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Double Foot Job with Diamond

9/30/07: Hi Everyone! I have a little something different for you this week. This is a video from a few weeks ago when we were hanging out with our friends, Diamond and Dan. We were just sitting by the pool getting some sun and the guys were saying that our feet looked really sexy because we both had French pedicures. That’s when Diamond and me offered to head back to our room with them and give them foot jobs. Of course, they were ready and willing, so we went back to the room and I got some lotion out to lube their cocks with. Once I had them lubed up, Dan grabbed diamond's feet and started fucking her in between her sexy French toes. Shawn grabbed my feet and started sliding his cock in between them. These guys were really getting off on our feet and we were enjoying every second of it:) We stroked their cocks off with our feet for just a few minutes before they were both ready to cum. Dan pulled his cock from between Diamond's little feet and dropped a big load all over the tops of her toes. At that exact moment, I was getting my toes fucked really hard and fast by Shawn and he just started shooting his load like a fountain! lol. He made a really big mess. Both guys watched as Diamond and I rubbed our slippery cummy feet together. It was a really hot double foot fuck. I'm glad I was able to get it on video for you. I hope you enjoy the video. xoxo-Kel
Daisy and Trash 2

9/21/07: Hi again! It’s time for part two. Here is the rest of the video we made with Daisy and Trash. I think we left off at the part where Trash was just starting to eat my pussy. Let me just say, this guy knows how to eat pussy! He must have learned from his wife because they both were so amazing. Trash's tongue felt so good on my pussy. He really knew how to please me. Then, he slid his fingers into me and start fucking me with them. All of a sudden, I started to feel an amazing orgasm begin to build up inside me. The more he fingered my pussy, the more it built up until I started moaning and screaming. I couldn't even hold still. I was thrusting my hips up and down on his fingers and I felt like he was gonna make me cum. He was finger fucking me slowly and I was loving it but to make me cum, I thought he would have to go faster. Well, I guess I was wrong because the next thing I knew, my pussy was pouring hot juice all over his hand! It was a really intense orgasm! I couldn't believe how powerful it was, yet I still wanted more. I told Shawn to make me squirt because he knows how to make me squirt really good. I wanted him to get it all out of me. He positioned his fingers in my pussy and started to work his magic. He was almost lifting me off the bed by my pussy he was fingering me so hard! In seconds, I was squirting all over the bed. I saw my pussy juice squirting all over the place and that made me cum even harder! Daisy and trash just watched as I had yet another amazing orgasm! Shawn was so turned on, so I told him to get down on the bed. I jumped on his big cock and rode him hard and fast. I loved looking at Trash while I was riding Shawn's cock. All you could hear was our bodies slapping together! Then, Shawn flipped me over on my back and fucked the shit out of me until he shot his load all over my face. After I thought he was done cumming, I started to suck the rest of his cum off of his cock. That’s when I felt another burst of cum ooze into my mouth. It was so hot. I swallowed all of it as Daisy and Trash watched. I loved being such a slut for everyone. What a night! two orgasms and a mouth full of cum! I wish I could do this every night!
Daisy and Trash

9/15/07: Hi guys! I have a great video for you this week! Shawn and I recently met a couple from The UK. Their names are Daisy and Trash. We met them at a Hotel party and we thought they were really cool and we loved their accents! We were partying with them all night, and after the party, I was dying to suck Shawn's cock, so we went back to our room to make a blowjob video. We invited Daisy and Trash, but we weren’t sure if they would show up. So, when we got back to our room, Shawn grabbed the camera, and I immediately pushed him down on the bed and started to unzip his pants. By the time he turned the camera on, I was already sucking his hard cock. I couldn't wait to taste his cum. Within a few minutes, I could taste his precum and I knew his cock was about to burst with cum. I started stroking and sucking his cock at the same time, the way he likes it, and just when he was about to cum. there was a knock at the door! It actually scared me. I knew it was Daisy and trash, but I really wasn't expecting them. When I answered the door and let them in, Shawn told them that I was sucking his cock and they told us to continue. I sucked Shawn's cock for a little while longer, but then Trash offered to give me a foot massage and I decided to accept his offer. I crawled onto the other bed with Daisy, and Shawn watched as Trash massaged our feet. I guess Daisy was turned on because she started kissing me and feeling my tits. I was hoping she would slide down and eat my pussy too because I had been wanting her all night. Then, just as I hoped, she began kissing her way down my body all the way to my pussy. She teased me at first by kissing and licking all around my pussy while I still had my panties on. At this point, My clit was throbbing, and I wanted her to lick my pussy sooooo bad! I can't even describe how it felt when she finally slid my panties to the side and pressed her tongue against my pussy. She was licking my clit up and down and I almost came instantly. I was looking at Trash the whole time and I knew I was turning him on. I was moaning and holding Daisy's face down on the pussy and I saw that Trash's cock was hard as a rock. Just then, Daisy invited him to help her get me off. He crawled up to me on the bed and helped me pull my panties off. Then, he started eating my pussy really good. I held the back of his head and watched as his tongue slid up and down my clit. Well, that’s where this one ends:0 lol! You will have to wait till next week for the second half. lol. Enjoy Part one for now. xoxo- Kelly
Labor Day Picnic

