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Two Cocks for Kelly Part 1

4/8/08: I have a great video for you this week! Shawn and I were in Boston about three weeks ago and I met this guy named, Rob at the bar. We got to talking and as it turned out, he actually recognized me from my website. We got to talking and he told me that he would love to fuck me on camera if I was interested. Well, since we had the camera out in the car and I always like to be fucked after a night out on the town, I took him up on his offer. Rob followed Shawn and me to a local hotel where I sucked and fucked both of them all night. Shawn mostly held the camera while Rob and me fucked one on one, but he still managed to join in a little bit. Rob and Shawn did me all night that night. We didn't leave the hotel until about 5 A.M. I'll have to break this video into two parts since we got so much footage. Here’s part one. Enjoy! xoxoxo-Kelly
Shawn Fucks Barbi

4/1/08: Are you ready for some more Barbi? Shawn always is. Every time we get together with Barbi, her and Shawn are all over each other. This video is from the last time we hung out with her and her husband, Jim. We were all getting ready to go out to a club and we were having a few drinks in our suite. Shawn and Barbi went to get ice from the machine and they were gone for a really long time so Jim and I took a walk down the hall to see what was taking them so long. Luckily we brought the cameras because when we got there we found Barbi on her knees sucking Shawn's cock right in front of the ice machine. This isn't the first time Barbi and Shawn have snuck off together. They are always looking for a chance to fuck. As you know, nothing turns me on more than watching Shawn with another woman so I was glad to hold the camera and watch them. They were molesting each other in the hallway for a little while until one of the hotel managers came out of the elevator while Shawn was fucking Barbi from behind right in front of the vending machines and we all had to run back to our room. lol! He definately saw them too. When we got back to the room, Barbi and Shawn continued what they started in the hallway while Jim and I just sat back and watched. I have to say, I got really turned on filming Shawn fucking my slutty little friend. He was really giving it to her good. I'll save the details so you can see for yourself. -xoxoxo Kelly
Happy Easter!

3/23/08: Happy Easter! I love Easter! There’s bunnies, chickies, candy, and creamy cum all over my tits. lol! That's what I got this Easter. Shawn and I were getting ready for church (That's right! We go to church sometimes!) and just before we left, Shawn came into our bedroom where I was getting dressed and told me that he was feeling a little sexual tension. We had not had sex for two days and just looking at my big tits which were popping out of my shirt was making him crazy. I knew he couldn't go to church like that so I had to give him a little affection before we left. I offered to suck his cock and, of course, he eagerly accepted. I knelt down in front of him and slowly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. His cock sprung out and it was already hard as a rock. When I took it into mouth, I could feel it throbbing. I love that. I knew that he had a nice big load for me and I couldn't wait to have it. I only sucked his cock for about 10 minutes, and he was all ready to burst for me. I asked him to cum in my mouth but he wanted to cum all over my big tits so I took my shirt off for him and milked a huge load out of his cock and all over my tits. His cum was so hot and creamy that I had to suck his cock clean for him. I had to at least have a taste. It was yummy. This actually all happened this morning and I worked all day to render this video and upload it so you guys could watch it today. I hope you like it. Hit me up on the blog in tell me what you think. Happy Easter! xoxoxoxo-Kelly
Ocean Front Facial in Mexico

3/15/08: Most of you know from my blog that I recently went on a trip to Mexico. It was really nice to get out of the snow and spend some time with my family. I had so much fun! Since it was a family trip and it was hard for Shawn and Me to get any alone time, I was only able to make one video, but I have to say, it was a good one;) This video was taken one day when Shawn and I were having some drinks and hanging out at the beach bar. Shawn went up to our room and I was just hanging out with some people on the beach who I had met that day. I knew Shawn was in the room alone and I decided to go up there and surprise him with a nice blow job. I knew that he had not cum in a couple of days and I wanted to relieve him. lol. When I got to the room, he already had the camera out and he was on the balcony zooming in on the hot girls down by the pool. (Pervert!) I figured the balcony was a great place for me to get down on my knees for him and suck his big cock like I knew he wanted. We had at least one guy watching us and I think there was a few more. I really wasn't paying attention because I was to busy sucking Shawn's big, hard, cock and talking dirty to him in Spanish. I don’t really know Spanish, but since we were in Mexico, I did my best. Lol! He rewarded me with a huge facial too! His cum was hot, white and thick, just the way I like it. Yummy! Enjoy the video.
Orgy Time!

