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More Matt for Kelly

4/09/07: Do you remember my movie, "Party Fuck"? Well this is the footage that lead up to that video. Its hard to get good clarity on these videos because they were taken on our VHS camera before we ever had a website. I think Shawn did a pretty good job with this one though. Actually, I think your gonna love it! Matt fucked me really good in this video. He came over to pick Shawn up because they were supposed to go out, but I had other plans for him. I wanted his cock and thats what I got. He fucked me on our TV chair right in front of Shawn. As always, I orgasmed all over his cock within a few minutes. Its a good thing too, because it didn't take him long to shoot his load. I was able to get every drop in my mouth too. I was so hot for him that I even swallowed it. Drop me an email and let me know how you like the video. xoxo-Kel
Slut Waitress

4/02/07:Hi guys! I got a new job as a waitress at a local sports bar this week. I love it! I get to wear a sexy little uniform. I have lots of men staring at me all the time. Plus, I am meeting lots of hot girls! I told Shawn how I flirt with all the hot guys that come in and talk to me. The other day, when I was getting ready for work, he told me that I looked really hot and he was jealous. I had a few minutes to spare, so I made him feel all better. I dropped to my knees in my little uniform and started sucking his cock, right there in our kitchen. I was so turned on because I've been wanting to suck some dick at work and since I was wearing my uniform, I felt like I was sucking off one of my customers.(I wish) I bent over the counter for him and he slid my little orange shorts to the side and shoved his cock into me from behind. While he pounded me, I just kept visioning the guys at work bending me over the table and taking turns having their way with me. My pussy was so wet. We fucked all over the kitchen. Then, I sucked his big cock some more until he came all over my face. By that time, I had to hurry up and get to work. I had to wash my face when I got to work because, I still had some cum on my chin. lol. I wonder if anyone noticed! xoxo-Kel
Twister with Barbie

3/26/07: Hi Guys! Are you ready for my first girl/girl video? I hope so because I hooked up with my friend, Barbi last weekend. Shawn and me took a little vacation with her and her husband, Jim. We had lots of fun and we got some of it on video for you. We were running all around the hotel naked! We were spotted by lots of guys too. We were flashing everyone, it was so much fun! One of the first things we did when we arrived at the hotel was play a game of twister. It was really fun but it was hard to play with clothes on so we decided to play naked. After we took all of our clothes off, we kind of forgot about the game. Every time I see Barbi's hot little naked body, I just can't keep my hands off of her. The guys just watched us eat eachother's pussies. They were so turned on, but we made them wait until later in the night to have their way with us. We will post that video next month.
Fuck me on the Stairs

3/19/07: Fuck me on the stairs. Unzip your pants and let me suck your cock standing up. Look down at me and watch me take your cock balls deep into my mouth. Let me suck you until you are just about to fill my mouth with your cum. Then bend me over and fuck me hard from behind until I cum all over your cock. Don't forget to blow your load in my mouth though. You know I love when you drop your thick, white load in my mouth. I promise I'll try to swallow it all for you.
The Hitchhiker

3/13/07: Roleplay- I was a naughty girl the other day. On my way home from getting my nails done at the mall, I saw a cute guy hitchhiking. It was about 15 degrees out so I had to pick him up. I was afraid he would freeze to death. lol. When he got into my truck, I noticed that he was cuter than I thought. Plus, he had a nice bulge in his jeans. I reached over and grabbed his bulge. I had to feel it. I was so big. His cock was hard as a rock. I told him to take his cock out so I could stroke it while I drive. He was all for it. He unzipped his pants and pulled it out for me. I gently placed my warm hand on his cold cock and started jerking him off as we drove down the highway. After I stroked him for awhile, my mouth started to water. I told him I wanted him in my mouth. I wanted to take his cock deep down my throat, and I wanted to taste his cum. I pulled into a parking lot off of the highway and parked next to a van where no one could see us. Finally, I leaned over and grabbed hold of his cock with my hot, wet mouth. I was moaning as I sucked him off because it felt so good to have a stranger's hard cock in my mouth. I told him to cum in my mouth. After about ten minutes of hard sucking, he gave me what I wanted, a nice hot load. I almost came when I tasted his cum. I milked all I could get out of him. Then, I sucked the rest off of his big dick. Later when I dropped him off, I called Shawn and told him all about it. Check out the video.
Matt Visits

