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Arubian Desert Debauchery

3/18/09- Ok, this is the last video that we made during our 2 week vacation in Aruba. At this point, the trip was almost over and we wanted to do something fun together so we rented a jeep and drove it through the beautiful island's desert. We just listened to Bob Marley and enjoyed the awesome scenery and of course, I was letting my naughty side out because we were finally alone. I had my top and bottoms off! We even pulled over a couple of times at some semi private areas and fucked. Don't worry, I made sure to get some of it on video for you guys, he he. Outdoor fucking is always great but this what amazing! Shawn's cock was so hard and he fucked my pussy so good. He fucked me in a few different positions and made me cum twice. Then, he shot a big yummy load of his hot cum all over my face. What a way to end our trip! I hope you all enjoy this video. I have something very special for you next week too :) Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Kitchen Counter Quickie

3/11/09- This is another video from our family vacation in Aruba. At this point, it had been a week, and we still hadn't been alone for long enough to fuck. On this day, we were all out on the beach in front of our resort and I went back to the room to start making lunch. I was hoping Shawn would follow me because I was soooo fucking horny and I didn't know if I could make it another day without mounting the first guy that I saw by the pool right in front of everyone, he he. I am truly a nympho and a week without an orgasm is torture for me. Luckily, when I got to the room and started making lunch, Shawn showed up within 2 minutes. We knew we didn't have much time so we just grabbed the video camera and got right down to business. I got down on my knees and started sucking his hard cock right there in the kitchen. Having a nice big cock in my mouth made me even wetter. I was really enjoying myself as I was sucking it but I couldn't wait to have it in my pussy. I stood up and slipped off my bikini bottoms but I left my siri wrap on because I know Shawn likes it. Then, I bent over the kitchen counter and stuck my ass out so Shawn could fuck me from behind. His hard cock was still wet from my saliva and my pussy was wet too. It felt so amazing when his big dick slid inside of me. My pussy was hungry and this was exactly what it was craving. He didn't fuck me for very long but he fucked me really good and I had an incredible orgasm. I am very glad that we got it on tape so I can share it with you. I think you will really like it. Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly
Sneaky Bathroom BJ

3/04/09- Hi Everyone! Those of you who read my blog know that I have been in Aruba for the past 2 weeks. I missed you guys so much while I was gone! I was determined to shoot some hot videos for you guys but it was a family vacation and privacy was really hard to find. Shawn and I did manage to break away a couple of times but it wasn't easy. We shot this video in the bathroom while my family was sitting out on the patio. I snuck the camera into the bathroom while Shawn was taking a shower and surprised him with a quick blowjob. This is a great video because it was totally spontaneous. I was already on my way into the bathroom to suck Shawn's cock when I thought to grab the video camera. I had been craving cock for days and I couldn't wait to have a big dick in my mouth. Shawn's cock was sooo hard and I quickly sucked him off until he exploded in my mouth. His hot cum filled my mouth dripped out all over my tits. The taste of his cum made me so horny but I had to get back outside before everyone suspected what we were up to. I made him make it up to me with a good fuck a few days later when we had the room to ourselves while everyone was out by the pool, he he. Enjoy this cock sucking video, I know I did! xoxo-Kelly
Back Seat Banging

2/25/09- Road trip! I love road trips but sometimes, I do get a little bored sitting in the passenger seat watching the trees go by. Shawn and I took a road trip to Canada last month and I decided to cure my boredom by giving my husband a little road head. Well...at least that's how it all started. I was trying to film myself sucking Shawn's cock while he was driving but it was very difficult to do. I was very horny anyway so I told him to pull over and fuck me in the back seat. Being fucked in the back seat of a car is a huge turn on for me. That's how I lost my virginity, he he. Shawn pulled over at the next exit and parked in a nice secluded spot where he took me in the back seat of our SUV and fucked my pussy real good. You can get the dirty details by watching the video but I will say that Shawn had my pants around my ankles while he was pounding my wet pussy and I came hard on his cock. I'll just leave you with that little tid bit and let you see the rest for yourself. Enjoy! xoxo, Kelly
The Office Slut

2/18/09- Hello Everyone! This week's video is all about sex in the workplace. My mean old boss, Mr. Johnson called me in his office and told me that he was going to fire me due to my incompetence and lack of motivation. I told him that this wasn't the first time that my job was on the line and I can always find a way to keep my job, whatever it takes. He knew just what I was hinting at because he knew about my reputation around the office. He never even planned on firing me. He just wanted to fuck me on his desk like everyone else in the office does. He knew if he threatened to fire me I would let him have his way with me to keep my job. Well, he was right. I love to be taken advantage of and I was really craving a good fuck. Mr. Johnson had a really nice cock and he definitely gave me the good fuck that I was looking for. He bent me over his desk and fucked my pussy real good! I even let him cum all over my face. Now, not only is my job out of jeopardy, but I am up for a promotion, he he! xoxo-Kelly
Pussy Wash

2/11/09- Hello my little sweeties! I made this video for you last week after I finished doing the dishes. I was rinsing the soapy dishes off with the hand sprayer in my kitchen sink and I got a sudden urge to spray my pussy too. This isn't the first time I have done this. I use to do this all the time when I was a teenager. Back then, I use to do it in the bath tub every night. I would just position my pussy right under the faucet and let the warm water fall down right onto my clit. I use to cum soooo hard from that! That's what I did in this video accept this time I sat right in the kitchen sink and got myself off with the hand sprayer. I was really horny and it didn't take me long reach my orgasm at all. The perfect pressure of the warm water pounding against my clit was just amazing and it made me cum really hard! I think I am going to have to do this a little more often, hehe. I hope you enjoy watching the video. xoxo-Kelly
Meeting with a Member Part 2

