windows and spotted us very easily and for all we know, they probably did. Last summer, we did the same thing in the exact same spot:) I got a great response from that video so I thought you might like to see a reenactment. As you can see from these screen shots, Shawn shot a really nice load on my face this time! mainly on my forehead, haha! If you guys like this video as much as last year's, maybe we can make this a summer tradition:) Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly