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Hot Threesome with Anna

1/4/08: Hello Everyone! I hope you had a happy holiday season! I know I did. lol. I got lots of nice Christmas presents and a few nights ago, I had a hot threesome with my husband and my friend, Anna. We were out partying with her and her hubby and things started heating up, so Shawn and I took Anna back to our hotel room so we could have our way with her. I knew Anna couldn't wait for Shawn to fuck her. As soon as we got to the room, we had Shawn's pants off and we were both sucking his hard cock. Anna is a great cock sucker! Shawn loved the way she sucked his cock. She was doing such a good job that I just let her have his cock all to herself while I sat on his face. lol! He ate my pussy really good and then he ate Anna's pussy too. I was kissing her and sucking on her nipples while he was licking her sweet pussy. She was grinding her pussy up and down on Shawn's tongue while he was licking her clit and I knew she was ready for some cock. That's when I began to suck Shawn's cock again. I wanted to get his big cock all hard and ready so he could shove it Anna's hungry pussy and that's exactly what he did. He pulled his face from between her thighs and gave her what she had been after all night, his big hard cock deep in her pussy. He began fucking her good and hard while I was rubbing her clit. She was really getting off good. I was getting so turned on by the sounds that were coming out of her that I couldn't wait for my turn. Thats when I straddled her and placed my pussy in front of Shawn's cock so he could fuck me from behind. He fucking pounded me so good that I came all over his cock in seconds. Then he switched back to Anna pounded her doggie style. She was on top of me at the time and I was getting so turned on watching her face as she was having her pussy slammed from behind. I loved the way her tits felt against mine as her body jerked back and fourth on Shawn's cock. Her ass looks so beautiful in this video slapping against my husband's body while he fucks her pussy. I guess Shawn just couldn't hold back any longer because all of a sudden he pulled his big cock from Anna's pussy and shot a big load all over her ass. Anna and me just lay there and kissed afterwards. It was a great fuck for both of us. I'm glad I was able to get it on video for you. I hope when you watch it, you cum as hard as I did. xoxo-Kel
A Very Merry Christmas

12/23/07: Merry Christmas everyone! I hope this video helps to put you in the Christmas spirit. I got together with my friends Anna, Sammy, and Brook last weekend and we made this hot video for you. Making this video was the best present I could hope for this year. Its not too often that I get to play with three hot women at the same time. I even got to eat some whipped cream off of Anna's sweet pussy. Then, I ended up going down on Sammy and fucking her with a glass dildo until she orgasmed. She has such a sweet pussy! I loved the taste of her juices. I could go on forever but you should see the video for yourself. xoxo-Kelly
Double Blow Job with Barbi

12/14/07: I think you all remember my friend Barbi. I had to give her a call the other day, because I wanted to surprise Shawn with a nice double blow job. After all, he lets me fuck guys whenever I want so I figured I should show him some appreciation. lol! When I asked slutty Barbi to come over and help me suck my husband's cock, she said yes right away. That was no surprise to me because I know she loves Shawn's cock. Not only did she take me up on the offer but she offered to come over the very next night. That’s when we made this hot video. Shawn held the camera and he was in heaven as Barbi and I double teamed his cock. We took turns stroking him and sucking him just the way he likes it. One of us would deepthroat his big cock while the other would suck on his balls. It wasn't long before he busted a huge nut and we smeared it all over our tits. Then we licked it off of each other. This was my first double blow job and I really liked it. Maybe she will call on me to help her suck off her hubby some day. I would definitely be up for that. Enjoy the video! xoxo-Kel
Hot BJ

12/8/07: Hello Everyone! I have a nice little cock sucking video for you today! I hope you are in the mood to watch me show of me take a hot load of cum in my mouth because that is exactly what happens in this video. We were hanging out with a girlfriend of mine and she wanted to watch me suck on my husband's cock so I did just that. It was great for Shawn too because he didn't have to hold the camera. He just sat back and enjoyed my hot mouth on his prick. I made him cum in about 8 minutes which is pretty fast! I just kept sucking him and talking dirty to him until I felt his cock begin to explode cum into my mouth. I hope you like the video. Please email me and let me know what you think. I love getting feedback on my cock sucking skills. lol! Xoxo-Kelly
Strap On Sex

11/30/07: Last weekend, Shawn took me out to dinner and told me that he had a surprise for me. He wouldn't say what it was, but I knew by his devilish look that it was something naughty. lol. After dinner, he told me that we were going to a hotel suite at a very high class hotel suite nearby. I had a feeling that when we arrived, there would be someone waiting for me, but I wasn't sure. The suspense was killing me, and Shawn wouldn't even give me a hint. When we got there, he gave me the room key and followed me with the video camera all the way to our room. I was actually really nervous but I couldn't wait to get to the room to see what he had in store for me. When I finally got there and opened the door, I was very surprised. There in front of me was Vittoria, an internet goddess who I absolutely love! She was standing right in front of me wearing sexy lingerie and a gorgeous strap on dildo. We had chatted with her online, a few times, but I never expected that he would arrange a flight and hotel for her, so that she could come to my home town and fuck me with a strap on dildo. lol! I had so many questions about how they planned this so perfectly but Vittoria wanted to get right down to fucking. It turns out she has a little crush on me as well. lol. I wasn't in the room for more than one minute and I was already down on my knees sucking her pretty little toy exactly as if I was sucking a real cock. I'll let you see the rest for yourself. I think you guys will really enjoy this one. I know I did. lol!! xoxo-Kel
I Love Cum

11/21/07: Hi Guys! This week I have a little something different for you. Thanksgiving is a time for yummy things and for me, there is nothing more yummy than a hot, thick spurt of cum being shot right in my mouth. This is why I decided to make you a collage of my favorite cum shots that I have enjoyed over the past year or two. You better enjoy this video because it took me forever to search through all of my video tapes for these awesome , cum filled clips. This is over 15 minutes of my favorite facials! There must be at least 30 cum shots in this video. My pussy is so sore from getting myself off all week while I was going through these videos. Shawn has jerked his cock off all over my face about 6 times this week because making this video has really got me craving cum like never before. lol. I can't get enough. I wish he would have all of his friends over so they could circle around me and jerk off all over me.(that would be a great video) Anyway, enjoy this video. I hope you get off on it as much as I did. I'm sure I'll be watching it all week too. Also, don't forget to check out the screen shots. There are 100 of them! xoxo-Kel
My Dream Home

11/8/07: Shawn and I are in the market for a new house right now and last weekend, we went to look at one. Our real estate agent let us in the house and then she left so we could take our time looking all around the house. After going through all of the rooms, and looking at the yard, I decided that I loved it! It was my dream home! I told Shawn that I wanted to make an offer on it right away but he said that he wasn't sure if we could afford it. I knew I had to do something to talk him into buying me this house so I got down on my knees and started unbuttoning his pants right there in the empty living room. He didn't think I would go through with it because there were huge windows all around us. I didn't care because I actually like being watched anyway. After I pulled his pants down, I just looked up at him as I took his big dick as deep into my mouth as I could. He couldn't believe I was doing it. Our agent could have come back at any moment so I had to hurry up and make him cum. I sucked him off soooo good! It was a nice sloppy wet blow job that ended with him covering my entire face with his cum. It was quite a turn on for me. After he came all over my face, I cleaned his cock off for him by sucking it some more. It was a really good blow job. I think I stand a good chance at getting my dream home. lol. Check out the video and tell me if you agree. xoxo-Kel
Naughty Girl

11/1/07: Do you ever wonder what your horny wife does when she goes out of town without you? Well, she is probably doing what I do on my trips. I find a hot young stud to fuck me in a cheap motel. It’s not too often that I get to spend a night alone to do whatever I want with whomever I want without worrying about being caught by my husband. I love to find a hot stranger in the hotel bar or club and invite him back to my room. Then I like to dress up for him in sexy lingerie and high heels to turn him on. Then I will just be a slut for him all night and do anything he wants like, suck his cock, suck his balls, ride him, let him fuck me in any position he wants, and let him cum anywhere he wants. Sometimes my husband calls in the middle of the action, but I just tell him that I am sleeping or watching TV. Sometimes while I am talking to him, I am getting my pussy eaten or fucked and it’s hard to hold back my moans. That really turns me on. Sometimes, when I come home he asks me if I was a good girl and I just smile and say, "Of course honey" but the truth is that the night before some stranger was fucking me hard all night cumming all over me. To get a better idea of what I am talking about, check out this video. I think you will find it very hot. xoxo-Kel
Military Pussy

