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Crazy Night Vision Orgy

12/28/08- Are you ready to party?!!! In this video I'll show you how Shawn and I party. Last time we met up with our friends, Anna and Bruce we made some great videos. Then, after we were finished, we all started to party a bit and some more people came over and the next thing I knew, we were having an all out orgy! I just kinda got lost in the sexual pleasure but somebody brought a video camera into the mix :) We all fucked for hours and the camera just got passed around and set on tables and turned on and off all night, lol. This was not supposed to be on camera but when I watched the footage the next day, I loved it. If you want to be a fly on the wall at a hot orgy party, this video is for you. It kinda jumps from scene to scene but it is a great amateur video and I know you will love it! I think this might even be our best video ever! (but maybe that's because I had so much fun making it) I was so horny in this video. I sucked cock and got fucked all night and I loved it! (you'll see) There was lots of wasted footage to sift through to get to the great footage. So far I was able to put together this 15 minute video of hot orgy action. I will post the rest as soon as I can. Well, that's enough talking, now go watch this hot amateur video! Be sure to let me know what you think of it :) xoxo-Kelly
Kelly & Karen Save Christmas

12/18/08- Merry Christmas Everyone! Christmas Time is definitely my favorite time of year because as you all know, I am a giver (lol) and this video is my Christmas present to all of my members. My friend Karen came to visit me last weekend and the two of us went out for a night on the town in Boston for some drinks and dancing. At the end of the night, we decided to go back to her hotel room for some alone time. Well, on our way to our room while we were walking down the stairs, we made an amazing discovery. We found Santa Clause laying in the stairwell with a bottle of cheap wine! He was completely smashed and he couldn't even speak without slurring his words. We asked him why he was drinking cheap wine when he was supposed to be getting ready for Christmas and he told us that Christmas was stupid and he was going to quit giving out presents to all of the good girls and boys. He said his Christmas spirit was all gone and he just wanted to drown his sorrow with cheap wine. Karen and I didn't like the sound of this at all! We knew we had to do something to help Santa get his spirit back so we decided to bring him back to our room and cheer him up. You'll have to watch the video to see what happened when we got him to our room but I will tell you this. Karen and I did whatever it took to bring back Santa's spirit and thanks to us, he will be making the rounds again this year passing out presents to all the good girls and boys! After his encounter with Karen and Me, I think he might even give out presents to the naughty children too ;) Merry Christmas! xoxoxoxo-Kelly
My Silky Red Panties

12/10/08- Hi Guys! I have something a little different for you this week. Last week, while shopping at the mall, I bought some new lingerie to wear for Shawn. I had just finished getting my hair and nails done and I was feeling really sexy so I figured, when I got home that I would put my new bra and panties on and model them for him and then, surprise him with a nice blowjob. I didn't plan on doing it on camera but once we got started, I was so hot and horny that I just thought I should set the camera on the tripod and film it just so I could share this sexual experience with you guys. Before we started taping, I went up to our bedroom and put on my new silky red panties and bra. Then, I called Shawn up to the room and when he walked in I started modeling it for him. I was crawling around on our bed and talking dirty to him. I was telling him that I have been craving a big cock in my mouth all day and that I couldn't wait to suck him off. He seemed mesmerized by my new panties and the way that I was talking to him. I told him to lie down on the bed so I could please him. I also told him that I didn't want him to do anything accept lay there and let me suck a big load of cum right out of his balls. He laid down on the bed and as I started to suck his cock, I felt his fingers press against my pussy and it felt really good. I knew he wanted to eat my pussy and I wanted him to. That's when I decided to grab the video camera and set it up. Once I had the camera on the tripod, I got back into the bed and continued to suck Shawn's cock. I couldn't wait for him to eat my pussy so I slid my silky red panties off in got into a 69 position with him. He immediately began eating me as I sucked on his big dick. I wrapped my soft silky red panties around his shaft and stroked his hard cock with them while I sucked on his big head. He really liked that! I could go on and on but it's best if you just see the rest for yourself. Just talking about this is making me hot but watching the video is even hotter. Plus, it has a great ending. You guys are going to like this one! xoxoxo-Kelly
Titty Titty Bang Bang!

