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Road Side Masturbation

9/25/08- Considering that I masturbate all the time, it's kind of surprising that there are not too many masturbation videos on my website. I mean, I do it just about every single day! Well, this week, I shall masturbate for you, lol. Shawn and I went away for a little romantic weekend last month and on the way there, I got a little horny. It was a 3 hour drive and I didn't want to wait until we got there so I just started fingering my pussy right in the passenger seat while we were driving. Luckily, Shawn pulled right over and grabbed the video camera and got it all on film. I ended up having a toy in my purse and I fucked myself with it really good. I don't know why but for some reason, I always have the best orgasms when I masturbate in the car and this time was no acceptation. I creamed so hard! It was amazing and I'm glad that I can share it with you guys (Thanks to Shawn) xoxoxo-Kelly
Garden Ho

9/18/08- Last week I was a whore but this week I'm a ho. A garden ho that is, lol! I was picking tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden in the back yard when I noticed Shawn watching and video taping me from our bedroom window. He loves to watch me work on the garden because it turns him on that I am such a MILF. It was the middle of the day and most of our neighbors were at were so I told him to come outside so I could suck his hard cock for him and I wanted to do it right in the garden. Of course, he accepted my invitation and the next thing I knew, I was holding his big fat cock in my gloved hands and sucking on it like a big cucumber. My pussy was so wet because fucking in public really turns me on. I planned on just giving him a nice blow job but I wanted him to fuck me so bad that I couldn't resist. We fucked right there on our picnic table and it was absolutely amazing. I didn't care who was watching! I was so turned on and ended up having a great orgasm while I was riding his big dick. I can't remember the last time I came this hard! I guess it has something to with the possibility of being caught. Whatever it was, I liked it, lol! I call this video, Garden Ho. xoxoxo-Kelly
Out House Whore

9/10/08- Shawn and I are currently in the process of having our bathroom remodeled and since it is our only bathroom, we had to have a portable outhouse delivered so we could use it until our bathroom was finished. Well, I hate those things and I have been using our neighbor's bathroom until yesterday when she wasn't home and I had no choice but to use the outhouse. I went into the outhouse to pee and before I could even get my shorts unbuttoned, the contractor that is remodeling our bathroom busted in, shoved me down onto the toilet, and locked the door. I didn't even know who he was and I was really scared. I told him to get out and he said he wasn't leaving until I sucked his cock. He unzipped his pants and his big cock flopped out right in my face. I figured the smartest thing I could do was to suck him off like he wanted so he would just leave me alone. I grabbed his big cock and started sucking it and I could feel it growing in my mouth. He grabbed to back of my head and forced me to take his cock deep into my throat. It was then that I realized that I was really starting to like it. His cock was huge and I felt so submissive. He noticed me touching myself while I was sucking his cock and knew that I loved what he was doing to me. He pulled his cock from my mouth and started jerking off while he watched me finger my pussy inside of my shorts until I orgasmed. Then, he shoved his big dick in between my tits and a big glob of cum shot out and made a big mess all over my tits. I sucked the rest of his hot cum from his cock and swallowed it for him. I felt like such a slut. That's why I call this video, Out House Whore. xoxo-Kelly
3 Wives 1 Cock

9/03/08- That's right, three wives and only 1 cock. The best part is that the one cock didn't belong to any of our hubbys. After I sucked Randy and Shawn off which you saw in last week's video, I dragged Randy inside and shared his big cock with my friends, Anna and Rio. I kinda sat back and let the other girls have Randy's cock since I had just sucked him off outside, lol! Don't get me wrong though, I definitely participated. I can't even look at Randy's big cock without wanting to suck it. Rio especially seemed to enjoy Randy's big cock. Anna and I couldn't get her off of it! She rode him really good and when you watch the video, you can tell that she is really getting off. It's really hot! When she finally finished fucking him, Anna and I sucked his cock and drained every drop of cum that he had left. That's what I call getting lucky! Gotta give the guy credit though, he's got a nice cock and he doesn't mind sharing it, lol. xoxo-Kelly
2 Big Cocks for Me

8/26/08- As most of you should know, there is nothing I like better than sucking two cocks at the same time. Especially two HUGE cocks! Shawn and I were at a swinger's party and I was starving for cock! I was just in one of my moods that I get in sometimes when all I want to do is suck cock. I decided to drag my husband outside and suck his cock by he pool. I kind of knew every one would watch us through the window but I never expected to end up with 2 cocks. I had been sucking my husband's big cock for about 2 minutes when this hot single guy with a HUGE cock came and sat near Shawn and Me and asked us if he could watch. That's when I asked him to come on over and get in on the action. I told my husband to slide over and make some room and then I sucked both of them off until they shot their hot sticky loads all over my face:) This guy had such a beautiful cock! I could barely fit it in my mouth but I really enjoyed trying. This is an awesome video! You guys are going to love it! xoxoxo-Kelly
The Poison Show