10/25/07: Hi Guys! As some of you already know, I work part-time as a waitress at local sports bar. Well, this week was "Support the Troops Week" so me and the girls were all dressed in our little camouflage uniforms and boots and they had some real troops in for us serve. There is nothing that turns me on more than a hot military man. I flirted with them all day and by the time I got home, I couldn't wait to be fucked. When Shawn saw me in my uniform, he was really turned on by it. Especially when I told him that I waited on some real military guys and that I was extremely horny. He started touching my tits and my ass and looking me up and down and I just dropped to my knees right there in our kitchen and unzipped his pants so I could take his big cock in my mouth. I wish it could have been one of those soldiers. I was thinking about them as I was taking Shawn's cock deep into my mouth. The uniform must have really turned him on because I could feel his cock throbbing in the back of my throat while I was sucking it. He then pulled my up from the floor and brought into the living room to fuck me. He just slid my little shorts to the side and pushed his big cock right into me. It felt so good to be fucked from behind while I was still wearing my uniform. It was exactly what I had been fantasizing about all day with those troops. As Shawn slammed his cock into me I just kept thinking about all of those hot guys and I was pretending that one of them was behind me slamming their cock into my pussy. We didn't stop there. I rode his cock and then he laid me on my back and fucked me hard until I had a very intense orgasm. Then I opened my mouth for him and milked a huge load out of his cock and swallowed it. It was a perfect fuck! I'm glad we got it on video so you can watch it too. lol. Enjoy. xoxo-Kel
One Night Stand 2

10/17/07: Ok, I know you are all waiting to see the second half of my one night stand with Chad so here it is. This was the part that I enjoyed the most. Having him eat my pussy was great and I loved sucking his cock too but I got off the best when Chad was fucking me. He really knew how to fuck. He took total control of me and thats what I love. First, he bent me over the bed and fucked me nice and hard, just the way I wanted it. After that he pretty much fucked me in every position. I think I orgasmed in every position too. lol. I really enjoyed his cock. I actually forgot all about the camera because he was fucking me so good. Shawn was so turned on by watching this guy fuck me and make me cum that he could barely film it. At one point, he had to put the camera down and jump in for awhile! Don't worry though, we got it all on camera, including the messy facial that I received at the end. What a great night! I hope to find more guys like Chad in the future. Enjoy the rest of the video! xoxo- Kel
One Night Stand

10/10/07: I was a naughty girl last weekend. Shawn and I were out at a local strip club checking out the beautiful women like we always do. We were having a great time! I bought lap dances from every girl just to see who was the best. lol! Anyway, I ended up getting really friendly with some guys that we met there and one of them was a really cute guy named Chad. I was flirting with him all night. I even gave him a lap dance for 20 bucks! lol. He was really nice and I definately wanted to fuck him so I got his number and told him I'd call him later in the night. He had told me that he was staying at a hotel on the beach and after Shawn and me left the club, we took a ride there and got a room in the same area. It was nothing fancy, but it was close to Chad's hotel and that was good enough for me. So when we checked into our room, I called Chad and told him about my Website and asked him if he would like to come over and fuck me, while Shawn video taped it. As you can imagine, he was pretty skeptical at first. He thought Shawn was gonna beat him up or something. lol. After I assured him that that wasnt gonna happen and told him how bad I wanted to fuck him, he agreed to come by and feel out the situation. Thats when Shawn broke out the video camera and started filming and let me tell you, we made a wild video! This video is totally real. There was no planning at all. It was just us being swingers like always accept this time, we were able to video tape it. I won't go into detail. You will have to watch it for yourself but I will say that it may be the hottest video that we've ever made! Chad was a great fuck! He did me for so long, that I have to post this video in two parts. Here is part one. Email me after you watch it and let me know what you think. xoxo-Kelly