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It’s the season to count your blessings and be thankful. That is just exactly what I did yesterday! I sat down and wrote a list of things that I am thankful for which included my husband’s big cock and some other sexual things. Shawn saw my gratitude list and thought it would be a good idea if I'd...

Tags: barefoot, cumshot, doggy-style, dress
This photo set goes with the video Interview Fail. I am wearing a paid skirt, white thigh highs, a blouse and pumps. As you can see I am not wearing any panties and I do a nice pussy spread!

Tags: pumps, pussy, school girl, thigh highs
Interview Fail
Shawn decided to interview me as I was looking all hot in my plaid mini skirt, blouse, thigh highs, and heels. He was asking me some questions that some of the members had asked him about when it came to our sexual lifestyle. As he was asking me the questions, I was getting really wet and horny. I could...

Tags: Choking, dirty talking, facial, great cumshots
All Filled Up!
My husband and I were laying around in bed. I had on a T-shirt and a pair of lace panties on when I decided to sit on top of him and mess around with his cock. I straddled him and grabbed his cock in my hands and jerked it off a little bit and then I grabbed the lube and greased him up. I slowly stroked...

Tags: barefoot, creampie, Edging, feet
Lovely Linsey Photos
This is a hot photo set to match the video Lovely Linsey! Linsey & I devour her mans cock! We are sex sluts sharing in taking turns with his cock! Shawn even snuck his cock in there! We could use another...any takers?

Tags: 2 girls, hotwife, new cock, Share
Groovy Hippie Blowjob in the RV
We're in Myrtle Beach on vacation right now and I found the cutest little boutique down the street from where we are staying. I bought some groovy bell bottom jeans, a really cool shirt, and some far out shades! I tried them on for Shawn later that day and he said my outfit looked a Halloween costume!...

Tags: barefoot, blowjob, cum, cum swallowing
Lick My Pussy
I totally forgot that hubby snapped some candid photos of Anton licking my pussy! It's not a lot but I had to share because I thought you'd want to see them since you all loved the video we did together! Now who's next? Seriously who?!

Tags: Eating Pussy, hotwife, new guy, oral sex
Lovely Linsey
You guys remember my girlfriend Linsey. Well, I was talking to her over the weekend, and we are planning to get together again during the holidays! So that got me thinking about her husband Jason's big dick and I remembered that I have a video of Linsey and I sucking it that never showed you guys! It's...

Tags: 2 girls, blowjob, cum swallowing, Dirty
Sheer Delight
How about a little sheer delight? Check out my new sheer dress! It's a little see-thru to say the least. Remember Shawn fucking me in this or should I say me fucking him?! What would you do to me in this dress?

Tags: ass, Cum on tits, Eating Pussy, sheer
I want his Cum in my Pussy
As you should all know by now, I absolutely love sucking cock. When a man's cock is in my mouth, I am the center of his universe and I am able to give him pleasure like he's never felt before and that turns me on so much that I can't even describe it. My absolute favorite part is when I make him cum....

Tags: barefoot, blowjob, creampie, deepthroat
Ride Kelly Ride
If you have been enjoying the photo set with me in the sheer crop top, the lace shelf bra, the pink leather skirt, and the pumps then you will really enjoy me in that same get up riding a big dick! This video started when I was modeling that outfit for hubby and his dick grew enormously in his shorts!...

Tags: barefoot, body cumshot, deepthroat, reverse cowgirl
Hot Pink
It's been a hot minute from my last photo set and here ya go, me in a hot pink leather shirt, pumps, thigh highs, a shelf bra and a sheer crop top! How do you like the look? Bet you like it better when I spread my legs to reveal my plump pussy!!

Tags: crop top, Cum on tits, Eating Pussy, leather
I Caught Hubby Chokin The Chicken!
My husband is such a freak! Can you believe I caught him jerking off the other day?? And it was just a few hours after I fucked him and he shot a big load deep inside me! I was just doing some house cleaning and I thought he was laying on the couch watching TV but when I peeked into the living room,...

Tags: barefoot, blowjob, caught, cim
Intimate Moments
Sometimes when I'm sorting through videos on my laptop, I find unseen clips that never made it onto my website. They are usually just intimate moments that Shawn and I caught on camera while fooling around having no intention of ever posting them. Every once in awhile I like to dig a handful of them...

Tags: barefoot, begging for creampie, cim, clips
Have you ever had a blowjob in a bubble! Well my husband has! We went to Iceland on vacation and we stayed in an igloo bubble, which is basically a clear tent. It's heated on the inside with a comfy bed and and it even has electrical outlets and wifi! It was definitely one of the coolest hotels I've...

Tags: adventurous, blowjob, couple, cum swallowing
Fucking Hubbys Friend (Part 3)
Surprise! There's more! I got lots of great feedback for the last two videos so I'm sure you guys will love this one too. The fuck fest continues and by this time, all my inhibitions were gone, and I was just letting Shawn and Anton use my pussy however they wanted to. I was truly theirs, and I wanted...

Tags: 2 guys, cim, corset, cunnilingus
Fucking Hubby's Friend (Part 2)
If you liked last week's video, wait until you see this one! It's been quite a while since I've had 2 cocks and I think my inner nympho emerged as I let Hubby and Anton take me and do with me what they pleased. I had a couple of amazing orgasms including one from Anton eating my ass and fingering me...

Tags: 2 guys, begging for creampie, classy, corset
Fucking Hubby's Friend
New cock at last! After the longest dry spell of my life I finally got some new dick in me. When Covid hit, I was forced to give up strange cock and needles to say, I wasn't very happy about it! Little did I know, I was in for a 2 year dry spell! Well that dry spell is over now. My hubby has a friend...

Tags: blowjob, corset, cunnilingus, high heels
Beach Day Creampie
It's July in Boston and the weather has been hot this year! We shot this video the other day as soon as we got home from the beach. I had been laying in the sand all day looking at shirtless men and bathing suit bulges while Shawn was looking at oiled up tits and g-strings. By the time we got home, we...

Tags: barefoot, begging for creampie, bikini, boobs
Hubby Couldnt Hang
I don't know what's going on with my hubby lately but it seems like whenever I'm really horny and in need of a good hard fucking, he can't last more than 30 seconds without blowing his load. In this video, my pussy had been yearning all day for a big hard cock and I was dripping wet. When my hubby finally...

Tags: barefoot, blowjob, body cumshot, dirty talk
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