9/06/07: Role play- Hi every one! I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. I know I did. My coworkers invited me to the beach for a little picnic. I got there early so I could tan a little bit before everyone else arrived. The next person to get there was this hot guy that I always stare at when I'm at work. He sat across from-- me at one of the picnic tables and we started talking. I could tell right away that he wanted me because he kept staring at my tits. We were flirting for awhile as we waited for the rest of the group and we were both getting turned on by each other. He was making a lot of sexual comments and I had a strong urge to suck his cock right there at the picnic table, but there was a lot of people nearby and I didn't want to get caught. I took my shoe off under the table and started rubbing my foot all over it cock. He got hard right away! When I felt his hard cock against my foot, I knew that I wanted to taste him. That’s when I climbed under the table where no one could see and started sucking on his cock. I knew I had to make him cum fast because we were expecting the rest of the group anytime. I bobbed my head up and down on his big hard cock as fast as I could and at the same time, I was stroking it tightly with my hand. We were interrupted a couple of times by people walking by but I just kept on going. I don't think they knew I was under the table sucking cock. lol! Finally after about ten minutes, he shot a huge load of cum all over my face. I cleaned the head of his cock off for him with my tongue. His cum tasted really good too! After I finished licked the cum off of his cock, I crawled from under the table and went for a swim because my face was covered with his cum. When everyone else arrived, they had no idea what we had done. Enjoy the video! xoxo-Kel
Balcony Fuck

8/28/07: OK, I'm going to show you my even wilder side this week. This video is also from my trip to Florida for the Internext convention. It was our first day there and we were really horny from looking at all of the sexy people around the Hotel. I was just laying on the bed and I started touching my pussy. Shawn was out on the balcony enjoying the view of the pool party and when he came back in to find me with my fingers in my panties, he grabbed the camera and invited me out onto the balcony. I knew he wanted to fuck me so I jumped right up and led the way out. lol. When we got out there I started dancing to the music that was coming from the pool party and I could see Shawn's huge cock throbbing in his shorts as he watched me. That’s when I reached down and grabbed his cock. Then, I knelt down right there on the balcony, where every one could see and started sucking on it. I loved knowing that we were in plain view of everyone. I didn't want him to cum yet because I was really horny and I wanted to be fucked, so I released his cock from my mouth and bent over the balcony in front of him and continued to shake my ass for him. That didn't last long before I felt his big slippery cock in between my thighs. I just stared down at everyone at the party as I felt his big, hard cock slide into my pussy. I came almost instantly. As he fucked me I saw a few people watching us from their balconies and from the pool area. I love to be watched, especially when I am being fucked! He pounded me for about 10 minutes before he pulled out and shot a huge load of thick, white cum right in my mouth. He must have been really turned on because I've never seen him cum like this! I loved it. What a good fuck! Enjoy the video. xoxo-Kel
Kelly Makes New Friends

8/22/07: Hi everyone! I have some fresh meat for you this week. lol. I met two girls when I was on vacation in Miami for the Internext convention. Their names are Diamond and Vannessa. I hung out with them a few times but one of the times in Diamond's hotel room we got down and dirty and Shawn and Vannessa's boyfriend video taped the whole thing. We were just hanging out on the balcony, taking some photos and checking out all of the hot girls on Miami Beach when all of a sudden we just started getting really horny. The next thing I knew, I had these two gorgeous girls kissing all over me and sucking on my tits. Then, we went into the room and did some hot, girl/girl pussy licking! Of course, the guys ended up getting in on the action because I was so turned on and I really needed some cock. I was so horny in this video! My pussy was so wet that Shawn made me squirt all over Vannessa's face! I hope you enjoy the video. xoxo-Kel
Public Hand Job