8/19/08- Hi Everyone! Shawn and I made this video before the Poison Show last week. I am a big fan of 80s Rock Bands and I have always wanted to fuck Brett Michaels. We were in our hotel room in Boston getting ready for the show and Shawn broke out the video camera and started filming me. I knew he wanted to fuck and I did too because my pussy was wet all day from fantasizing about going back stage and fucking Brett Michaels, lol! The funny thing is that throughout this whole video, I was imagining that Brett was fucking me. That's why I made sure we fucked doggie-style pretty much the whole time, lol! As it turned out, I didn't get to fuck Brett backstage but I did meet him and I even got a picture with him :) You can check it out on my blog. Enjoy this hot video. xoxo-Kelly
Hot Wife Rio

8/11/08- I'm so excited that I finally got to meet Rio! I have watched her videos and cam shows for years but I actually found her to be even more beautiful in person. For a long time now, I have fantasized about hooking up with her so I emailed her about a month ago and told her about my little crush and that I would love to do her on camera for my website. Well, I'm glad that I asked because less than a month after I sent that email, I found myself licking her sweet pussy and fucking her with my favorite toy. I was pretty nervous about meeting her but she was really nice and when we started to kiss I just got swept away. I completely forgot about the fact that Shawn was there video taping us. She went down on me first and she licked my pussy so good! She knew exactly how I like to be licked. I won't give all the details but I think that you guys will love this video. I love girl/girl sex and this was a great fuck. I can't wait until the next time I get together with Rio. xoxo-Kelly
Spouse Swapping with Anna and Bruce Part 2

8/04/08- Time for part 2! This is the second half of our fuckfest with Anna and Bruce. I have been masturbating to this video all week! I love watching Shawn fuck Anna's tight little pussy with his big cock. To be able to watch them while being fucked hard by Bruce is a perfect situation for me. Shawn must have really been enjoying Anna's tight pussy because he was the first one to cum. I was too busy being pounded to even notice when he shot is load all over Anna belly but I've watched the tape several times. lol! After he came, Bruce and I had the bed all to ourselves and he fucked me really good! I had an intense orgasm all over is big cock and then Anna jumped in and helped me finish him off. She rode his big dick and just when he was about to cum, she dismounted him so he could shoot his hot load all over my face. Yummy! xoxoxo-Kelly
Spouse Swapping with Anna and Bruce

7/28/08- I love group sex! There is nothing better than having a nice fat cock all to myself while I watch my husband fuck another woman. This video was actually very spontaneous. Shawn and I were over at Anna and Bruce's place in Kansas and we were all just drinking and having a great time like always and as the night progressed, we were all getting very horny! lol. Shawn told me that he really wanted to fuck Anna and I told him that I wanted to fuck Bruce too so we just decided to pull out our camera and see if these two were up for an all out fuck fest. Needless to say, Anna and Bruce were ready and willing and what a fuck fest we had! Bruce pounded me really good and while he was fucking me, all I could hear was Anna and Shawn fucking eachother's brains out right next to us. I was so turned on and Bruce's cock was feeling so good! It didn't take Anna and me very long to reach our first orgasms! lol. Shawn and Bruce really fucked us good. I couldn't fit the whole thing into one video so I cut it into two parts. Here is part one. Enjoy! xoxoxo-Kelly
Girl/Girl Play Time

7/22/08- Are you ready for some girl/girl fun? I always am! lol. This little video was taken just two days ago when Shawn and I flew out to Kansas to visit with our friends Anna and Bruce. I talk to Anna on the phone all the time and she has told me that she has always wanted to be bound and blind folded by a woman and have her pussy eaten. (How hot is that?) Well....in this video, I fullfilled that fantasy for her and judging by how fast she orgasmed, I'd have to say that it met all of her expectations. After we shot this video, we were both so horny that we continued to play for a bit longer while Shawn and Bruce watched and snapped over 150 photos! You can find those photos in my gallery page. Enjoy! xoxoxoxo-Kelly
Roller Girl Cream Pie

7/14/08- Hi Boys and Girls! Have you ever been driving down the street and saw a really hot girl roller blading and wished you could just pick her up and fuck her right in your back seat while she is still wearing her skates? I bet you have. I roller blade around my neighborhood all the time and I get lots of looks. I find it ironic that all of these hot guys check me out as they drive by and some of them even beep at me but I've never had a guy pull over and actually talk to me. I guess they don't realize that I'm a total nympho and I probably want to fuck them as bad as they want to fuck me. It's actually a fantasy of mine that some day I will be roller blading along and one of my neighbors will spot me and offer me a ride home and end up spontaneously fucking me in his car. Whenever I roller blade on hot sunny days and work up a sweat I always wish I could wrap my sweaty thighs around some hot stud and feel his cock pounding my pussy while I'm still wearing my skates. I think most of you can already envision the scenario that I am describing but I think this video will explain it even more clearly:) Enjoy! xoxoxoxo-Kelly