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This Week in Review 4
10/15/2023 12:43am
Its been twice as nice this week with a brand new video Stand And Deliver A Handjob(14 mins)
and a brand new photo set Birthday Bra And Panty Set(34 photos)
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Oct 10th Is Cumming Soon!!
10/01/2023 03:24am
Just a friendly reminder that Kelly's birthday is a few days away
If you want to get her a gift -> https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/KW58M3ILOTVD

This Week In Review 3
10/01/2023 03:14am
Its been another amazing week for any Housewife Kelly fan.
On Monday I gave u a photo set All Black Everything(40 photos), then on Saturday you got
a new video Good Hard Fucking In My Leg Warmers(27 mins)

All Black Everything
09/25/2023 01:51pm
Well I'm glad I can share a new photo set with you on this gloomy day if your here in New England. I'm in a sex black dress, black thigh highs and black stiletto heels. My favorite heels!! They were pretty expensive and when I first saw them online I thought hell no, but I couldn't stop thinking of them, so I had to purchase them!! The last time I wore them in public was to a concert and man that was a mistake because I was so drunk I could barely walk without my friend holding me up! She gave me props though and told me I was a trooper for being able to walk in them as long as I did lol!Good times!! Anyways, I think this dress is soooo pretty! I wanted to give Jeremy a very special thank you for gifting me this dress!! Sorry you missed my called Jeremy LOL Expect another surprise one soon! oxox~Kelly

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