8/13/07: Hi Guys! I'm back from Florida! I had such a great time too. I was a very naughty girl, and took lots of pictures and video for you. lol. This video is very hot! We filmed it in the parking lot of a grocery store in St. Cloud, Florida. I gave Shawn a nice handjob with a little bit of cock sucking right in the car. There were people all around us! We had to leave the first store because some lady busted us! It really turned me on to suck cock right there in the parking lot where any one could spot us. I kept fantasizing that some hot guy would see us and I would end up inviting him in on the action. My pussy was so wet while I was stroking Shawn's big cock. I almost had an orgasm when he erupted all over my hand. It was nice thick, white cum. And there was a lot of it.(Yummy!) I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed making it! XOXO- Kelly
More Matt for Me

8/2/07: Hi Everyone! You wanted more videos of me with my husband's friend Matt, so here it is. Its a hot one too! This video is from about two weeks ago, when Matt came over to hang out with Shawn. We were all sitting in the living room, drinking and talking and suddenly.....I wanted Matt's cock in my mouth. I told Shawn to get the camera and he knew exactly what I was up too. I went and changed into some sexy lingerae and when I returned to the living room. I started to strip for Shawn and Matt. Then, I gave Matt the lap dance of his life. It came complete with a nice blowjob. Now thats a lap dance. He and Shawn rewarded me with two nice loads of cum in my mouth. The taste of Matt's cum made me so hot that I just laid right there on the floor and fingered my pussy which led to an explosive orgasm. I was a little upset that I didn't get to fuck Matt this time. I guess theres always next time;)
Photo Shoot Blow Job

7/26/07: Hi Guys! This video is from just a few days ago. We were doing a photo shoot for my new website design and I started to get really horny. We were taking some pictures of my with my green vibrator so I turned it on and started to rub it on my pussy. After a few minutes, it started to feel so good that I forgot all about the photo shoot. I don't think I ever had a vibrator feel this good on my pussy! The end of it was curved just right so I could rub it on my clit and feel the tip of it entering my pussy at the same time. It made me so hot that I told Shawn to put his cock in my mouth so I could suck on his cock while I got myself off. It felt so good when his cock entered my mouth. I sucked him so good that I he came all over my face within 10 minutes! He usually takes twice that long. I must have really been sucking him good! After he shot his load all over my face, I laid back and gave myself a really intense orgasm by rubbing my pussy with that vibrator. I think having cum all over my face turned me on even more. I hope you enjoy the video ;-)
Real Home Footage (Part Two)

7/18/07: Ready for part two? I hope so. This is the rest of our Fourth of July Fuckfest! After Shawn made me squirt like a fountain, he got really turned on and fucked the shit out of me. He gave my pussy a really good pounding. I think you'll agree after you watch the video. He had been partying all night, and he was still able to fuck my tight pussy for awhile without cumming but when I started talking dirty to him and telling him how much of a slut I am and how much I love cock, he had no choice but to give me his load. The dirty talk gets you guys every time. lol! I was in such a sexual frenzy that I barely remember but it sure looks like I enjoyed it! Haha! I hope you enjoy watching it too. xoxo-Kel
Real Home Footage (Part One)

7/11/07: Hi Guys! This video is from The Fourth of July. Shawn and me went to the beach to watch the fireworks and then we hit up a couple of clubs right there on the beach. By the time we got home, we were ready for bed! lol! I don't even remember the ride home. All I remember is passing out on the couch and waking up to my husband rubbing the head of his big cock all over my clit. My pussy was already wet and I couldn't wait for him to stop teasing and fuck me. I had no idea that he had set up the video camera and he was filming us! I think videos like this are what makes my website so unique compared to other sites out there. This is 100% real! This is unedited footage of Shawn and me when we were absolutely shitfaced. lol. Oh yeah, there is one more thing. Did I ever tell you that I was a squirter? There are actually a couple of squirt scenes in this video. We were too beat to set up the lights and tripod, but the video quality is still good. I think a few times we actually forgot about the camera because we were too busy getting each other off. If you like watching real home made video of a true nympho getting fucked really good, you will like this video. This is part one of our Fuckfest. It was too long to post it all in one video. Enjoy! xoxo-Kel