3/07/08: IT'S ORGY TIME!! After the guys watched Anna, Sammy, Brooke and Me playing with our pussies on Anna's couch, they were really turned on. That's when the real party started. We all headed to the bedroom for a four girl, three guy orgy. The three guys were, Bruce, Grant, and Shawn. Bruce held the camera while the rest of us climbed into the bed. Brooke shared her man, Grant with me with me while Sammy was getting her pussy eaten by Shawn right beside us. Anna sucked Bruce’s cock while he video taped everything. lol! That's how things started. Then, we were all kinda all over the place. I sucked Grant's cock for awhile and then he pounded my pussy doggie-style. His cock is so big! I loved the way he felt in my pussy. Plus, while he was fucking me, Sammy and Shawn were fucking like wild animals and I love to watch Shawn fuck hot girls so I was really turned on. Anna and Bruce took turns filming but that didn't stop them from participating. lol! It was a great orgy and Shawn and I can't wait to be invited back for another one. I think you will all love this video! I mean, how could you not? Anna, Sammy, Brooke, and me in a hot orgy with three hot guys, it doesn't get any better for Shawn and me! Enjoy the video. xoxoxo-Kelly
Four Girl Masturbation

2/29/08: Hi Guys! I have nice little masturbation video for you this week :) I met up with my friends, Anna, Sammy, and Brook about a month ago and we were all talking about how we touch ourselves when we masturbate. We were having so much fun, talking about it that we decided to have our men videotape us all fingering our pussies together on the couch. We were trying to see who could cum the fastest and I think it ended in a tie. lol. I could have had a very intense orgasm right away but I held out because I wanted us to all cum together. The important thing is, we all had great orgasms! lol! This is a great video. Especially, if you like to watch women masturbate. Anna, Sammy, and Brooke are all very beautiful. I have already masturbated to this masturbation video several times! lol! xoxo-Kelly
Bruce has his turn with Anna and me

2/19/08: Hi everyone! Remember my threesome video with Anna and Shawn last month? Well, this week's video a continuation of that threesome. When Anna and me were finished with Shawn, I still wanted some more cock. Watching Shawn fuck Anna really turned me on and he came all over her ass before I got a chance to fuck him some more. Lucky for me, Anna's husband, Bruce showed up just in time. We were still naked together in the bed when Bruce showed up and decided that he wanted to jump in and have his turn with Anna and me. Like I said, "Lucky for me" because I've been wanting to fuck Bruce for awhile and I was all hot and ready for him. He didn't waste any time either. Before I knew it, he had his big cock in my mouth and Anna was sucking on his balls. Shawn was video taping us too and I love when he watches me fuck other men. My pussy was so wet for Bruce. We took turns sucking his cock for awhile and then Anna jump on his cock and rode him while he ate my pussy. Bruce's tongue felt so good on my pussy. Ana was thrusting back and fourth on his cock and his tongue was sliding up and down my clit. I was ready to cum when I heard Anna let out a sexy moan and grind her pussy down hard on Bruce's cock. I knew she was having an orgasm. I couldn't wait for my turn. That's when Bruce flipped me over on my back and began to fuck me while Anna was recovering from the intense orgasm she just had all over Bruce’s cock. Bruce fucked me really good! I'll leave the rest to be seen on the video tape. You are going to like this one, I promise! Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
One Lucky Guy

