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Lexie is Cumming to Town!
Happy Holidays everyone! Idk if Santa is coming to town this year but whenever my friend Lexi cums to town, you know there's gonna be some fuckin in this house! She's so sexy and so horny and Shawn and I both love fucking her. I've messed around with her on and off camera. Luckily this time we had the...

Tags: 2 girls, 3some, barefoot, bed
Got it Maid
Guys can be so clueless sometimes! My husband actually told me he was thinking about hiring a maid and had no idea that I would be offended by such a statement! I'm Housewife Kelly! If there one thing I can do, it's clean the house, and I don't need any help. Okay... maybe I've been busy lately with...

Tags: bed, begging for creampie, Big cock, big tits
Nooner Photos
This photo set matches my video Nooner. I am wearing a sweater dress, shiny crotchless pantyhose and pumps! I love the look of these hose and as you know Shawn had easy access to my plump pussy. As you can see my pussy was really puffed up! Enjoy!

Tags: crotchless pantyhose, panty hose, pantyhose, pumps
Sometimes when I'm sitting at my desk at work I get so horny. So many guys make small talk with me and they have no idea that I'm thinking about sucking all their dicks the entire time. On this particular day, I got so horny that I had to go home and get fucked during my lunch break. I'm not giving any...

Tags: amateur, Choking, creampie, crotchless panties
Talk Dirty to Me
I masturbate a lot! I usually do it when I'm by myself but sometimes I do it right in front of Shawn and he gets really turned on watching me. This is something we do a lot off camera. I like masturbating in front of him because he always jerks off in front of me and I love that. Plus, he talks dirty...

Tags: barefoot, blowjob, cum swallowing, dirty talk
Cherry Red
I think you will get off on these sexy lingerie photos! I am wearing a cherry red sexy lace garter paired with two toned Cuban heel back seam stockings in red and tan. Bet that is making your cock throb?! My legs longed extra long while standing on the stairs and my pussy looks extra plump!

Tags: cuban thigh highs, garter, garter belt, heel back stockings
Cum Covered Titties
I love cum on my face and down my throat so much that I forget to take a big load on my tits once in awhile. I know how much you guys love that. This video was actually from a week ago. Shawn had been obsessing over my tits all week, so I finally gave him what he wanted; 2 big titties wrapped around...

Tags: blowjob, Cum on tits, dress, great cumshots
Bikini Big Gulp
Nothing satisfies me like looking into a man's eyes and gulping down a big mouthful of his hot cum. In that moment, they are experiencing pure bliss and they know I am the one giving it to them. If you are a married woman, and you truly love your husband, you should be sucking his cock and swallowing...

Tags: barefoot, bathing suit, big tits, bikini
Birthday Bra And Panty Set
This is me in a gorgeous bra and panty set that one of my all star members, gifted me for my birthday! I sure am lucky! I think this has got to be one of the prettiest sets I've ever received but you all could be the judge of that but I think you will agree. I don't normally do photo sets in bra and...

Tags: big tits, bra, gstring, longlegs
Stand and Deliver a Handjob
As most of you know, I give a really good handjob. Most of the time, I give my handjobs when I'm sitting down or laying down, but in this video, I give Shawn a standing handjob. I was planning on blowing him but we were in the bathroom and saw the lube sitting on the counter so I decided to lube his...

Tags: barefoot, bathroom, cum swallowing, Edging
Good hard Fucking in my Leg Warmers
If you like good hard fucking, this is the video for you, and who doesn't love good hard fucking?? Some days I'm so horny that I just sit around all day waiting for my husband to come home and fuck me. It's like I can't even think straight until I have an orgasm. The other day I was just sitting in my...

Tags: barefoot, bed, body cumshot, cunnilingus
All Black Everything
This dress was an early birthday present to me off my wishlist from a member! Thanks guys for not only being members, but for always doing such a great job supplying me with sexy goods!! When I put this on, I immediately felt like a bad girl, a little evil, a little dark and ready for the Halloween season...

Tags: big tits, black dress, pussy, stilettos
Hubby didn't Think I could Take it All
My husband has always had this fantasy I've seen me take a really huge cock! Well just recently, a member of my website sent me this gigantic dildo! When I open the box, I thought it was a joke. I didn't think it was even possible for a woman to fit this giant cock in her pussy. Especially me!, because...

Tags: barefoot, Big cock, blowjob, cum swallowing
Kelly & Rio
You saw the videos, now here are the pictures! I mean does it get much hotter than two hot wives seducing each other and then me us sharing hubby's cock?!!

Tags: 2 girls, corset, double blowjob, Eating Pussy
Rio-nited and it Feelz so Good
You guys remember Rio! She's been a friend of ours for several years but it wasn't until last week that she had her first taste of my husband's big cock. Last time we hooked up, I kept her all to myself and Shawn got stuck holding the camera the entire time. This time was much different. Rio made it...

Tags: 2 girls, big tits, cim, cum swallowing
Juices are Flowin!
It's been a really good couple of weeks for this horny little wifey! Ever since Mike came over and fucked me, Shawn has been all over me! I guess it really turned him on to watch me get manhandled by his friend. All I have to do is walk by and give him a look, and his dick gets hard! Over the last couple...

Tags: amateur, barefoot, begging for creampie, blonde
Hubby And Friend
I am so happy that we took these photos of when hubby's friend came over and had some fun with me, as you saw in the videos!! I seriously love the way these came out! Did I ever mention I am obsessed with have two cocks in my mouth?!! What do you think? How do you like them?

Tags: blowjob pictures, cock, double blowjob, dress
Fucked Good by Hubby's Friend (Part 2)
Finally, I get to share this video with you guys! I've been fingering myself to it all week thinking about you guys all watching it and jerking off to me. I know how much you guys like seeing me get shared and this video is extra hot because I was so fucking horny and I'm really comfortable with Mike...

Tags: 2 guys, 3some, amateur, Another Man
In this set I was wearing my silky robe, white shiny thigh highs and heels. I was getting ready for date night when hubby had the idea of snapping these photos for you all. I wasn't wearing anything under my robe, so you get to see my entire naked body.

Fucked Good By Hubbys Friend
Look, it’s been a minute since I’ve had some strange cock in my mouth. I’ve kind of been voicing it to hubby a lot, and he came through for me! He brought me one of his friends! I didn’t waste any time chitchatting, I got right to it. I was overly excited and eager to get that cock in my mouth....

Tags: 2 guys, cuckold, double blowjob, dress
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