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Member Request

11/06/06: This clip is dedicated to Adam. He wanted to watch me suck cock and eat some cum while having my pussy eaten out. I have to thank you Adam. I really enjoyed this one. I gushed all over Shawns face and was able to suck on his big cock at the same time. Anyone else have a request? xoxo-Kel

Format: .wmv
Last 4th of July

11/01/06: This clip is actually from last 4th of July. The lighting is bad because we never planned to upload it to the site. But.....I liked it so much that I had to show you guys. lol. I hope you like it. I don't remember any of it!
Motel Cheating

10/25/07: Roleplay- Do you want to see what your wife is probably doing when she tells you she is going out with the girls. If she is anything like me, she is meeting one of your friends at a cheap motel and giving him better sex than she ever gives you. If you want to see what I mean watch this movie.
Sunday Morning Hand Job

10/18/07- Have you ever had one of those Sunday Mornings when you are to hung over to even move. When my man has a morning like that, I just break out the lotion and stroke his big hard cock for him so he doesn't even have to move. I even talk dirty to him while I do it. I tell him about all of the men who I really want to fuck. It turns him on so much because he knows I really mean it. After his huge cock erupts and his hot white cum is all over the place, I clean him up and get him a drink so he can go back to sleep. Maybe next time you have a hangover, I can do the same for you. xoxo-Kel
After the Party

10/10/07: I really don't remember much of this video. lol. I know that I went to my neighboor's house for a little party thet were throwing and we were talking about sex all night. I must have gotten really horny and when I came home, Shawn had the video camera ready. This is what I'm like after I party with the girls and talk about sex all night. I become a little slut, who will do anything for a big cock. My favorite part of the video is when Shawn came in my mouth. It looks so yummy when it is dripping down my chin. I should have swallowed it, Dammit! Enjoy! xoxo-Kel
Black Lace BJ

Movie name: Black Lace BJ

Format: .wmv
The Jogger

Movie name: The Jogger

Format: .wmv

Movie name: Sockies

Format: .wmv
Aruba Fuck

Movie name: Aruba Fuck

Format: .wmv
Sweaty Suck

Movie name: Sweaty Suck

Format: .wmv
Hand Job

Movie name: Hand Job

Format: .wmv