12/02/08- Hi Guys! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend! Today's video is called, "Titty Titty Bang Bang!" I named it that because my friend, Karen and I both get our titties fucked in this video. Karen and I have the same birthday so Shawn and I drove down to NYC and met up with her so that we could celebrate together. Karen and I partied all night but Shawn was tired from the drive so he went back to the room early. By the time Karen and I got back to the room, we were both ready to suck some cock and since Shawn was there for the taking, we decided to wake him up with a nice double blowjob. He was very happy when he woke up to the two of us, sucking his big cock. We were swapping it back and fourth and feeding it to each other. One of us would suck his balls while the other would take his cock deep. We were really getting him off! Then we stood him up and let him take turns fucking our tits. Shawn loves Karen's big tits so he mostly fucked hers, lol. Then, he shot a huge creamy load all over both of our tits. It was so hot! We rubbed our tits together and smeared Shawn's hot, creamy cum all over us. It was definitely the best present that either of us got this year! Enjoy the video. xoxo-Kelly
Wrapped Up and Ready to Fuck

11/21/08- Hi Guys! I named this video, "Wrapped Up and Ready to Fuck" because that's what I was after Shawn wrapped me up in plastic wrap yesterday, lol. Yeah, I know it sounds kinda weird but I saw a porno last week and this guy wrapped a girl up in plastic wrap and fucked her and it really turned me on. I guess something about being wrapped up in plastic really makes me horny because I fingered my pussy all week thinking about it. Then, yesterday while I was grocery shopping, I saw some plastic wrap and I decided to buy some and have Shawn wrap me up in it, lol! Well, he did just that and then he fucked the shit out of me and I loved every second of it. Being wrapped up definitely enhanced my orgasms! This is a really fun video. In the beginning, we were laughing a lot and having a little trouble with the plastic wrap but once it came down to fucking, we really got down to business. Shawn fucked my sweet pussy in several positions and shot a nice big load all over my pussy too. I think you will all enjoy this video. xoxo-Kelly
Waking my Sleepy Hubby

11/13/08- This week I have some more unplanned spontaneous fun caught on tape for you guys. This video is broken up into two segments. For the first part, I set the camera up in front of my bed and I planned to wake Shawn up with some surprise wake up sex. That plan kind of changed when I tried to wake him and wouldn't get up. I really wanted to fuck him too. I was all dressed up in my white teddy and stockings and this lazy ass wouldn't even get up and fuck me. The good news is that I didn't let that ruin the video. I went into my naughty toy box and got some toys to play with. I thought if I lay next to Shawn and played with my pussy that maybe he would wake up and fuck me. First I used my vibrator and then I fucked myself with my big purple dildo. That dildo felt so fucking good in my pussy! Even though I was fucking myself really hard and fast and moaning really loud, Shawn never got up! I eventually finished with a really good orgasm and I just got up and turned the video camera off and went about my day. Then later, when Shawn finally woke up, I went back into the bedroom and jerked his cock off with the new Fleshlight that I bought him. I lubed his cock up with lotion and then I just plunged the Fleshlight down on his rock hard cock and fucked him with it until he was ready to cum. Then I layed back and begged him to cum all over my face. I have to say, he made quite a mess too. That Fleshlight really worked up a big load for him and luckily, it ended up all over my face, lol. This is just the kind of footage that makes my site so real and amateur so I know you guys will love it! Enjoy, xoxo-Kelly
See Me Squirt

11/04/08- See me squirt! Squirting is something that I actually do pretty often but rarely on camera. Well, this week I've decided that it's about time that I show off my squirting abilities for you guys. I discovered that I was a squirter at a swingers party about two years ago when this hot guy used his secret squirting move on me and made me squirt about 5 times. I loved it so much and Shawn was so turned on by it that we made this guy teach Shawn how to do it. It took Shawn awhile to perfect the art but lucky for me, over time he got really good at it and now he can make me squirt with ease. I love squirting! Having my juices gush from my pussy just feels so amazing. It's different that an orgasm but definitely just as intense. I can squirt so much that we have to cover whatever I am laying on with a towel to keep it from getting soaked! In this video, Shawn makes me squirt three times and by the time he is finished with me, our living room floor is soaked with my pussy juices! I know you will all love this video! Enjoy, xoxo-Kelly
Be My Cuckold