2/11/08: Hi everyone!! Ok, for my naughty little treat this week, I have a video that I named, "One Lucky Guy". Shawn and I met up with Jim and Barbi awhile back to celebrate Jim's birthday and we were at a bar having some drinks when I noticed this cute bartender checking us out. I made eye contact with him a few times and I think he knew that I was checking him out a little. Barbi was actually checking him out too and I knew that she was probably thinking the same thing as me. lol! So we had a few more drinks and we were ready to go to another club but before we left, we approached the bartender and told him about our websites and invited him to join us for a threesome at our hotel room when he finished working. He seemed shy and at a loss for words so we just gave him our room number and told him to call if he was interested. We never thought we would hear from him because Jim and Shawn were there and he knew it would be on camera. That's a lot to deal with for an every day guy, who has never even had a threesome or any sex on camera. Well, I guess we under estimated him because later on when we got back to the room, he surprised us with a late night booty call. lol! I don't have to tell you what happened next. Let's just say, we rocked his world! We put on some sexy outfits for him, and when he got to our room, we gave him the night of his life. What a lucky guy! We took turns sucking his big cock and then, we both fucked him until he came all over my face. Of course, Jim and Shawn video taped everything. I won't tell you all of the dirty details. Just watch the movie and see for yourself. Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Public Display of affection

2/2/08: Hi Boys! I hope you are all ready for another hot video. This one was actually a request from Bill333. Bill wants to see me get fucked right in front of the window of a hotel room where anyone could see. Well, you can't get anymore in clear public view than this. Bill, in this video, Shawn fucks me really good right up against the window of our hotel room. I want to thank you too, because I had a really intense orgasm. I think being right there in clear view of so many people turned me on, because I came all over Shawn's cock faster than ever before. Oh...just to let you know, we did get caught too. I won't tell you everything. Just watch this video and let me know what you think. If anyone else has a request, just email it to me like Bill did, or post it in my blog. I hope to get some feedback from you guys. xoxo-Kel
Fucked Hard by Jim Part 2

1/24/08: Are you ready for part two? Let’s see, where were we? Oh yeah, Jim began to fuck me really hard. I completely gave myself to him. His big cock was pounding my pussy so hard and I was cumming all over it. Then, he flipped me over and pounded my pussy doggy-style. I good feel his balls slapping against my clit every time he slammed his big dick into me. He was banging me so hard and all I could hear is our bodies slapping together as he fucked me. It wasn't long before I began to feel another orgasm building up inside of me. He fucked me all different ways and made me cum two or three times but when he bent me over the bed is when he fucked me the hardest, and that’s when I came the hardest. My pussy tightened up on his big dick and my orgasm just came to an absolute climax! I always cum really hard in that position. Finally, just when I was beginning to wear out, he pulled his big cock out of me and shot a huge load of cum all over my face. It was such a big load! When he was finally finished cumming, I sucked a little more out of his cock. It tasted really good too. Well, that’s enough talking, I think its time for you to see the video for yourself. Be sure to email me, and let me know what you think of it. Seeya! xoxoxo-Kelly
Fucked Hard by Jim

1/14/08: Hi Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the new site! Judging from your emails, you love it as much as I hoped you would. Well, I have a special video for you this week. This is the first update since the new site has gone up so I think it should be a really good one. I know how you guys love to watch me get fucked by a man other than my husband, so I think you are going to love this video. Jim is my friend, Barbi's husband. She called me a few weeks ago and asked if I would fuck him while she video taped it. It was his birthday and she wanted to surprise him. Well of course I agreed. I have actually been wanting some new cock. Plus, as you might remember, Jim fucked me once before and I definitely didn't have any complaints. The night we made this video, I was so horny. I guess the anticipation was really turning me on. Plus, at the time, Shawn hadn't fucked me in over a week. I couldn't wait to feel Jim's cock deep inside of my pussy. He definitely didn't disappoint me either. Barbi, called and gave me the address and room number of the hotel. When I got there, they were all ready for me and we got right down to business. As soon as I got his big cock into my mouth, my pussy started getting all wet because his cock was so hard and I knew I was about to have it inside of me. I sucked his cock for a little while. Then, He licked my pussy really good! I almost orgasmed right on his tongue as he was licking my clit up and down. As good as it felt, I couldn't wait to feel that big prick in my pussy. I wanted him to pound me really hard too. Just when I couldn't take any more, he unburied his face from between my thighs and I felt the head of his big dick pressing against my pussy. I was so wet that once he got the head in, his cock just slid all the way into me. It felt so good to have my pussy filled with hard cock. Then, he began to fuck me really hard, just like I wanted. I was screaming in ecstasy! I'll let you watch the rest for yourself. I will say this though, he fucked me really good, and I came all over his cock more than once. I can't wait for you to see this video! After you watch it, email me and let me know your thought. xoxo-Kelly