2/5/09- This is the second half of my encounter with Mike. After the first time I sucked him off, we just hung out in the hotel room and continued to get acquainted for an hour or so. By that time, I figured that he was probably ready to go again so I surprised him with another blowjob. This time we mixed it up a little. At one point, I was sitting in a chair and he was fucking my mouth with his cock. At that time, we were right in front of a huge picture window and there were cars driving right by us. All they had to do is look in the window and they would have seen everything! Well, apparently, someone did because all of a sudden, we heard something outside the window and when we looked up, we saw two of the hotel managers standing there watching us! When we saw them, they started whining about indecent exposure but before that, they were just enjoying the view. I think they really wanted to stay right there and keep watching, which would have been ok with me. Anyway, that didn't stop us. I just closed the curtain and kept right on going on Mike's hard cock until he exploded on my face for the second time. Right after that, the hotel manager knocked on our door and told us that we had to leave. That was fine this us because we were just leaving anyway. It was kind of embarrassing standing at the front desk when we were checking out because the whole staff was standing around staring at us! ( I bet they all had boners, hehe ) xoxo, Kelly
Meeting with a Member

1/28/09- Last week, I met one of my members for lunch at a local restaurant. I have met a few of my members in the past so this wasn't the first time I've ever met with a member but it was the first time that I ever had a sexual encounter with a member, lol. I honestly thought we were just meeting for lunch and a few drinks like I have done with a few of my members in the past but things turned out to be quite a bit different than I expected. The guy's name was Mike and he was so nice. Shawn and I met him at one of my favorite restaurants just outside of Boston and like anytime we have done this, we had no idea what to expect. We met at the bar and he came over and introduced himself and I did think he was cute. We ordered a little food and a few drinks and as we talked, I realized that Mike was really a nice guy. The three of us had a great conversation and I felt very comfortable. Shawn and Jason got along great and they talked a lot about sports. (Shawn's second favorite subject) As we were all talking and having so many laughs, I think all three of us were starting to have the same thought, lol. I know Shawn could see that I was feeling naughty by the way I was flirting with Mike and it was very obvious that I wanted his cock in my mouth. I was giving Mike my best fuck me look while we were talking and all of a sudden we started to kiss right there at the bar.....(continued in my members area)
Snow Blower

1/21/09- Hello Boys and Girls! As most of you know, I live in Boston and Boston is not widely known for tropical sunshine and white sandy beaches, lol. In fact, last weekend it was -14 degrees and we had over two feet of snow on the ground! I was kinda tired of being in the house so I decided to go outside and play in the snow a little bit. So I got all dressed up in my little snow boots, my scarf, my little pink ear muffs, ect and I went out into the back yard to play. Of course it wasn't long until SOMEBODY showed up outside with a video camera looking to get his cock sucked! I won't mention any names, lol. Lucky for him, I love to suck cock in public and I have always wanted to try in on a cold snowy day. I guess you can all figure out what happened next by looking at the screen shots above, lol. My favorite part of this video was having that hot creamy load shot all over my cold face. It was very yummy! I think I will name this video, "Snow Blower" lol! Enjoy! xoxoxo-Kelly
Crazy Night Vision Orgy 2

1/14/09- Well, I finally have some more of that crazy night vision party video ready for you. In this 16 minute segment of the video, I pretty much have Randy's cock in my mouth the entire time, lol. When the video starts, I am sucking Randy's delicious cock while Bruce is fucking my from behind. Bruce was wearing a vibrating cock ring that felt amazing on my clit! The last 5 minutes of this video is pretty much just me on my knees sucking cock and begging for cum. The guys were so fucked from partying that they were having a little trouble with their money shots, lol. Finally, Shawn did give me a nice shot of cum on my face so it was worth the wait;) Sorry it took so long to get this video up. I'll make it up to you guys this week, I promise :D Enjoy! xoxoxo-Kelly
POV Cuckold Blow Job

1/05/09- Hi Everyone! I hope you all partied your asses of on New Years Eve! I know I did :) Well judging from the feedback, I guess you all loved last week's video. I should have the rest of it up by next week. This week I have a really hot video for you as well. As most of you know, my ex boyfriend is a member of my website and he is apparently obsessed with watching me have sex with Shawn. Last week, Shawn and I made this video just for him. He knows that I use to cheat on him with Shawn when he and I were still together so I wanted to give him an idea of what it was like. Shawn and I would sometimes meet at hotels and fuck or sometimes I would just suck his cock. Somehow, I think it actually turns him on to know that I use to cheat on him. Too bad I didn't know that then because I would have done it right in front of him. He could have just sat in the corner and jerked his cock off while he watched me suck Shawn's big cock and take his big load all over my face. I'm sure he would have really loved that! I made this video just for him. This is what it would have been like if he could have been there to see me worship Shawn's big cock. That's why I decided to name this video, "POV Cuckold Blow Job". I hope you all enjoy it as much as my ex will :) xoxo-Kelly