10/28/08- This video is for all of those cuckold fetishes out there. A cuckold is a man who likes to watch his wife get fucked by another man who can fuck her much better than he can. Let me tell you how fucking useless your little dick is while I'm being fucked really hard by a real man with a huge cock! Listen to my dirty fucking mouth and stroke your cock while I show you how a real woman likes to be fucked. You could never fuck me like this! Your cock is too small, and you can't even get it hard! In this video, I finally got the treatment that I constantly crave. I got a nice big cock shoved in my mouth and all up in my pussy by a real man who knew how to take control and give my pussy a real pounding. I also had a nice big load of cum splattered all over my face and I loved every second of it. Maybe if you watch this video, you might learn something you pathetic piece of shit!
I Caught Shawn Fucking Karen (Part 2)

10/21/08- Now for the second half of our little New York City encounter with Karen... I walked into my hotel room and caught my hubby fucking this beautiful blonde with nice big tits and as much as I wanted to be mad, I was more inclined to join in and help her drain a big load out of my hubby's cock. Seeing Shawn with another woman turns me on so much and walking in catching him fucking Karen so good just made me want to jump in the bed with them and suck her pussy juice right off of his big cock, and that's exactly what I did. Karen wanted to leave but I told her to stay and continue to fuck my husband. We took turns sucking his big dick and then, he fucked both of us really good. He fucked me first because just jumped on his dick and started riding his big cock. It was such a turn on sharing him with Karen. I loved watching her huge tits bouncing while she was getting off on my husband's cock and when he was finished fucking her, he shot a huge load all over both of our faces. What a great fuck! When we were finished, we exchanged numbers with Karen so we can call her over and have another threesome next time we are in the city.
I Caught Shawn Fucking Karen

10/13/08- Shawn and I took a trip to New York City last weekend so we could do some shopping and enjoy the city for awhile. I love New York! I have such a great time whenever we go there and this time was no exception. We did a lot of partying and drinking the first night so the next day we were very tired and I decided to go and do a little shopping by myself because Shawn was too hung over to come with me. When I got to the first store, I realized that I didn't have my credit card so I went back to the room to grab it and that's when I caught Shawn fucking another woman right in our hotel room! At first, I was pissed but when he told me that he hired her from an escort service, I was kind of turned on. Her name was Karen and she was a stunning blonde with huge tits and a beautiful face. When I walked into the room she immediately jumped up and started to get dressed but I knew Shawn paid a lot of money for this hottie and I didn't want to let her go to waste so I told her that I would love for her to stay. That's when I told Shawn to lay back on the bed so Karen and I could share his big fat cock.....(Continued in members area) xoxo-Kelly
Lakeside Suck Job

10/03/08- This video is kind of a continuation of last week. After Shawn watched me get myself off in the passenger seat, he had a raging hard cock and he couldn't wait to cum. He begged me to suck his cock on the way to the lake but I made him wait until we got there. I was watching the bulge in his shorts the whole way there and I couldn't wait to have his big cock in my mouth but I wanted to suck him off outside by the lake. When we finally got there, we walked down to the lake and I sat him down in a chair and gave him a nice lakeside suck job. Watching me masturbate must have really worked him up because he came fast and he came a lot! It's a good thing I was wearing my sunglasses because he drenched them with his thick hot cum along with the rest of my face. As you all know, I love a good facial and this one was amazing. His cock was so hard and he dropped so much of his tasty ball juice on my face that my pussy immediately got wet. When he was finally finished covering my face with his load, I pulled my sunglasses off and licked his cum off of them. His thick white cum tasted so good. I hope all of you enjoy this lakeside suck job as much as I did. xoxoxoxo- Kelly