3/6/07: OK, you guys! Everyone has been requesting another video of me fucking another guy in front of Shawn. Well, heres another one. lol. This is another video that we didn't plan to feature. One night, Shawn and me went out with Matt, and partied at a local club. Afterwards, we all came back to our house for a few more drinks. I told him and Matt to have a seat on the couch. Shawn was really fucked up. lol. He went upstairs and grabbed the video camera before sitting down on the couch with Matt. I knelt in front of them and began sucking Shawn's cock. Matt unzipped is pants and his hard cock sprung out. He was so hard! I released Shawn's cock and eagerly burried Matt's big dick in my mouth. From that moment on, it was all me and Matt. I sucked him so good, and then we fucked like animals. I came twice all over his nice hard cock. That wasnt the only time we fucked that night either. lol. This is just the first time. Later in the night we had round two and three. I'll be posting another video with Matt in Mid-April. For now, check this one out. xoxo-Kel
White Hot

2/28/07: Hi guys! Its time for this week's movie! lol. I went out with the girls one night and I was really hoping to find some new cock. I met a hot guy but I didn't end up getting any cock in me :( On my way home, I told Shawn to get the camera ready, because I was soooo horny for his big dick! When I got home I told him that I really wanted to get some strange at the bar and he got really turned on. Then, I walked over to him and pulled off his pants and began to suck on his big cock. He was so hard! While I was sucking on it, he knew I was wishing it was another guys cock. I only sucked it for a few minutes because I couldn't wait to sit on it and feel him in my wet pussy. I rode his big cock for awhile and then he fucked me doggiestyle and made me cum so fucking hard! The whole time I was thinking about the other guy. My pussy juices were dripping off of his balls because I was soaking wet. By that time, he was ready to explode, so I got down on my knees and opened wide like a good girl so he could shoot his hot, thick, white load in my mouth. Some dribbled down my chin and on to my boobs, but I swallowed most of it. Watch the video and let me know what you think. xoxo-Kel
Vintage Kelly

2/20/07- This video is actually from a couple of years ago. We made it before we ever thought about having a website. It was just for our personal viewing pleasure. (so much for that!) We had to upload it from a VHS tape so the clarity is a little off. I think we made it in December judging by the christmas tree in the backround. lol. We were up late drinking beers and I guess I got a little cum thirsty. I sat Shawn down on our couch and I jerked and sucked his big dick until I got what I wanted, a big load of cum in my mouth. If you like dirty talk, I think you will really enjoy this video. xoxo-Kel
Happy Valentines Day

2/11/07: Happy Valentine's Day! I love Valentines Day. It is a day for fucking lol. This video was kind of unplanned. Friday night I showed Shawn my new Valentine's Day nighty that I bought just for him and he loved it. He gave me his present too. It was a nice pink dildo, just the size I like. When he saw me playing with it on the bed, he had to break out the camera. I was supposed to fuck myself with my new toy until I came all over it, but I wanted some real cock so we made a change of plans. lol. I was so horny in this video. I got fucked nice and hard which is how I wanted it. I came on his big cock twice and then I swallowed a mouthful of his cum. What a perfect night! xoxo-Kel
Fucking the Boss

2/06/07: Hi everyone! I hope you all liked the bonus content that I added last week. This weeks movie is a hot roleplay. I was doing one of my clients taxes at his office, when I found some hot porn in his computer. I clicked on it to see how hot it was and I got so turned on watching it that I started fingering my pussy right there at his desk. I was just about to cum when the door swung open and he walked right in on me. I was so embarressed! At first he seemed upset, but then he offered to help me releive myself. Before he knew it I had his huge cock right in my mouth and I was sucking it so good. I sucked his big cock for a few minutes, but then I got so turned on that I told him to fuck me. We fucked like animals right there at his desk and then he shot a beautiful load of hot cum all over my face! Wait until you see this load. I loved it. After that I sucked the rest of his cum off of his cock and went back to work on his taxes. Watch the movie and let me know what you think. xoxo-Kel
Paint my Face

1/24/07: Roleplay- I had our handyman over the other day to paint our spare room. When I complained about the paint color, he told me that I was a bitch, and that if I was being fucked right by my husband, I wouldn't complain so much. Being talked to like that really turned me on! I walked over to him and grabbed his bulge and told him to fuck me like I needed to be fucked. Well, that he did! He pounded me right there on the floor. After I came all over his cock, he painted my face with his cum. It was a HUGE load! When he was done, I sucked the rest of the cum off of his cock. It tasted sooo good. He was right, I just needed a nice hard fuck.